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Blockchain Gaming News Roundup: Epic Games vs Web3 Games, Playtests, and New Features

Stay up-to-date with the latest in blockchain gaming! Read our roundup of exciting developments, including new features in popular games like Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, Epic Games\’ stance on Web3 gaming, and The Pokemon Company\’s interest in the industry. Get the scoop on Gala Games\’ playtests and regular updates, as well as the public playtest for Walking Dead Empires. Don\’t miss out on the fun – check out our news roundup today!

A lot of blockchain gaming activity happened this past week where Gala Games announces playtests, Epic Games announcement, Alien Worlds, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and more.

Another week full of blockchain gaming activities, updates, tests, and more. We saw Alien Worlds rolling out its massive update improving gameplay, fixing bugs, and adding new features to the game. Furthermore, Gala Games continues to progress in its blockchain gaming projects releasing regular updates and scheduling playtests. Get ready to enter the playtest for Walking Dead Empires, Eternal Paradox, Grit, Last Expedition, and Legends Reborn. We also saw Epic Games\’ announcement against Web3 games that are engaging in malpractices or scams. Moreover, the Pokemon company is also searching for Web3 experts showing its intention to enter the industry. Gods Unchained launching new set of trading cards, Splinterlands\’ new land gameplay, and Walking Dead Empires public playtest.

Let’s hop into the details of how the week went for the blockchain gaming industry.

  • Alien Worlds Blockchain Game Update 1.3.0 Part 1
  • Gala Games Announces Playtests
  • Legends Reborn
  • Last Expedition
  • Grit
  • Epic Games New Announcement on Web3 Games
  • Gods Unchained New Deck of Cards
  • Splinterlands New Land Gameplay

Alien Worlds Blockchain Game Update 1.3.0 Part 1

First we have Alien Worlds newest update 1.3.0 which introduces gameplay enhancements and metaverse features. This update will improve players\’ experience across Syndicates, Missions, and Miscellaneous. The update includes bug fixes for Syndicates, Missions, Mining, Teleport, and Landowner\’s Allocation, which aim to enhance the game\’s stability and performance. Syndicate members can now collaborate more effectively through various enhancements, including an updated Planet Selector button and a more transparent selection process for Candidates/Custodian members. Additionally, new challenges and rewards have been added to the mission system, along with a feature that prevents login UI from showing on unsupported browsers for a smoother and more secure gaming experience.

Gala Games Announces Playtests

In gaming news, Gala Games is keeping up the pace with regular updates for released games and open playtests for games in development. This month, players can participate in playtests for Walking Dead Empires, Eternal Paradox, Legends Reborn, Grit, and Last Expedition. The Eternal Paradox playtest started on March 14th and runs for two weeks, with rewards for players who participate in four different challenges. Unfortunately, the playtest is only available on mobile, but both Android and iPhone users can access it with their Gala Games account. Players who link their Gala Wallet in-game have a chance to win up to $500 worth of Gems, the game currency.

Legends Reborn

Another new playtest for Legends Reborn starts today, March 16th, although it may be delayed. The previous playtests have run for two weeks, and the end date for this test has not been announced yet. Legends Reborn is a TCG-style game that allows players to add effect and spell cards to their deck by playing limited creatures to the board. The game is building two versions: a standard non-web3 release on Steam and a web3 version that may include NFTs and the option for players to monetize their playtime. Stay tuned for updates on the playtest through their Discord announcements channel.

Last Expedition

In another playtest, Last Expedition is launching into early access on Monday, March 20th, with Node Licenses distributed to everyone who owns a Node Bundle. Bundle owners will also receive an early access code for the latest dev build on Steam. Last Expedition is a team-based extraction game where players race to be the first to extract three fragments while battling hostile monsters and other players. The game relies on Node Operators running and hosting games, so it\’s logical for them to have a first look and try out the hosting features. For a glimpse of the gameplay, check out their recent YouTube video.


Finally, we have Grit, a western-themed FPS battle-royale game that requires a key to participate in their playtest. Signing up on their website https://grit.game/ is all it takes to get one. Grit holds playtests every Thursday, with different time slots to cater to players from all over the world. To stay updated on the latest info, check out their Discord server, which is also a great place to connect with other players.

Epic Games New Announcement on Blockchain Games

In recent news, Epic Games has issued a warning to blockchain and NFT games engaging in fraudulent activities and scams on its platform, stating that they will be removed from the Epic Games Store immediately. Despite this, Epic Games acknowledges the success of some blockchain-based games. These announcements highlight both the potential and challenges of blockchain gaming as it becomes more popular.

