\”Dimensionals\”: Next Big Blockchain Game in Web3?

Dimensionals is a blockchain NFT game with free-to-play and play-and-own options made by Mino Games. It is a good addition to the Web3 gaming industry.

Dimensionals is a new type of NFT RPG that lets you explore the unique world of web3 gaming. Explore the different dimensions, which each have their own heroes and paths to take. Experience a Web3 gaming world like no other, where the heroes you get are yours to keep as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. Dimensionals blockchain game is a project of Mino Games offering a unique blend of Pokemon and Marvel superheroes.

The CEO of Mino Games, Sasha Mackinnon, says, \”It will be a unique mix of Pokemon and Marvel, giving players access to different superheroes from different dimensions.\”

Dimensionals: The NFT Game

By using blockchain technology, the company hopes to build a brand that is fun and exciting and give players a new way to interact with the game. The goal of Dimensionals is to make a fun game that can be played on all platforms. Dimensionals is the first big thing the company is doing with cryptocurrency, and the game will be mostly about collecting characters. Players will probably be able to use and own characters that are only in the game, and they may be able to earn rewards by doing different things in the game.

Mino Games has already built up a large group of gamers and fans of cryptocurrencies. The release of Dimensionals will certainly push this community to new heights. By visiting the Mino Games website, the company is urging users to sign up for the whitelist. So that players get exclusive benefits like:

  • Automated whitelist for collection in the future.
  • Holders get exclusive access to Discord.
  • Early access to all game content and alpha stages.

Dimensionals: The Web3 Investors

Mino Games has raised more than $35 million from investors like Andreessen Horowitz, SYBO Games, Y Combinator, Standard Crypto, and many more. The company behind the successful launch of Dog Game and Cat Game raised $15 million in funding to bring their crypto game project Dimensionals to life.

Mino Games spent $15 million on the development of Dimensionals so that it could come out faster as a major Web3 game in the future.

The 75-person team at Mino Games, a free-to-play mobile gaming firm, has a very creative work ethic. Mino Monsters, one of the top 50 grossing mobile games, has been downloaded more than 60 million times. The company wants to make The Next $100 billion Universe Through Gaming.

Mino Games and \”Dimensions\” are changing the game with the long-awaited release of the free Genesis Stones.

A free role-playing game where the main characters are the strange KOA and his tiny robot pet EVA. Both KOA and EVA were the ones who first found and turned on the earth dimensional stone. Dimensional Stones is the first Dimensional NFT project. It is a collection of 1000 Free mint NFTs.

Sasha Mackinnon Talks About What She Thinks About the Dimensionals NFT Game

\”The \”free to own\” method is great. Before the game comes out, we can give away good in-game things and build a great community. Developers, players, and streamers all get something out of it, and platforms don\’t have to take an 80% cut of fees and UA costs.\”

There will be a lot of free Dimensionals NFT mints. The main economy of the game will be run by an L2 chain, and the Genesis + high-value NFTs will be on ETH.

For every STONE you have, you will get one of every limited-edition Dimensional NFT for free. You will get DOZENS of Dimensionals this year.

Imagine being the first person in 1998 to get a very rare Pikachu. EVE is the symbol of the Dimensionals and a loyal friend. If you have an Eve, you will be one of the few people who can try out our DIMENSIONS GAME ALPHA. We\’re creating innovative new mechanisms for Eve\’s collection, which will be our first genuine on-chain development. The PFP for the EVE series will be rare and exclusive. You\’ll also have special access to our community of holders. If you don\’t already have a stone, it\’s not too late to get one. You can submit an application for a chance at a few free Eve Mints.

The reason why franchises like Pokemon and Digimon are still popular today is that the idea of collectability is interesting to think about. Dimensionals from Mino Game seem to be at the forefront of this genre and a game-changer for Web3 gaming.

Dimensionals Blockchain Game The Next Big Thing in the Web3

Dimensionals wants a Web3 ecosystem that is driven by the community

With this launch, the startup hopes to create a community-driven ecosystem where users can really benefit from their participation. Using the Free-to-Own model is one of their main ways to reach this goal.

After the bearish market in 2021, NFTs are once again following an upward trend. In fact, the value of tokens in the metaverse and blockchain gaming markets has gone up a lot.

As mobile apps become more popular, millions of people are switching from playing computer games to playing them on their phones. Guild of Guardians, one of the most popular mobile blockchain games, sold NFT characters for more than $273K before the game even started. In conclusion, mobile blockchain games are a big part of the Web3 world\’s future.

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