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RobotEra Game Review: An Upcoming Web3 Metaverse Game Providing Play and Earn Mechanics, NFTs, and World Creation

In today’s Web3 game review, we will review a metaverse game involving robots, planets, and the much-anticipated TARO token. RobotEra is a true metaverse game and it gives strong vibes of the Sandbox, and its characters are more like Transformers. The game is more like a sandbox planet-building game where you play as a robot. The metaverse allows you to build a planet, acquire resources, manage your own land, create robots, and take part in creating your own world. The RobotEra metaverse gives you an open playground where you will have the liberty to run your creativity wild and create anything you can imagine. The metaverse has no limits and you can start your own new era with other robots. Moreover, RobotEra metaverse connects to other verses making it a multiverse. This virtual world offers an opportunity to open theme parks, do concerts, build museums, and more such activities. So, you can share, explore, create, operate, and trade in this metaverse game with hundreds of NFT communities.

The game has a promising pre-sale in full swing at the time of writing. Players can buy the $TARO token which basically powers the multiverse. It is branded as one of the hottest pre-sales of the year so far and its token is an anticipated one. Let’s check out the game review in detail and what it has to offer besides the metaverse.

RobotEra Game Overview

RobotEra is a Web3 metaverse game having gripping lore and offers the players to participate in world creation, NFT creation, and erecting buildings from zero-point. Players can use the editor to create robots, explore places in the galaxy and find rewards. Moreover, players can also take part in quests in the central city and win rewards. Creative artists and players will have the platform to showcase their creations and artworks in game’s museums. As for those who like to party, the game will host concerts, offer rides in theme parks, and manage an independent continent.

Taro Planet in RobotEra Game

Taro has an interesting history behind it, this gorgeous and scenic planet witnessed an unfortunate cataclysmic event. The aboriginals and the robots entered a war that swept away everything. Now, the planet is ruled by robots having a human minds, will now join hands to restore this once beautiful planet. These robots are now working towards creating a more brilliant civilization and future for Taro.

Main Characters of the Game

Players will play the game as robots, robots are NFTs and belong to seven different camps. Each has unique attributes and powers.

  • Guardian Song: They are the defenders of Taro, higher HP, and bonus from robot companions
  • Omega Ω: These robots advocate individualism, precise insights on attacks,s and blood levels
  • Justice League: Strong sense of justice, importance to the morale.
  • Pioneers: Prioritizes development and expansion.
  • War Academy: These robots are obsessed with knowledge and technology
  • Lava: These robots are darers, death doesn’t scare them. 
  • Desire Paradise: This group of robots persuades others to let go of the burden related to the war, they dig deep into hidden desires and offer many benefits.

RobotEra Play and Earn Mechanics

The developers aim to provide players with a fun experience by introducing interesting gameplay mechanics like exploration, mining, creation, and battle, but also offer venues to earn. Players can earn via cultivating sacred trees, doing advertising, selling NFTs, and staking tokens. Players can have NFTs in the shape of Taro land having unique topography and resources, but first, you will need to have a robot NFT. The game also has Robot Companion NFT which can come in handy to players during the game.


RobotsEra Pre Sale

The game’s pre-sale token sale has seen solid traction with over 36,000,000 $TARO sold. The metaverse tokens have a massive valuation at the moment i.e. 10 billion USD and that too during the crypto bear market. The pre-sale is open for the $TARO token and players can reach out to their website to invest. But remember, only invest that much which you can afford to lose. If Bitcoin continues on its gradual upward trajectory, the altcoins or tokens will see a boost. So, TARO may have a 2x or 10x potential in it. 

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Blockchain Gaming Predictions 2023, Upcoming AAA Blockchain Games

Predicting the future can be challenging, especially after the events of the past year. However, we believe that the blockchain gaming industry will see significant changes in 2023. By closely monitoring investment trends and the influx of skilled resources into the Web 3.0 domain, we can make informed predictions about the future of blockchain gaming. In this article, we\’ll share our thoughts on the direction the industry is headed and highlight some of the AAA blockchain gaming projects worth keeping an eye on in 2023. We hope this information will be useful for our gaming community as we move forward into the new year.

The Metaverse and What to Expect in 2023

The concept of the metaverse is still in its early stages and will take time to fully develop. It has been explored in detail in science fiction literature and we expect to see the beginnings of its creation in 2023. This includes the launch of 10G cable networks and the ability for real-time interactions. Many industries will come together to create a more interconnected internet, leading to interoperability, the necessary tools, and the reuse of digital assets. While it will take time for the metaverse to fully materialize, we can expect to see the foundations being laid in 2023.

