Illuvium Announces Illuvium Overworld Private Beta 2

In the world of Illuvium, you\’re about to go on an amazing journey. The highly anticipated Web3 game is getting ready for its upcoming secret beta test, and trust us when we say you won\’t want to miss this chance! As the game\’s second beta test, this round will focus on the exciting new Overworld areas, which will add a whole new level of fun to the game.

But there\’s more! The team has been working hard, so you can look forward to a lot of new Illuvials and exciting changes to the Arena Survival Mode. By becoming a beta tester, you\’ll get early entry to the game and be able to try it out for yourself before anyone else. This means you\’ll have the chance to give feedback that will help improve the game and make sure it\’s good before it\’s released to the public.

If you\’ve been lucky enough to take part in private betas in the past, you don\’t need to worry. As a thank-you for your continued support, you will instantly get access to the Private Beta 2 Overworld, which everyone is looking forward to. So, get ready for an immersive gaming experience and get ready to go on an epic trip in the world of Illuvium!

How to Sign Up for the Illuvium Overworld Beta Test 2.0

To join the Illuvium Private Beta 2, start by creating an Illuvium account using your email address by going to their website. After registering, simply fill out the beta application form, which should only take around five minutes to complete.

Please bear in mind that completing the application form does not guarantee you a spot in the beta test, as spaces are limited.

Calling All Beta Testers! How to Get Selected for Illuvium Overworld Beta 2?

The Illuvium team is looking for players who are excited to take part in their future beta test. This is your chance to get a taste of the action if you want to. When choosing beta testers, things like how complete your registration information is and what kind of computer you have will be taken into account. The goal is to bring together a group of people who can help improve the beta test with their ideas. Also, people from the community, people with a lot of power, and media journalists will be asked to join and share their thoughts.

What Awaits You in the Beta Test

Once you\’re in, get ready to explore the Overworld and play the exciting Arena Survival games. Every day, the Arena mode will give you new tasks because the enemy Illuvials will appear in different ways and in a different order. As a private beta tester, you\’ll be able to fight for the daily high score and see your name on the leaderboard. In the same way, your Overworld Crypton stocks will reset, letting you go to new areas and catch brand-new Illuvials.

What to Expect in Illuvium Overworld Private Beta 2

Private Beta 2 introduces exciting new elements for players to enjoy, such as:

You can dive into the depths of the Abyssal Basin and discover the bright landscapes of the Brightland Steppes, which are both new regions.
28 new rivers from 10 different lines: You can add many interesting animals to your collection.
New Ways to Move: You can now glide and slide your way through the game thanks to these new ways to move.
Improved User design: A polished design makes the game easier to play and understand.
And there\’s more! For future versions, the team has even more exciting changes planned.

Join the Illuvium Private Beta 2

Don\’t pass up this chance to play the game before it comes out to the public. As a beta tester, you\’ll get to try out the Overworld and Arena modes and give important comments that will help shape the future of the game. Register now to make sure you get a spot and become an important part of how Illuvium Overworld Private Beta 2 turns out.

What was in Illuvium Overworld Beta 1?

Illuvium Overworld has great graphics and feels like a AAA game, which makes the test a great place to play. The beautiful plants, animals, and scenery give players something to look at, and the combat system, slow-motion shots, and motion graphics are all very well done. The motion graphics and sound design of the fight arena are also top-notch, which makes for an immersive experience. With a jetpack, you can jump more than once in the game, which makes traveling long distances more fun.

At the island hub, you can see the leaderboard, the forge, your inventory, and more on different screens. Mineables, tools, weapons, and illuvials are all kept in the inventory. Exploring the different stages on the map lets you do things like gather resources, mine, make things, and talk to other players. Capturing orbs lets you fight other Illuvials, which gives you the chance to use strategic positioning and catch Illuvials that have been beaten. The game has a cycle of exploring, harvesting, forging, upgrading, gathering materials, fighting, and capturing more illuvials.

Illuvium Overworld NFTs

Illuvium adds two types of NFTs that are very interesting: virtual land and collecting NFTs. The land NFTs look like plots of land in the world of Illuvium Land. This lets players explore different parts of the huge Illuvium Overworld. It\’s interesting that having virtual land could be profitable, since landowners could make money by selling fuel to other players.

On the other hand, rare NFTs are the powerful Illuvials themselves, who fight with you in exciting arena battles. These one-of-a-kind creatures add a new level of excitement and strategy to the game. But it\’s important to remember that the final version of the game might have even more interesting NFTs that will make your journey even better.

