Alien Worlds Blockchain Game Update 1.3.0 Part 1

Alien Worlds Blockchain Game Releases Update 1.3.0 with Gameplay Enhancements and Metaverse Features.

Alien Worlds, the popular blockchain game, has just released its latest update 1.3.0, bringing a range of gameplay improvements and new features to the metaverse. This update is great news for players and fans who are always looking for more engaging and exciting gameplay experiences.

Improvements to Player Experience

The new update includes various improvements to enhance the player experience across Syndicates, Missions, and Miscellaneous. The update includes various bug fixes across Syndicates, Missions, Mining, Teleport, and Landowner\’s Allocation, aimed at making the game more stable and improving the overall performance, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Enhancements to Syndicates

The update introduces several enhancements to Syndicates, allowing players to collaborate more effectively with other members. The Updated Planet Selector button in the Syndicates sidebar allows Syndicate members to easily navigate and select the planet they want to mine directly from the Syndicates sidebar. Moreover, the addition of the Member Terms Checkmark to the Candidates/Custodian members’ selection process creates a more transparent and informed selection process, which can lead to a stronger and more committed community of members.

New Missions

The release includes improvements to the game\’s mission system, adding new challenges and rewards for players to enjoy. The new feature \”Supported Browsers will not show login UI\” ensures that players have a smooth and secure gaming experience and prevents potential issues that may arise from using unsupported browsers.

Alien Worlds\’ latest update, 1.3.0 Part 1, brings improvements to gameplay mechanics, syndicates, missions, and the metaverse.

Miscellaneous Updates

In another update, the developers have removed all hash marks from background images to create a cleaner and more cohesive visual aesthetic. This small change can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the game, creating an immersive environment for players to explore and enjoy.

Social Metaverse to Play, Create, Share, and Thrive

Alien Worlds offers a vast range of opportunities for players to engage with other players, create unique experiences, and showcase their skills and creativity. Players can mine, explore, trade, and compete with each other in a dynamic virtual world. The game uses blockchain technology, which means that players have ownership over their assets and can trade them on external NFT markets or in-game markets. This offers a unique opportunity for players to earn real-world value from their gameplay and interactions within the game.


Overall, Alien Worlds blockchain game offers a truly immersive and engaging social metaverse experience that is unlike anything else in the gaming world. The metaverse is constantly evolving, making it a must-play game for anyone looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience. With the new update 1.3.0, players can look forward to an even more enjoyable and engaging gameplay experience.

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