While the full realization of the metaverse may still be a ways off, you can expect to see elements of it in games like Roblox, Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, and Dreams. In addition, the launch of the Meta Quest 3 VR headset in 2023 will bring us one step closer to experiencing a fully immersive metaverse. It\’s likely that various companies will begin developing their own unique metaverses, and we may even see partnerships forming between different companies to create interoperable standards. So, while we may not have a fully realized metaverse just yet, we can expect to see significant progress in the coming year.

Blockchain gaming will bounce back strongly in 2023

Currently, there are only a few fully-released blockchain games that can be considered true AAA titles. Additionally, the reputation of Web 3.0 games has suffered due to scams, rug pulls, uninteresting gameplay, and faulty tokenomics. However, we believe that this is about to change in a significant way. Keep an eye out for new developments in the blockchain gaming industry as we move into 2023.

According to data on venture funding, over half of all funding in Q3 2022 went to veteran game developers with ambitions to create AAA games. These experienced teams are working on as-yet-unreleased blockchain gaming titles that are sure to make a splash in 2023. In addition, the release of new AAA games in Q3 and Q4 of 2023 is expected to change the perception of Web 3.0 gaming. Many industry experts believe that these high-quality games will revitalize the entire Web 3.0 gaming industry. South Korea, in particular, is a region to watch as major gaming companies invest heavily in the Web 3.0 gaming space.

Several top companies in the blockchain gaming industry, with strong teams and substantial funding, are leading the way in 2023. These include Animoca Brands, Sky Mavis, Mythical Games, Sorare, Immutable, Dapper Labs, Gala Games, Lucid Sight, and Double Jump Tokyo. While the \”crypto winter\” had a negative impact on many businesses, it also weed out weaker companies and unviable projects, leaving room for stronger players to emerge.

Upcoming Blockchain Games to Watch in 2023 

While there are many blockchain games in development, many AAA titles have not yet shared much information. However, we have identified some upcoming games that are worth keeping an eye on. These titles are expected to deliver high-quality gameplay and a satisfying experience for players.


Illuvium Game Series: Illuvium is a series of three games featuring stunning graphics and an open-world fantasy RPG experience. It aspires to be a true AAA game and has drawn inspiration from Pokemon. You can read a beta review of Illuvium Overworld. Keep an eye out for this promising title as it develops. 

If you\’re interested in keeping up with the latest and greatest in the world of blockchain gaming, be sure to check out these upcoming titles in 2023: Guild of Guardians, Big Time, Synergy Land, Phantom Galaxies, Champions Ascension, Medieval Empire Ertugrul, Angelic, Champions Arena, Dissolution, Mirandus, The Walking Dead Empires, Mob Land, and many others. 

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Game Review: Ember Sword is a Play-And-Earn, MMORPG blockchain game

Ember Sword is a free-to-play, blockchain-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows players to earn money while they play. The game features fast-paced, classless combat, crafting, mining, building, and an upcoming hack-and-slash mode. During its successful alpha test, the game received positive reviews from players.

In Ember Sword, players can explore a player-driven universe and interact with the in-game landscape elements, such as forging and reacting to the environment. Players can also choose a home nation and weapon to use as they defeat monsters and other players. This play-and-earn MMORPG offers a unique and immersive gaming experience for players.

Ember Sword Gameplay

Are you ready for the ultimate gaming challenge? Look no further than Ember Sword, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game with both PvE and PvP experiences. But the adventure doesn\’t stop there – the game also features Outlaw Zones, hidden areas filled with rare resources and powerful monsters. These areas will test even the bravest of players, as they must fend off both the fearsome creatures and other players vying for the same resources. To survive in the Outlaw Zones, you\’ll need to form a guild or team up with friends. But be warned – if you die in these areas, you\’ll lose your gear. Are you up to the challenge? Play Ember Sword today and put your skills to the test.

Ember Sword

Wilderness and Kingship Zones

Ember Sword\’s PvE zones offer players the chance to test their skills against high-level bosses in the open world. Whether you prefer to go it alone or team up with others, these zones provide a thrilling PvE experience. However, it\’s important to note that you may encounter other players while exploring these areas, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay.

Ember Sword PvP Mode

In Ember Sword\’s PvP mode, players battle for EMBER, and only the most skilled will come out on top. The stakes are especially high in the Outlaw Zone, where dying means losing valuable gear. However, the rewards for winning end-game battles at Outlaw territory camps are outstanding, including rare limited edition cards. Collecting all of these cards allows players to unlock precious collectibles that can be traded in the marketplace.

