Eternal Dragons Update: New Quest Mode and NFT Integration!

The auto-battle Web3 game Eternal Dragons just got a huge update that promises a ton of new and exciting content for its loyal players. Starting today, the update is in full swing. It adds lite NFT integration, which will let Genesis Eternal Dragons come out for the first time. Along with adding NFT, the update adds Quest Mode Challenges and makes a number of other changes and improvements to the game.

Now, if a player takes part in a PvE Quest Challenge, they can win rewards on a daily basis. The change will make the game a lot more fun to play for players who will continue to level up. So, there\’s a lot to do after the update. You can go to Magic Eden to check your Genesis Holdings, go straight to PvE mode, or fight other players in PvP mode. Let\’s talk about how these changes will affect the game and the players.

Lite NFT Integration in Eternal Dragons

The game says that NFTs will have a secondary effect on the game through lite integration. It means that people who have Genesis Dragons Holdings will have an advantage in leagues and events. Eternal Dragons, a highly expected Web3 game, has made a big step toward integrating NFTs into its gameplay by adding a preliminary NFT integration. It paved the way for Classes, Affinities, and Abilities to be used in a more complete way. This game\’s Web3 journey has reached a very important point with this new change.

How the NFT Integration will Work?

Here are some details about how the integration will work:

Evaluation of Genesis Dragons Holdings: At the beginning of each game, the player\’s collection will be looked at to see how many Genesis Dragons they have. Notably, Dragons that are for sale won\’t be counted. All of the player\’s connected wallets that are linked to their identity will be looked at.

Influence on Shop Rolls: When you go to the in-game shop, a normal calculation is done to see what star level units are available. The lite NFT connection starts to work at this point. The more Dragons a player has of a certain star level (rarity), the more likely they are to get one.

By putting in place this first NFT integration, Eternal Dragons shows that it is committed to integrating NFTs smoothly into the game, which will take the Web3 experience to new heights.

Eternal Dragons Rolls Out Quest Mode Challenges

Eternal Dragons is excited to add a new feature to Quest Mode that will improve the game play experience. As Quest Mode gets a cool new look, get ready to take on exciting tasks that you make yourself. You should be ready for your class and affinity combinations to change often, giving you new ways to test your skills. How far you can go in Quest Mode will depend on how good you are and how hard you work.

As a thank-you for completing these hard tasks, Dragoneers will be given both Descendant Eggs and Eternium. There will be a Quest scoreboard to add a competitive edge. It will let you keep track of your progress and see what tempting gifts are waiting for you.

The first quest, which starts this Thursday at 12:00 CEST, will have the following exciting conditions:

Tankers and Warlocks are the only ones who can use it.

Only applies to Metal and Ice Affinities.

Who among the brave players will beat the enemies made of icy metal and come out on top in this exciting Quest? In the next two weeks, we\’ll be able to see how the answer comes together.

Other Updates in the Gameplay and Game Experience

There will be new and exciting rewards and icy metal warlocks and tankers in the Quest game. You can check out the changes to the SHOP\’s balance on the Eternal Dragons blog. There are also changes to the skills of Slayers, Warlocks, Tankers, and Affinities.

Changes can be made to the cost of upgrading the shop to tier 3 to make the game more varied and fair. This change is meant to put tier 2 and tier 3 units where they belong in the game. At the same time, the chances that units will drop in shops with tiers 3 through 5 will change. This will make it easier to find units that match the shop\’s tier and make the game flow better.

In response to player comments and to make sure that skilled strategic play is possible, the skill Provoke will be greatly improved. Before, it was only aimed at one unit, which wasn\’t enough. Also, the new version will always make more than one unit angry. Also, it gives Dragoneers a better way to deal with damage from enemies and more power over the battlefield.

Eternal Dragons is still committed to making the game better and more fun. It also uses player feedback and tries to create a setting that is well-balanced and interesting. The game keeps getting better, so its fans can look forward to an even more exciting journey.

Eternal Dragons Update New Quest Mode and NFT Integration

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