Step into the world of Illuvium Overworld NFTs and open up new realms of adventure and potential.

Illuvium Announces Illuvium Overworld Private Beta 2

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Illuvium And Illuvitars: NFT Collection

Illuvium announces yet another mega project in its interoperable blockchain games. This time it is Illuvium: Beyond which will feature a customizable NFT adventure. These customizable NFTs are Illuvitars and their launch window is March 7. So get ready to start assembling your unique Illuvitar NFTs using rare elements. Illuvium DAO joins hands with the best in the business to make this project happen like Immutable X, Binance, and Chainlink. All three companies complement each other well where Immutable offers true digital ownership and gas-free transactions, Binance makes trade easy and user-friendly, and Chainlink determines sILV2/ETH price. SILV2 is a synthetic ILV token utilized within the Illuvium ecosystem for in-game transactions. It has a fixed exchange rate of 1:1 with ILV, granting it equal purchasing power in-game. Moreover, Chainlink will also help in determining a transparent selection process of raffle winners.

What is Illuvium Beyond?

Illuvium: Beyond challenges players to gather the most formidable Illuvitar NFTs, inspired by the game\’s unique characters. The rare NFTs you possess, the higher your rank on the leaderboard, granting you access to additional benefits within the Illuvium Universe. These NFTs can also serve as your in-game avatar or profile picture. Get started by buying D1SKs that contain portraits and accessories, and earn recognition by completing sets in the Illuvitars Album. With cross-game utility across all Illuvium games and the upcoming competitive card game in the Illuvitars Hub, the opportunities are boundless.

Rogier Van De Beek, Head of Concept Art and mastermind behind Illuvitars, assembled a team of accomplished artists with backgrounds at renowned companies like Blizzard, Magic the Gathering, and Sega, to bring the Illuvitar collection to life.

\”We started Illuvitars as a simple PFP project, but it soon became much more,\” said Van De Beek. \”Our team spent over a year hand-drawing unique pieces for Illuvitars, and the result is an immersive experience that will exceed expectations.\”

Co-Founder Illuvium Remarks on the Project

“We recognised the untapped potential in crypto\’s distinct market segments and the vibrant communities built around NFT collections. However, they were disconnected from the gaming world. So, we took action and created Illuvitars, bridging the gap and bringing about a new era of opportunity for NFT collectors.\”

Illuvium Beyond

Illuvitars Offering to Blockchain Gamers

As you can see, the profile pictures NFTs and Album Collection of Illuivum Beyond contains stunning artwork. Your profile picture in Illuvium DAO is your Illuvitar which of course you can customize according to your choice and personality. You can do customization of your Illuvitar by using unique skins, bodies, catchy eyewear, funky headwear, props, and accessories having varying rarities. Some of the accessories are Butterfly Tie, Club Glasses, Meme Glasses, Piercing, Scifi Amulet, Scifi Pipe, and Soldier helmet. All of these elements will collectively produce a super and unique Illuvitar NFT. There are more than 150 NFTs taking inspiration from in-game characters – Illuvials. So mark your calendars to join the Illuvium DAO for Illuvitar release on March 7th.

Every Illuvitar comprises a portrait and a virtually limitless combination of accessories, backgrounds, and expressions. This results in varying levels of rarity and therefore value for the NFTs. Illuvitars serve a purpose beyond just being profile picture avatars. They are crafted to provide various in-game benefits and entitle the owner to exclusive privileges such as access to private beta game launches, unique Illuvium merchandise, and events.

What is Illuvium: Beyond

Illuvium: Beyond is a concept that revolves around building a collection within the expansive Illuvium ecosystem.

Illuvium Illuvitar

Collecting rare sets of Illuvitar NFTs will enable player-collectors to improve their position on the leaderboard. It will grant them access to extra benefits within the Illuvium universe. The universe comprises three main games – Illuvium: Overworld, Arena, and Zero.

Collectors of Illuvitar NFTs earn points for completing sections in the Illuvitars \”Album\”. Those who successfully complete a collection are also eligible for additional in-game rewards.

Furthermore, the Illuvitars NFTs are utilizable in an upcoming interactive and competitive card game being developed by the project\’s founders.

The value of Illuvitar NFTs as NFT profile picture trading items may fluctuate. However, this project is for loyal fans of Illuvium who seek to delve deeper into the immersive Illuvium gaming experience.

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