Gods Unchained New Deck of Cards

Gods Unchained is set to release its latest Band of the Wolf card set at the end of March. The set introduces a new crafting system and an Ally card ability, along with 38 new cards. The packs will be available for four weeks and will be limited in quantity. Band of the Wolf packs will go on sale starting March 30th, with prices ranging from $2 to $210. Early shoppers will receive discounts on packs, with the discount scaling down until $600k worth of packs have been sold. The total number of packs available is 223,500, with an additional 125,100 reserved for promotions and giveaways.

Blockchain Game Splinterlands New Land Gameplay

Splinterlands has released documentation detailing their plans for the first phase of their Land gameplay, including land surveying, card staking, and resource production. In this phase, land plots will produce Grain, SPS tokens, and research points towards the Secrets of Praetoria. Players will stake Splinterlands cards (up to 5 per plot) to work their land, generating Production Points based on the card\’s rarity, level, and set. There are also additional bonuses or penalties based on the terrain type and card affinity. Totems and Titles can also be staked to plots for further bonuses.

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Epic Games New Announcement Regarding Blockchain Games with “Bad Behaviour”

Epic Games\’ new announcement sternly warns blockchain and NFT games engaged in frauds and scams on its platform, these Web3 games will be kicked out of the Epic Games Store with immediate effect.

Despite some negativity, some of the blockchain NFT games are doing pretty well, says Epic Games.

Epic Games has recently made headlines with two announcements related to the growing trend of blockchain-based Web3 gaming. On one hand, the company has expressed enthusiasm for the success of some of the crypto games available in its online store. On the other hand, Epic Games has also stated that it will initiate a crackdown on blockchain games with \”bad behavior.\” Blockchain games that engage in fraudulent activities or scamming players. These two statements highlight the potential of blockchain-based gaming as well as the challenges that come with its increasing popularity.

Epic Games Store Houses Blockchain and NFT Games

First, let\’s take a look at Epic Games\’ positive stance toward blockchain-based gaming. The company has been experimenting with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for some time. It has recently expanded its offerings to include a variety of games that incorporate blockchain-based assets and cryptocurrencies. These games have shown promising results, with Epic Games stating that some of them have done \”pretty well\” in terms of sales and player engagement.

This success has a number of factors behind it. One of the main advantages of blockchain-based gaming is the ability to create unique and valuable in-game assets that players can buy and sell. These digital assets are tradable on blockchain-based marketplaces. This opens up new revenue streams for game developers, as well as provides players with a sense of ownership and investment in the games they play. Furthermore, blockchain-based gaming also offers increased transparency and security, which can be particularly attractive to players who are concerned about fraud and cheating in traditional online gaming environments.

Tim Sweeney Embraces Web3

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has a different perspective on the issue of blockchain gaming and its reception by other online marketplaces.

While some marketplaces, such as Steam, have been hesitant to embrace crypto games, Sweeney argues that this is not because they believe \”crypto\” is inherently bad. Instead, he suggests that these marketplaces are primarily concerned with collecting their 30% fees. Moreover, they are willing to block any games that don\’t comply with their policies. Sweeney also pointed out that these marketplaces continue to distribute \”bad stuff.\” While Epic Games is taking a stand against fraudulent activities and bad behavior in blockchain gaming.

Epic Games Store Warning for Blockchain “Bad Boys”

However, Epic Games\’ positive stance towards blockchain-based gaming adds another to the chapter. Its recent announcement that it will initiate a crackdown on games having \”bad behavior.\” The bad behavior here points towards those blockchain games and developers that might engage in fraudulent activities. This move comes as the popularity of blockchain-based gaming has led to an increase in fraudulent activities, including scams, phishing attempts, and other forms of fraud. Epic Games has stated that any games found to be engaging in these activities will see the exit door immediately.

While this crackdown may be seen as a necessary step to protect players, it also highlights the challenges that come with the growth of blockchain-based gaming. Because blockchain-based games operate on decentralized networks, it becomes difficult to regulate and police them in the same way that traditional online games are regulated. This can make it easier for fraudulent actors to operate and scam unsuspecting players.

Epic Games is Aware of Challenges in Web3

According to Axios, Epic Games Store GM Steve Allison has stated that Epic Games is aware of the controversies and negative reputation that often surround cryptocurrency ventures. Additionally, it will take swift action to shut down any fraudulent activities or bad behavior in blockchain gaming. Allison also expressed uncertainty about whether their limited support of blockchain gaming will generate significant revenues. A clearer picture is expected to emerge over the next year as more blockchain-based games are released. Currently, there are only five such titles on the Epic Games Store, almost 20 more will launch by early 2024.

