FIFA Launches AI League Web3 Game

FIFA and the Web3 AI firm are working together to make a mobile football manager game that uses AI. AI League\’s open beta is: The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition is now available for Android devices.

Soon, iOS users will be able to play the game. Also, the AI controls colorful cartoon characters that look like Fall Guys and move around the screen. So, we won\’t see football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who are very popular with fans. But we will definitely see cute, colorful little avatars running around and scoring goals.

The AI will use characters, skins, and even parts of the game itself. As for the players, the game lets them take charge of a team controlled by AI and make tactical decisions at the right time to win.

AI-Powered Football Mobile Game AI League

The AI League is a new 4-on-4 football manager game for mobile phones. AI-controlled characters are on the field in this game. In this casual game, players can show how good of a coach they are by making important decisions at key points in the game that can have a big effect.

Each AI football player has its own strengths and weaknesses that make it unique. Every time a player plays a game, they will face new challenges. The style of the street football fields is the best thing about the game. There are street football fields all over the world.

They are in places like Paris, Rio, Yaoundé, and Seoul, which makes for an exciting trip around the world.

Fun Avatar Characters

The AI League\’s characters are unlike any seen in traditional football games. They are whimsical, brightly colored creatures that resemble characters from a Pixar film or the viral game Fall Guys.

Instead of directly controlling the movements of the characters, the AI determines each player\’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Taking on the roles of team owners and coaches, players can influence the game by making strategic decisions in the vein of fantasy football and other sports management games.

FIFA AI League Street Football Field Locations

Currently, the game offers maps inspired by the international locales of Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Yaoundé, and Seoul, offering players a truly global experience.

Co-founder of Altered State Machine, Aaron McDonald, states that the company\’s aim is to introduce casual gamers to the world of AI gaming in the metaverse. With the release of FIFA\’s AI League, they have unlocked an exciting new opportunity for football fans around the world to interact with their favorite sport.

Web3 elements in AI League

The AI League is currently free-to-play. However, Altered State has announced plans to launch an NFT marketplace for the game in the near future. This means that the game\’s unique characters will be minted into NFTs.

And all future characters will be represented through NFTs as well. Currently, the game offers an in-game currency that players can use to purchase cosmetic upgrades. However, this currency is not a cryptocurrency due to restrictions set forth by Apple and Google regarding crypto trading.

With the upcoming NFT marketplace, players can expect a new level of ownership and investment in the game\’s virtual world.

According to a representative from Altered State, the deployment of NFTs in the AI League game will be delayed until a later date. The company wishes to ensure a seamless and frictionless user experience, without players becoming overly fixated or distracted by the NFT elements.

This strategy has become increasingly prevalent in the Web3 space due to criticism from gamers. As a result, some developers are choosing to launch games in a more traditional \”Web2\” form initially, without NFT or crypto elements, before adding them in at a later stage.

Altered State appears to be adopting a similar approach to prioritize the game\’s usability and user experience.

FIFA Launches AI League Web3 Game

FIFA and Altered State Machine Web3 Ventures

FIFA, the international soccer governing body and the group in charge of the World Cup, has shown that it knows how the crypto world works. FIFA found a crypto sponsor and set up an NFT platform to get ready for the 2022 World Cup.

The organization has also made deals with different Web3 game studios to add content about the World Cup to their games. The fact that FIFA keeps working in the crypto and NFT space shows how important blockchain technology and digital assets are becoming in the world of sports.

Futureverse, which owns Altered State Machine, has deep roots in Web3 and metaverse technology. The future in-game marketplace will use Web3 technology to make it easy for players to trade with each other. AI League is currently in an open beta for Android, and the team plans to release a version for iOS in the near future.

This move toward Web3 technology and the metaverse shows that the gaming industry is moving more and more toward virtual experiences that are decentralized and immersive.

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