Web3 Gaming in 2023: A Look Ahead

This article is in continuation of the previous article which you can find here. In this series, we present you with an analysis and insight into the blockchain and Web3 gaming industry. The analysis is based on Yoda Labs and Blockchain Gaming Alliance\’s work. What should you expect as a gamer regarding the blockchain gaming industry in 2023? Where is the Web3 gaming industry headed? In this edition, we discuss the game developer\’s take on Web3, mobile gaming, and AI integration in Web3.

Web3 Adoption by Game Developers: A Trend Analysis

Investor capital support and technological advancements in the gaming industry will provide game developers with more power. Critics, including traditional players and game designers, argue that blockchain games lack aesthetic appeal and prioritize transactions over visuals. However, it will change in the near future. In November, Game7 launched a $100 million grant initiative to accelerate the development of Web3 games. They also revealed details about a new Web3 Github plugin for Unreal Engine, the widely-used 3D creation tool and game engine from Epic Games.

Game7\’s new Unreal Engine plugin will release in 2023. It will allow developers to effortlessly integrate Unreal\’s features into blockchain games. This will lead to the creation of scalable immersive environments and enhanced aesthetics. This could spark a revolution in the world of Web3 gaming! The competition between traditional and blockchain gamers continues. But it\’s clear that in 2023, game producers interested in the Web3 space will have a wealth of options to choose from.

Mobile gaming has emerged as the leading segment in the gaming industry. It captures 60% of the market share and generates more income than PC and console gaming combined. This is a massive progress when we look back to 2005 when mobile gaming was viewed as a fleeting pastime for casual players with limited graphics and control capabilities.

The mobile gaming sector leads by a mile when compared to others in the gaming industry. It experienced rapid growth, accounting for 60% of the market and outperforming PC and console gaming in terms of revenue. The ease of use, convenience, and affordability of mobile gaming has made it widely accessible to players, despite its limitations in graphics and control. Today, games like Fortnite and COD are successfully adapted for mobile devices and have gained popularity among dedicated gamers.

Experts expect Web3 gaming to follow a similar trajectory similar to mobile gaming\’s growth in the past. Although Web3 gaming currently faces accessibility issues, it is predicted that in 2023, Web3 games will exist alongside desktop and mobile games. The exact technology that will make Web3 gaming more accessible is debatable. However, the industry remains hopeful about its future prospects.

Exploring AI in Blockchain Gaming: Advancements and Impacts

The integration of AI into Web3 gaming is providing game developers with new avenues to create sophisticated, captivating, and immersive player experiences. By incorporating AI, Web3 games have the potential to become even more engaging. It will have dedicated players who are more likely to be fully immersed in the games.

The Immutable team is enthusiastic about the opportunity that technology presents for creating more compelling counter-play in games like trading card games and RPGs. Their goal is to design a sophisticated and immersive AI that is customized to meet the needs of players and provides a learning experience that matches their progress in the game. To this end, they are experimenting with ChatGPT and creating a narrator that will narrate stories in the card game using GPT-3 software.

Web3 studios are at the forefront of using AI technology to elevate their games, while traditional game studios face the challenge of the \”innovation dilemma,\” making it more costly for them to integrate AI features. Delysium, one of the first Web3 open-world player-owned games, is constructing its own metaverse with AI-created characters and content. These characters, known as AI-driven MetaBeings, have a neural brain system that governs their virtual world existence and are able to possess assets, engage in in-game activities, and earn cryptocurrency income.

The gaming industry is getting into significant transformation as AI continues to evolve, unlocking new possibilities such as self-sufficient character growth, learning, and adaptation. In the near future, we may expect a growing number of games, both traditional and Web3, will integrate AI into their design.

Web3 Gaming with AI: A Real-World Example

Delysium, one of the first Web3 open-world player-owned games, is constructing its metaverse with AI-created characters and content. The game\’s AI-driven MetaBeings have a neural brain system that governs their existence in the virtual world and is able to possess assets, participate in game activities autonomously, and earn cryptocurrency income.

Web3 studios have a greater drive to adopt new technology compared to other development studios. While all game developers desire to utilize OpenAI to improve their games, large studios face the challenge of the \”innovation dilemma\” which increases the cost of integrating AI features. As a result, Web3 and NFT games aim to lead the industry\’s use of AI technology in the future.

AI technology is bringing about a revolution in the gaming industry, leading to new advancements and opportunities. The integration of AI will allow for the exploration of autonomous character growth, learning, and adaptation in games. In 2023, an increasing number of both traditional and Web3 games will feature AI integration.

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