Reinout is a marketing, strategy and business consultant in the games industry. He also works as a corporate strategist for gaming studio's.

"Marketing for Games is really just about sharing your passion for Games”

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What is a game consultant?

A game consultant is someone who provides expert advice on business development, strategy, marketing and coaching professionally for a certain fee.

Specifically, a game consultant‘s job is to provide insights and recommendations that help game companies improve their chances for business and financial success.

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Or on Spotify;; Reinout te Brake; Reinout is a corporate gaming strategist, business consultant and games expert.


I am a fully dedicated game consultant. My focus is to incorporate solutions to trending issues that gaming developers face in today’s world.

Next to that I am hands on with business development , fundraising, M&A and user acquisition, basicly everything that game studios have to deal with on a 24/7 basis.

My in-depth analysis and research on new games, products, services and innovations distinguishes me from every other game consultancy teams.

I see myself as solution provider to these lingering issues and assist with important topics like corporate strategy, but also assist with scalability of your game portfolio and engagement of your gamer community.


Reinout te Brake

Reinout is a game marketing consultant and online gaming expert. He has worked with many game studios around the globe and is therefore well known in the international gaming industry. He often takes a radical approach from vision and idea creation, to architecting marketing strategies and execution.


With over 20+ years of experience, well known publishers, AAA+ game developers, serial gaming entrepreneurs and management teams of gaming corporations consult him on matters that behold business development, coaching, marketing, strategy and fundraising.


Reinout established his consultancy credentials through his own successful game investments, gaming start-ups, consultancy and (advisory) board positions that led through time to strong bonds with key stakeholders in this fast paced industry.

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Game Consultant Podcast

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What is a Game Consultant

The Question; What is a Game Consultant

Last year i started to take my “hobby” a bit more serious, and did start using the title Game Consultant. Throughout the last decade I have been advising people in


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Our firms mission statement is to consult shareholders, founders, management teams and game development teams to create AAA+ video games and with that achieve outstanding business results within the gaming industry.