Ember Sword Forest House

The Caravan Trading Mode in Ember Sword

Ember Sword offers a unique income opportunity for players who may not be as interested in hack-and-slash gameplay. With the Caravan trading mechanic, players can collect rare resources and sell them to other players in the nearest city for profit. This mode holds a lot of promise, and the potential for massive profits will only increase once all other nations go live. As a traveling merchant in Ember Sword\’s open world, you can sell resources in far-flung nations and earn a profit. Whether you prefer to battle monsters or engage in trade, Ember Sword has something for everyone.

The Classless System in Ember Sword

The game is a unique MMORPG due to its classless system, which allows players to experience any playstyle without restrictions. However, the weapon a player wields does have a leveling-up system that unlocks new combat skills and powers. Each weapon type has its own specific skills and powers that can give players an advantage in battle. This means that players are free to choose their preferred weapon and playstyle, adding an element of customization to the gameplay. Experience the freedom of a classless system in Ember Sword today!

Ember Sword Nations

Players can choose to belong to one of four distinct nations: Solarwood, Sevrend, Duskeron, or Ediseau. Each nation has its own unique landscape, terrain, professions, enemies, challenges, and quests to complete, providing a variety of gameplay experiences. Whether you prefer to explore forests, deserts, mountains, or swamps, Ember Sword has a nation for you. Join a nation and begin your journey today!

The Game Tokenomics

EMBER is the primary in-game token in the game and is an ERC-20 token. With EMBER, players can acquire land, collectibles, and an optional subscription that includes extra bank slots, monthly NFTs, convenience features, and consumables. EMBER is an essential part of the gameplay in Ember Sword and can be used to enhance your gaming experience.

Ember Sword is a play-and-earn game that puts an emphasis on fun gameplay. As players complete quests and make progress in the game, they will be rewarded with various items, including cosmetic non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of gear, shoes, helmets, and more. These NFTs can be traded in the marketplace. By focusing on providing a fun and engaging experience, Ember Sword encourages players to continue playing and making progress in the game.

In the game, players have the chance to earn land and settlements, which can provide a source of income. As a land owner, you will receive a commission on every transaction made in the game. Additionally, if an NFT is earned on your land, the commission will be significantly larger. Settlements can also be monetized by building infrastructure and earning rewards, creating a passive income stream. These features make Ember Sword a unique and exciting game that allows players to earn money while they play.

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The Arc8 Blockchain Mobile Gaming Platform performs exceptionally well in 2022; why is that?

Today, we\’ll be exploring the continued success of Arc8, a popular mobile blockchain gaming platform that allows players to earn crypto $GMEE through gameplay. Despite the fluctuating trends in the crypto market, Arc8 has managed to maintain its relevance and earn a rating of 4.9 on the Play Store. In this article, we\’ll delve into the specific strategies and features that contributed to Arc8\’s impressive performance in 2022 and how other blockchain gaming platforms can learn from its example.

Arc8\’s Commendable Run Continues in 2022

Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform that puts the needs and enjoyment of players first. Its games are designed to be challenging and require real skill, not just luck, to win. In addition to providing a thrilling and immersive experience, Arc8 also rewards players with $GMEE cryptocurrency for their achievements. The platform offers a wide range of casual and indie games, as well as events and tournaments for players to compete against one another. With over 40 million users worldwide and billions of gameplays under its belt, Arc8\’s parent company GAMEE has established itself as a leader in the play-and-earn gaming industry.

Arc8 Stats and Numbers in 2022

In 2022, Arc8 had a highly successful year, regularly releasing updates, launching player-focused games, and entering into significant partnerships. Let\’s take a closer look at the impressive figures and milestones achieved by this mobile gaming platform.

In 2022, Arc8 achieved several impressive milestones, including:

  • 100 million gameplays
  • 650,000 new players
  • 13 million GMEE rewards distributed to players
  • 1.3 million GMEE spent on G-Bot enhancements
  • 2.96 million total hours spent by gamers

These numbers showcase the strong growth and popularity of the platform among players.

Arc8 had an outstanding year, as reflected in the following statistics:

  • The top 3 games on the platform – Pirate Solitaire, Solitaire Star, and Wizards 21 – had 23.8 million, 10.2 million, and 6.2 million gameplays, respectively.

These numbers demonstrate the popularity of these games among players and the overall success of Arc8.

