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Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity Homeland, The Smurfs, The Sandbox and More Updates in the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Happy 2023!

We want to welcome our growing W3 Play community to the year 2023 by giving a full picture of the news and activities in blockchain gaming this past week. The winter holiday season is well underway, and several play and earn games are coming with their alphas, new features, NFT rewards, and updates. Also, our favorite characters from childhood, the Smurfs, have shown up in the popular blockchain game The Sandbox. And finally, we see DeGods and Y00ts migrating from Solana to Ethereum and Polygon. We will see how this decision impacts Solana and why Dust Labs took the decision to migrate. Stay with us until the end as we wrap up this week with all of the important updates in one place for you to keep up with what\’s going on in the Web 3.0 gaming space.

Weekly news highlights

  • Axie Infinity Launches Homeland
  • The Smurfs Have Arrived in the Sandbox
  • Illuvium Zero Demonstrates Its Alpha to the Gaming Community
  • Relics: A New Feature in Meta Apes
  • Top Two NFT Projects Migrating to Other Platforms, According to Solana

Axie Infinity Launches Homeland

Finally, the long wait of more than 3 years is over as Axie Infinity releases Homeland. This news is especially special for those who own land already, as they will play on their own for the very first time. So, the game is currently available only to the landowners who bought it for $1000 from Mavis Hub. So, now players can start their village on Lunacia and spread out their axies to gather resources and finally build their own homeland. However, the game isn’t available for those who don’t own land. So, players will have to wait a bit longer to test this brand-new Axie Infinity game.

The game requires you to build a settlement and fend off waves of monsters by defending your home. The game is in early alpha mode at the moment, and the aim is to gather feedback. So, players won’t win any rewards at this point in time. The cosmetics of the game, on the other hand, will stay with the players even after the alpha is over. If you are planning to play this new game, the land plots are available for ETH 1.09. The gameplay and graphics are very unlike those in Axie Infinity, so there’s promise in this game.

The Smurfs Have Arrived in the Sandbox

Next, we have The Smurfs\’ Society making its way into the blockchain game The Sandbox. The Smurf Society brings with it 3000 new NFTs exclusively for Voxel owners and community members. Thanks to this new partnership, the Smurf community will be able to enjoy the new era of decentralization and creativity through on-chain gaming adventures. Animoca Brands\’ Sandbox is robust in expanding its metaverse by entering into new partnerships. As of now, it has joined forces with the likes of Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Tony Hawk, Sueco, The Rabbids, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, and many more.

Illuvium Zero Demonstrates Its Alpha to the Gaming Community

Illuvium releases the alpha for its land-owning and management game, Illuvium Zero. Their decision to launch the alpha is pretty fast when compared to others, as they completed their land sale just six months ago. Illuvium also put out the Illuvium Overworld beta a while ago. These updates are keeping their fans busy over the holidays. Illuvium Zero is the third game in the Illuvium series. It lets players build and manage a base while gathering and extracting resources and making blueprints. Season 0 will begin on January 6th and last for 8 weeks.

But only landowners can get this alpha, which can be bought from Illuvidex for 0.45 ETH. The game will be free to play at launch, but non-land owners will never extract tokens, or NFTs. The game is skill-based, with a lot depending on your decision-making. Also, the game requires strategic thinking at every step, from choosing where to put a building to managing resources to working on the blueprints for the Illuvial.

Relics: A New Feature in Meta Apes

We have a new feature in Meta Apes where the relics will increase the abilities and strength of the apes. Players can mint these relics as NFTs on the Meta Ape marketplace. However, each relic will require a minting fee of 50 peels. Players need to unlock these relics after completing Chapter 18. For a limited time, each relic will activate a new buff in the ape. The associated buff starts as soon as the player collects it. Meta Apes is available on both the Android and iOS marketplaces and is a free-to-play and earn MMO blockchain game. This game lets you rule the world as an ape and create a strong clan to fight and survive.

Solana See Top Two NFT Projects Migrating to other Platforms

Finally, we have Dust Labs taking the big decision to migrate its top two performing NFT projects, DeGods and Y00ts. In order to broaden their reach, both of these NFT projects are bridging off Solana onto Ethereum and Polygon. The official bridging will take place in the first quarter of this year. Rohun Vora, the creator of Y00ts and DeGods, said that the decision was made to \”explore new opportunities.\” This means that the Dust token will also be bridged onto Polygon and Ethereum. Vora also thinks that Polygon and Ethereum are the right platforms to drive the next wave of people using NFTs.