Epic Games New Announcement Regarding Blockchain Games with “Bad Behaviour” – Web3

Epic Games\’ statements highlight both the potential and challenges of blockchain-based gaming. On one hand, blockchain-based gaming offers a number of benefits. These include unique and valuable in-game assets, increased transparency and security, and new revenue streams for developers. On the other hand, the decentralized nature of blockchain-based games can make them more difficult to regulate. Moreover, policing fraudulent activities is also not present. Consequently, it can harm players and damage the reputation of the blockchain gaming industry as a whole.

In short, Epic Games\’ recent statements regarding blockchain-based gaming highlight both the potential and challenges of this emerging industry. While blockchain-based gaming offers a number of exciting opportunities, it is important to address the challenges. There are numerous challenges of fraud and other forms of bad behavior in the crypto sector. These challenges need catering in order to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem for players and developers alike. By working together to address these challenges, we can unlock the full potential of blockchain-based gaming. Moreover, to pave the way for a more innovative and exciting future in gaming.

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Lego and Epic Games Build Metaverse

Lego and Epic Games Unveil Children-Friendly Metaverse: A Web3 Project for Kids of All Ages.

In April, Lego and Epic Games announced a partnership to create a metaverse for children. As part of this effort, Lego is looking to expand its metaverse team by hiring for several positions, including Senior Portfolio Manager, Senior Marketing Manager. However, it seems that they have removed the job listing for the Creative Lead role, indicating a strong response in applicants.

According to Niels B Christiansen, CEO of The Lego Group, their partnership with Epic Games aims to provide children with the opportunity to develop important skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication through a seamless blend of digital and physical play. He said last year, \”Kids enjoy playing in digital and physical worlds and move seamlessly between the two. We believe there is huge potential for them to develop life-long skills through these digital experiences.

Initially, Lego had stated that it would not be incorporating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into its metaverse project. However, James Gregson, the Creative Director at Lego, recently announced that the company is now exploring the possibility of using NFTs as collectibles for the adult audience.

Lego Joins the Esports Scene: What to Expect

Lego recently launched its first esports-themed set, which includes a tournament truck and two gaming computer stations. It is currently unknown if a metaverse-themed Lego set will be released in the future.

Lego has built its brand on physical toy blocks that encourage children to engage with the real world. It is yet to be determined how the company will integrate this physical-world-based brand with a metaverse experience. In the past, Lego has experimented with merging virtual and physical worlds through its partnership with Snapchat to launch an AR co-building experience. It\’s possible that this could be the approach the company takes for its metaverse project rather than fully immersing in a virtual world.

Epic Games faces significant penalty

The Federal Trade Commission has imposed a $520 million fine on Epic Games for violating the Children\’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Of this amount, $245 million will be given back to users who were misled into making purchases. Despite the allegations, Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular metaverse platforms.

Inside Look: Lego-Epic Games Partnership Unveiled

The LEGO Group and Epic Games announced earlier that they have entered into a long-term partnership to shape the future of the metaverse. Both companies are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable platform for children and their families.

The partnership will result in an immersive, stimulating, and interactive digital experience for children of all ages. This family-friendly experience will provide children with access to tools that will help them develop as confident creators, while also providing them with a safe and positive space to play in.

Epic\’s Tim Sweeney, “The LEGO Group has captivated the imagination of children and adults through creative play for nearly a century.\”

\”We are excited to come together to build a space in the metaverse that’s fun, entertaining, and made for kids and families.”

The metaverse is constantly evolving and expanding. As more companies invest in it, it is transforming the way people interact, play, learn, work, and connect with others in a virtual 3D environment.

Epic Games is popular for its battle royale game Fortnite and its powerful creative tools and Unreal engine. UE helps in the development of many successful games.

The LEGO Group is a well-known brand, having inspired generations of creators for over 90 years. The company is a leader in creating safe digital experiences for children and has even developed an industry-standard Digital Child Safety Policy in partnership with UNICEF.

Building the Future: Lego and Epic\’s Metaverse for Kids

The partnership between the two companies is based on three key principles for the digital spaces they create:

  1. Ensuring the safety and well-being of children by prioritizing their rights to play.
  2. Protecting children\’s privacy by putting their best interests first.
  3. Providing children and adults with tools that give them control over their digital experience.

Although it is not yet clear how this metaverse will function. It is evident that the top priority for the partnership is ensuring the safety of children. Both companies aim to create a familiar and trustworthy \’LEGO\’ world for children that guarantee security and safety. The idea is to keep the children safe from the potentially unsafe environments found in other metaverses, such as Roblox.

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