Arc8 Games

Other than $GMEE, crypto tokens were awarded to its players

In the second half of 2022, Arc8 sponsored events that offered players the opportunity to earn tokens in addition to $GMEE. As a result, the platform entered into a major partnership with QUIDD, which supplied a total of $30,000 in tokens. Some of the tokens that Arc8 rewarded to players include:

  • REVV
  • SAND
  • TCP
  • MSU
  • ICE

New Arc8 Games in 2022

Arc8 has achieved great success thanks to its high-quality blockchain games and engaging gameplay. Some of the top games and newest releases of 2022 include:

  • Energy Wars: A visually striking puzzle game exclusively for G-Bot owners
  • Dark Lords: A spaceship battle shooter game also available for G-Bot owners
  • Hoop Shoot: A high-speed basketball dunking challenge game
  • Qube 2048: Arc8\’s most popular action game
  • Cool Cats Combinations: A puzzle game on a Hexa board featuring cool cat characters
  • Run!: A thrilling runner game with hidden loot and surprise challenges
  • Karate Kido: A fast-paced reaction game where players chop poles and need to stay on their toes.

Arc8’s G-Bot Metaverse

In 2022, the G-Bot metaverse continued to thrive and expand, offering new features, designs, and ways for players to earn. These included 1v1 competitions, rarity-based tournaments, G-Bot staking events, and 24-hour Master tournaments. The G-Bot design contest also encouraged players to get creative and design their own limited edition G-Bots. In terms of new utilities, the G-Bot metaverse introduced upgrading, breeding, evolving, and Omega Particles to enhance players\’ G-Bots. Overall, the G-Bot metaverse has evolved into a thriving and dynamic virtual world with many opportunities for players to engage and earn.

Arc8 Continues to Evolve

Arc8 has consistently introduced new seasons with fresh games, tournaments, updates, and partners, as well as increased prize pools to accommodate the growing player base. The platform has also implemented group matches and rapid tournaments, which have proven to be popular time-saving options. Each new season brings unique tournaments with exciting rewards and partner tokens, keeping things fresh and exciting for players. Overall, Arc8 has continued to evolve and innovate, offering an engaging and rewarding experience for players.

Arc8 did pretty well in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023. More and more game developers and investors are coming into the blockchain gaming domain. We also see the top battle royale genre game PUBG integrating NFTs; the alpha if open for PUBG Web 3.0 version. You can also read our article about blockchain adoption 2023. Lastly, check our YouTube channel for lots of video game reviews. Do subscribe!

Play and Earn: Moonville features a revolutionary farming simulation.

In today\’s game review, we\’ll talk about an upcoming competitive play-and-earn blockchain game and an out-of-this-world farming simulation. Yes, enjoy your farming fantasy on the moon. The game developer Myria brings us Moonville Farming, where you will enjoy harvesting, leveling up resources, trading, earning NFTs, collecting rare buildings, crafting a unique farming strategy, creating a whole new moon village, and earning $MOON tokens. So, the game will test your strategy and management skills.

Moonville will let you build farms, get hold of resources, and sell them to nearby cities to generate revenue to grow your moon base. So, to begin playing, you will need to get your hands on a wallet and create an account here. From here on, you will choose a location on the moon to begin farming, completing tasks and other ecosystem quests, and making $MOON.

Watch the trailer

How does Moonville work?

You will need to select a biome early on, and every biome will act differently in terms of resources. So, prepare yourself to enjoy different starting experiences for every biome. However, the catch here is the trade fee. You will need to consider it as it will be applicable to every trade. The trade fee varies depending on the distance between the nearest city and your base. As a result, it is preferable to pay a lower fee. Finally, once you make up your mind, come up with a catchy name for your base, and voila! You are a moon farmer now.

Moonville Farms

In-Game Buildings and Resources Explained

At the start, you will see a handful of resources and buildings on your land. Let’s see what some of the important resources are that you will use in the game.


Luns is the in-game gold; you will need this to construct every single building in this game and pay your workers. So, how are you going to get this gold? Sell resources.

Light Shards:

Light shards are super important for your trade as they act as fuel. You will need Light Shards to sell your resources and execute a trade. So, how many should I use? It will depend on the trade value of your biome. Always select a city with the lowest Light Shard cost. The game will let you have 40 light shards for free, but they will soon run out. So, better start making your light shards via the Moondew Compressor building, Solar Turbine, Storemore Hall, Dark Extractor, Drone Hub, and Dark Converter.