He likened the tug-of-war between different platforms to that between Netflix and other video streaming platforms. \”They’re trying to get the best IP for their streaming services because that IP is ultimately going to drive the growth on that platform.\” He continued, \”Once you get enough IP on the platform, it becomes a virtuous cycle; people want to be on Netflix because that’s the brand and the place to be.\”

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How to Begin Axie Infinity? A Step-by-Step Easy Guide for all the New Axie Infinity Players

Axie Infinity is a massively popular blockchain game with millions of users playing and earning money out of it. But for beginners, knowing it all is quite a daunting process. Today, we make it easy for the noobs and newbies by dismantling the whole process in small easy steps so that you may start playing and earning right away.

How to Begin Playing Axie Infinity?

First up, you need to have a solid investment to begin playing the game. Sorry, to break it like this but you need to buy Axies to play the game. Now, the game is downloadable from the official website of the game (

The Mandatory Wallet

As Axie Infinity is based upon blockchain technology and involves cryptocurrency, it requires a digital wallet like MetaMask, CoinBase Wallet, or MyEtherWallet. The player must load the wallet with some Ethereum cryptocurrency in it. Ethereum, as you all know, can be acquired through Binance, CoinBase, or other exchanges via some local crypto exchange. Following that the players need to download the Ronin wallet and using the Ronin Ridge, transfer the Ethereum from Binance to the Ronin wallet.

Shopping Axies

Then comes the fun part, buying your first-ever Axies. Players can purchase Axies from the Axie marketplace which should be at least 3-5 because you need at least this number to participate in the PvP battles. So, what Axies to buy early on? We have another blog for this important step, so no worries here.

Now, that all the preliminaries have been achieved, you are ready to play!

How to Play Axie Infinity:

In order to start playing the players need to build a team of 5 Axies which can then participate in PvP battles. As of now, an Axie can cost from a meager $3 to a whopping $1.5 million. The game is a mixture of card-trading games like Pokemon and fantasy action-strategy games like Hearthstone.

The gameplay involves card moves like any card-trading game. Each Axie has four cards that are randomly generated for each battle with differing values and characteristics. It depends upon the order of using the cards in the battle. However, the card can only be played if you have the required energy needed for that card.

The attacks are random and not directed therefore usually the closest target is attacked in midst of a battle. If a player loses the PvP battle, they also lose Matchmaking Ratings (MMR) and vice versa. In case of winning the battle the player wins MMR and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

SLP, What is it?

SLP is the in-game crypto token that is volatile like any other cryptocurrency meaning the price of the coin is rising with time. Currently, the SLP stands at $0.003849 and it can be bought on the Binance exchange or the UNISWAP exchange. Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) is the governance token of the game which can be earned through playing the game and winning the PvP battles.

After winning each PvP battle, the value of these particular Axies increases in the marketplace. Because as the MMR phase increases so does the SLP winning ratio. The SLPs can also be won through daily quests and participation in the game’s events. Moreover, this is also healthy for the Axies as it increases the experience of the Axies hence raising their value. The players can also breed these Axies to create new or evolve old ones.

The Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid in Axie Infinity

Players often get involved in only one gaming mode, either the PvP battles or the PvE battles. You should keep a balance between the two modes. If you want your Axies to grow in a healthy manner and actually earn some real money.

Interested players often shy away from starting the game in fear of the high prices of Axies. Don’t worry, we got you. There is an Axie Scholarship program by the veteran Axie Infinity Players holding a large number of Axies. They lend their extra Axies to the newbies who then play and earn while taking care of these gullible pets. The lending players are called the Managers while the players on the other side of the bargain are called Scholars. The managers charge a rent as well as some commission and the scholars get to keep the remaining cut.

The Closure

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchains NFT games because it is fun and a good investment. As of now, there are a total of 6 million Axies. However, the origin Axies are capped at 4088, so they will be the rarest in the Axie Infinity world. Axie Infinity is worth the investment of cash and time. It is a legit source of earning money while having fun.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask in the comment box below.

