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GDC on hold, What about the other game events in 2020; Listen here to

In the light of delaying GDC 2020 till mid-summer, I directly wondered how other game event organizers will deal with the corona virus. For many years these people having be arranging for us events that we could attend. It is not easy to organize, attracht sponsors, sell tickets, have a good agenda with speakers and panels.

It is worthwhile as an industry to think what is next after GDC? Of course people will travel to SF and meet other people in bars, hotels and offices, and so it shall be. Why not? Everyone makes its own descision!

Question is for me; how long will this virus claim our lives and what will event organizers do in case they have to cancel or delay. Will it be financial killing and if so, can an industry of growth, Games Industry, assist here so we can enjoy their events at a later stage?

Time will tell, but hope you will give it a thought. Stay strong, safe and have a nice weekend.

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