Square Enix Enters New Partnership and Gala Games New token

This week we saw many activities in the Web3 gaming industry ranging from Gala Games rolling out the new token to Square Enix and Elinix Games joining hands. Moreover, there was also news about Community Gaming laying off employees, some alpha playtests, and new season rollouts. Blockchain gaming developers are hard at crafting alphas and inviting players to test them. We had Ember Sword Alpha playtest, a new Genesis tournament in Undead Blocks, Alpha Season Two of Axie Homeland. Additionally, another promising alpha is on the cards where we shall play the alpha 2.0 from Citizen Conflict. More updates on games, we have Otherside introducing Legends of the Mara, and MegaWorld implements Cross-chain dependencies.

  • Square Enix Enters Partnership with Elinix Games
  • Gala Games Introduces $GALA v2
  • Community Gaming Lays Off Employees
  • Undead Blocks Genesis Tournament
  • Citizen Conflict Upcoming Alpha 2.0
  • Legends of Mara

Square Enix Enters Partnership with Elinix Games

Square Enix continues with its ambitions in the Web3 domain with the newest partnership with Elinix Games. Elixir\’s recent integration with Epic Games has strengthened its position, making it an ideal partner for Square Enix. The collaboration will offer millions of gamers a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling them to access high-quality web3 games.

While it remains unclear how the two companies will work together, Square Enix\’s interest in web3 gaming and its development of the interactive Web3 project, Symbiogenesis, suggest that they will create unique gaming experiences that leverage web3 technology. Elixir\’s strong presence in the web3 gaming market and its partnership with Epic Games make it a valuable asset.

With Square Enix\’s leading role in funding Elixir\’s recent round of investment and the development of Symbiogenesis, it is likely that the two companies will continue to work together in the future, using Elixir as a platform to showcase their games. The collaboration will create a powerhouse that will incorporate blockchain technology into the way games work. It offers both companies new opportunities to generate revenue and gamers a new and exciting place to play.

Gala Games Introduces $GALA v2

Gala Games takes its whole ecosystem into a new era with the launch of $Gala. It announced the launch of $GALA(v2) on May 15th, with significant improvements to the Ethereum-based token. Token includes better burn mechanisms and security upgrades. The company plans to release an audit report shortly and establish its reputation in blockchain technology. The ecosystem includes a decentralized market, player token awards, and staking options for higher benefits. All designed to support high user and transaction volumes.

Gala Games has set up a 1:1 token drop for customers holding $GALA(v1) on Ethereum, enabling them to acquire the new $GALA(v2) instantly before the former becomes unavailable. To ensure a smooth transition, the company is actively communicating with exchange partners. It recommends keeping $GALA in private wallets for personal delivery of the drop.

$GALA(v2) is an ERC-20 token that speeds up transactions within the Gala Games ecosystem and gives users access to platform services. It is primarily used for secure and transparent exchange of values within the ecosystem\’s decentralized marketplace and for buying and selling in-game items and other digital assets.

Community Gaming Lays Off Employees

Web3 esports platform, Community Gaming, has laid off 17 employees, amounting to just over 17% of its workforce. The esports industry has faced challenges in recent months, forcing other businesses and teams to make similar decisions. Community Gaming remains optimistic that Web3 solutions can help esports organizations survive the downturn. The pandemic has disrupted live esports events and revenue streams, leading to layoffs, salary cuts, and closures in the industry. Despite the layoffs, CEO Chris Gonsalves expressed appreciation for the contributions of the affected employees and pledged to support them,

Undead Blocks Genesis Tournament

Undead Blocks is hosting the Spring Cleaning Genesis Tournament, where players can kill zombies for fun and profit. However, the tournament can only be played with Genesis NFTs. To make the game accessible to all, Undead Blocks has included an NFT rental system where players can borrow, play and earn. The tournament will run from April 28th through April 30th, and players have ten minutes to fight the zombie hordes. To buy weapons during the match, players need to hold the Genesis NFT for that weapon. Additionally, renters who win rewards will split their winnings with the NFT owners based on the percentage detailed in the rental contract.

Citizen Conflict Upcoming Alpha 2.0

Citizen Conflict has not yet revealed a launch date for their Alpha 2.0 playtest, but teasers and info are being released. It is rumored to launch before April ends. To participate, players will need a QORPO ID and an Alpha Key or NFT from the Citizen Conflict collection. Sign-up for QORPO ID is free on their website, while the NFTs can be bought on the Qorpo marketplace using CREDIT tokens, costing a few hundred dollars. The game is planned to be free to play in the future, so there may be more open alphas or betas later on.

Legends of Mara

Otherside has introduced a new feature that enables players to expand their Otherdeeds and detach Kodas from plots, in anticipation of the upcoming game Legends of the Mara. The new feature splits the plots into two collections, namely the original Otherdeeds and Otherdeeds Expanded. Expanding an Otherdeed involves claiming a Vessel, which destroys the original NFT and generates a new NFT with similar statistics in the collection Otherdeed Expanded. This process also air-drops a random Vessel NFT to the owner and a Koda NFT if a Koda is present on the plot. Moreover, the new Otherdeed\’s metadata is updated to include a Koda Origins Obelisk Piece.

Legends of the Mara\’s gameplay is not entirely known, but the game will feature Vessels that incubate Mara of the corresponding type after a period of dormancy. The Mara can consume a \”seasonal catalyst\” to evolve into Kodamara, inheriting traits from the Catalysts. The game operates in seasons, with each season having distinct catalyst effects.

Square Enix Enters New Partnership and Gala Games New token

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