All you need to know about the different classes in Axie Infinity

A beginner guide to learning Axie Infinity Classes

Let’s turn back time to the good old days, by playing this Pokémon-inspired NFT game. In Axie Infinity, you can breed, raise, and fight against lovable creatures called Axies. Through an in-game marketplace, NFTs are used to buy axies and virtual property (Lands). The majority of transactions happen on Ronin, a quick, tailored sidechain developed by developer Sky Mavis to have fewer fees than the primary Ethereum blockchain.

We will go deeply into Axie Infinity\’s class structure in this guide to classes. Being competitive in the game requires you to understand how your class influences your playstyle. For example, learning how to manage greater damage and calculate your stats can help you go up the Axie Infinity game\’s arena ladder.

What are Axie classes? And how do they differ?

An Axie is the main character in the game that you will use to play the game. Each Axie has its own personality, specialties, and charm. As you keep playing the game, you begin to understand the charm of different Axie’s. Though the characteristics vary from Axie to Axie, there are certain things common to all of them, but they vary in terms of stats.

Each Axie has a distinct set of stats that fall into one of four groups:

Health (HP): This is the amount of damage your Axie can take from other opponents. The higher your HP, the longer you can battle it out.

Morale: Morale is a critical strike probability on your axie that can deal opponents 200 percent of their defense power in damage. Morale affects the likelihood that the last stand will succeed (a temporary life extension after HP runs out).

Skill: This is basically the amount of bonus damage you can inflict on your opponent thanks to combo cards.

Axie Infinity – Axie Infinity Classes

Speed: Axies in your team take turns in the sequence determined by their speed, thus those who are faster typically take turns first. Axies\’ HP, Skill point, Morale Point, and ID will be used to determine turn orders if the speed point is equal.

There are 9 classes and each has its own Axie’s

Additionally, Axies can be divided into nine classes, each having unique stat points and weakness statistics, demanding careful team planning. Let\’s learn about nine of them!

Tank Class

  • Plant

Strength: has the highest HP stats and the greatest capacity for damage absorption. They have more defensive points and the ability to regain energy on their own.

Strong Against: Bird, Dawn, Aquatic

Weakness: compared to another Axie class, has poor damage and speed points.

Weak Against: Mech, Beast, Bug

  • Reptile

Strength: With the exception of the plant, the reptile has the best damage on attacks and strong HP stats. Additionally, Reptile Axie has the capacity to deflect damage from rivals.

Strong Against: Bird, Dawn, Aquatic

Weakness: comparatively has less speed and damage can often be limited.

Weak Against: Mech, Beast, Bug

  • Dusk

Strength: Dusk is a popular Axie with the very best speed point stats in the Tank class. In terms of attacking damage and HP, it has the most balanced stats in this class. Moreover, the high endurance factor makes it a formidable fighter.

Strong Against: Bird, Dawn, Aquatic

Weakness: Dusk is unsuitable for individuals on a restricted budget to use because it is the most expensive Axie in the Tank class. Weak Against: Dusk, Plant, Reptile

Critical Class

  • Beast

Strength: The Beast Axie has two times more chances of hitting a critical strike on an opponent of another class and you can use combos to increase the damage of strikes.

Strong Against: Reptile, Dusk, Plant

Weakness: The low HP makes this Axie more vulnerable to attack and requires additional cards for combo moves.

Weak Against: Aquatic, Dawn, Bird

  • Bug

Strength: Bug Axie has the ability to tease opponents during their turns. Teams that contain Bug players are more likely to frequently succeed with their Last Stand.

Strong Against: Reptile, Dusk, Plant

Weakness: When compared to other classes, HP, its attack damage, and speed point are all below average.

Weak Against: Aquatic, Dawn, Bird

  • Mech

Strength: A very quick-moving Axie with massive attacking power which can be doubled by using combo damage.

Strong Against: Reptile, Dusk, Plant

Weakness: Since this Axie has a low Morale point, it has fewer chances of landing a critical strike and getting towards the Last Stand.

Weak Against: Aquatic, Dawn, Bird

Damage Class

  • Aquatic

Strength: it deals damage which is more than the average and also has good HP.

Strong Against:  Mech, Bug, Beast

Weakness: Due to its low Morale score, Aquatic Axie has a very limited chance of scoring a critical strike and earning Last Stand.

