ImmutableX Enters Partnership with Warner Bros.

ImmutableX will Provide its Blockchain Platform for the Mobile Web3 Game Blocklete Golf

ImmutableX joins hands with Warner Bros. to work on the Web3 mobile blockchain game Blocklete Golf, which will permit players to own NFTs.

ImmutableX announces the expansion of its collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. Warner Bros. will be utilizing the ImmutableX blockchain platform to power Blocklete Golf – a mobile Web3 game, created by Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. The game lets players use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to buy, train, and trade unique virtual golfers.

Andrew Sorokovsky, the vice president of global business development at Immutable, stated in a release that they were pleased to partner with a pioneer like Warner Bros. and will provide the blockchain infrastructure for Warner Bros Discovery and Turner Sports in the sports media sector. He also mentioned that their commitment to exploring new possibilities and embracing early web3 adoption demonstrates that decentralized solutions are swiftly moving toward mass adoption. This will offer millions of individuals, new and engaging methods of interacting with entertainment media while maintaining complete control over their digital assets.

Blocklete Golf, which was first released on the Flow blockchain, is going to move to ImmutableX to take advantage of its fast transactions and gas-free non-fungible token (NFT) minting. Another reason for this shift is that it is supported by Ethereum\’s powerful security and decentralization. Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and Immutable have decided to keep working together. This comes after the launch of the first interactive trivia and fan loyalty program, which can be seen every week during the Inside the NBA show after an NBA game.

ImmutableX join hands with Warner Bros. to work on Web3 mobile blockchain game Blocklete Golf, it will permit players to own NFTs.

From Flow Blockchain to ImmutableX

In a statement, Yang Adija, Senior Vice President of Digital Operations and Innovation for WBD Sports, mentioned that Immutable has supplied the backend technology for their most recent Web3 products. Hence shifting Blocklete Golf to their comprehensive and effective decentralized framework was an obvious decision for them.

Several U.S.-based companies, including the NBA and UFC, have favored the Flow blockchain in the past. However, with the growing activity and adoption of Immutable X by companies such as Warner Bros, it appears that traditional web2 brands are recognizing the potential of decentralized technologies. Flow released a permissionless smart contract in July 2022, but it uses a scripting language called Cadence that isn\’t as popular as Solidity, which is used by Immutable X. Furthermore, the potential for inter-chain connectivity may also prompt the exploration of alternatives to Flow, as Immutable X is an Ethereum layer-2 solution that can potentially integrate with other EVM chains.

ImmutableX recently declared that its upcoming Unity software development kit (SDK) has been verified as a solution, mainly because it allows the construction and expansion of Web3 games on the Ethereum blockchain. ImmutableX says that Unity Technologies\’s announcement makes their Unity SDK one of the newest Web3 development kits that the company has officially backed. It also creates a foundation for high-end gaming industry development standards to take root in the blockchain field.

With the release of Immutable\’s verified SDK, developers can now focus on making great Unity games. Furthermore, the SDK provides endpoints for user workflows, such as minting, withdrawing, orders, trading, and more. This will enable developers to enrich their games via digital asset ownership.

More About Web3 Mobile Game Blocklete Golf

Blocklete Golf is an interactive mobile game that offers players the ability to choose their preferred golfer. And engage in head-to-head battles or tournaments on ever-changing courses. What sets this game apart is its play-and-earn model, which enables gamers to collect, train, and trade exclusive avatars. These avatars are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and players can also use them to compete with other players. Players can manage their \”Blockletes,\” which are Web3 athletes, and raise their attribute levels to help them reach their goals. It will have a direct impact on their utility and value according to in-game performance.

By playing the game, players can enhance the skill level of their NFTs, such as their Blocklete golfer. They can build a team of beginner golfers and strive to win medals. Players can also gain access to exclusive Legend golfers by collecting or earning them. Additionally, players can potentially earn weekly cash by joining a Pro Shop and playing golf for them. By entering their top golfers into tournaments, players can attempt to win cash prizes. The game also includes the ability to operate a Pro Shop NFT. It allows access to selling gear to other players as primary sales. Once all of these features are completed, they will contribute to the development of an ecosystem where players can benefit from playing the game.

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