Weak Against: Plant, Dusk, Reptile

  • Bird

Strength: When compared with different classes, Bird deals the most damage on strike and also is the quickest among the Axie.

Strong Against:  Mech, Bug, Beast

Weakness: It has bad defense points and has limited HP.

Weak Against: Plant, Dusk, Reptile

  • Dawn

Strength: Combo moves help you deal lethal damage to opponents.

Strong Against:  Mech, Bug, Beast

Weakness: It is comparatively slow compared to others. Weak Against: Plant, Dusk, Reptile

Axie Infinity; The Breeding Guide, All Things to Consider

Is there a perfect recipe for breeding Axies? Let’s find out folks. You will require two Axies, a specific quantity of AXS, and some SLP before you can begin breeding.

In Axie Infinity, breeding entails developing and hatching an Egg in order to produce a new Axie. The creation of an Axie with the desired characteristics, such as cards, bodily parts, and class, is its primary goal. To produce a new generation, players can breed two Axies. The child Axie is born as an egg and develops into an adult after five days.

There is a limit to how many times you can Breed an Axie

There is a limit in breeding Axies before it becomes barren. The limit is in place to prevent hyperinflation of Axies. Irrespective of how many times the Axies have been bred, each time breeding an Axie will cost you AXS and several Smooth Love Potions.

Breeding Costs of Axies?

Depending on the breed count of each participant Axie, you require 0.5 AXS and a specific quantity of SLP for each breeding occurrence.

The required amount of SLP is dependent on the breed count of the two Axies being bred. Whereas the required amount of AXS is constant for all breed cases. The more Axies that are utilized for breeding, the greater the breed count, the more SLP you will need.

What is Breed Count?

The amount of times an Axie has already mated and given birth is known as the \”Breed count\” in Axie Infinity. An Axie can have a maximum of 7 breeds because they can only reproduce up to 7 times.

Axies can only be bred a total of seven times. The breed count is 0/7 if the Axie hasn\’t produced any offspring yet. Virgin Axies are axies with a breed count of 0/7. The Axie has its value deteriorate after each breed, the less the breed count the more valuable your Axie.

Keep in mind that siblings cannot reproduce together, and parents cannot reproduce with their children.

Step by Step; How to Breed Axies?

Breeding isn’t that difficult or time-consuming to do on Axie Infinity.

  • Select the Axie you want to breed from your inventory. Choose \”Breed\” from the menu.
  • You will be taken to a new window where you can choose the second Axie for your breed after being redirected.
  • Select \”Let\’s Breed!\” and then select the second Axie in your inventory.
  • Your Egg will appear in your inventory a little while later.

Axie Genotypes

The 18 genes in each Axie are equally split throughout its 6 body sections. This indicates that there are three genes that correspond to each body part. A gene that is both dominant (D) and recessive (R1) (R2).

Each Axie\’s physical body parts and the corresponding skills and cards are determined by dominant genes (D). Depending on their dominance, genes can be passed down through breeding with varying probability.

Here is how genes can be determined:

Dominant (D): has a 37.5% probability of passing genetics to offspring.

Minor Recessive (R2): has a 3.125% chance of passing genetics to offspring.

Recessive (R1): has a 9.375% probability of passing genetics to offspring.


Each gene has a chance to change(mutate) in addition to the likelihood that it will be passed on to the next generation. A mutation occurs when a gene completely transforms into an entirely new, random bodily component. Genes that weren\’t passed down from the parents to the offspring.

The likelihood of any other gene changing is unaffected by any gene mutation. An Axie cannot have mutations in its dominant components. Additionally, it is extremely unlikely for non-pure Axies to transform into pure Axies. Mutations occur with a 10% likelihood for the 6 minor recessive genes (R1) and the 6 minor recessive genes (R2).

Breeding Time

An Axie may display a wide range of patterns on its body. On the sides of their bodies, many Axie has the same shape but various patterns. Every Axie has a distinct color and pattern on the side of its body.

An Axie Egg hatches after 5 days. The hatching of the egg usually takes five days for which you have to wait. Choose \”Morph into Adult\” when the egg is ready to hatch. This option will transform your Axie into an adult, adult enough to engage in combat.

Happy Breeding! And check out our game review of Axie Infinity.