How Trailblazer Games Is Leading The Way

Web3 Gaming Is The Future Of Online Gaming

Moonville Tokenomics and Play and Earn Mechanics

Moonvile employs Play and Earn mechanics with a one-of-a-kind model in which limited tokens are minted. This limited supply of tokens enters a cycle of redistribution between the players, which ably counters the inflation problem. Moreover, the game rewards skilled players far better than spenders.

The $MOON token is for gamers who rank higher in the tournaments or complete daily challenging missions. The token has multiple uses aside from selling for profit.

  • $MOON will let you purchase moonstones, which will give you a short-term NFT upgrade and help improve your gameplay.
  • $MOON will let you purchase NFTs in the Myria market.
  • It will help you pay the fee and play weekly tournaments.
  • You can also stake $MOON and get rewards.
Moonville Farms

Moonville Closed Loop Economy

Blockchain and \”play to earn\” games face one of the biggest challenges of crumbling economies owing to high volatility in the crypto market. Some of the games could hardly bear the brunt of massive fluctuations and eventually died down. The same goes with the players, some become millionaires, but all of it vanishes overnight. So, there is a lot of uncertainty in play to earn games, but how is Moonvillle doing it differently?

Moonville introduces a pool that fills during a high time and comes into play slowly when the market goes down. This helps maintain stability; the pool acts like a savings jar and helps the community when winter hits. Some facts about the pool and how it gets filled up:

  • The pool comes with an initial supply of $MOON tokens.
  • It uses a percentage of the $MOON from tournament entry fees.
  • It extracts a percentage from NFT sales.
  • It also takes a share of Moonstone\’s sales.

So, the developers have designed the in-game economy with the utmost focus on insulation and sustainability. The constant inflow and outflow of digital assets into and out of the pool is helping stabilize Moonville Farms\’ ecosystem.

There’s a lot more to this game, Moonville. Stick with us for more on this play-and-earn game, Moonville, and its updates.

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VOID – Humans Have Lost The War Against Machines – Play and Earn Game on Solana

Void is an online AAA multiplayer NFT Play and Earn game in which you can customize your characters\’ appearances while earning through various solo and squad-based battling modes. Whether you are a warrior, a host, a spectator, or a cast member, you will be completely immersed in the three breathtaking worlds and arenas that are completely controlled by the players.

The game is being built on the SOLANA blockchain, which means that players will be able to make quick transactions with minimal fees. Moreover, the game is utilizing Unreal Engine 5, this alone raises the bar for AAA blockchain games. The game is set fully launch at the beginning of 2023.

The game is not free to play, but play to earn. In order to play the game you must first own an NFT player.

VOID Storyline

Humans have lost the war against machines and the planet has become a wasteland. While the humans gathered their artillery to destroy these AI-based machines. The machines had used their ever-increasing intelligence to move the Earth from its axis causing a modern ice age that almost completely wiped out the human population.

Those who managed to live now struggle to survive. Humans hide from the robots, who now consider humans as playthings rather than a threat. There is a massive arena in the middle of the city where rogue humans are caught and sent to battle for their lives.

Game Characters

Players that start with a basic character can choose between evolving classes, each has more than 60 skill options. You can alter appearances to make your NFT stand out. Characters can have one of 5 classes ranging from common to legendary.

There are also 4 main characters in the game:

Anders Bowden

Anders lives in the shadows of the city, he wears a suit made from the carcasses of old robots. Survival has been his whole life and now after his family is gone, their teachings are all he has left.

MP Regar-0712

Sleek and ruthless, the MP bots are amongst the most feared adversaries in the Voids universe. These bots are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which make it easy for them to hunt humans.

Adofo Ayad

Adofo has spent more than 15 years at the top of the Coliseum rankings, making him a true exception to the rule. He received his unique armor as a reward from the robot race for smashing all previous records. While he enjoys showing off his tremendous skills in battle, he is just biding his time, looking for the right moment to escape.



Evora is in charge of making sure that the battles at the main coliseum go off without a hitch. She is quick and merciless in her actions. She is quick and ruthless to eliminate any signs of threat, even if it comes from one of her own friends.

Game Modes & Earning

Each and every item—whether it is a weapon, armor, arena, or treasure is a distinct NFT that may be exchanged on the Open Market.

Fight to Earn

Beat your opponents to get in-game rewards like a new rifle.

Quest to Earn

Discover the vast open world as you complete missions, solve riddles, and earn rewards.

Build to Earn

If you are more of a creator than a destroyer, you can create weapons, armor, and many other in-game assets that can be sold on the marketplace.

Stake to Earn

Just sit back and watch your assets grow, while other players play to earn for you.

Collect to Earn

Step out into the world and find legendary items while you fight, hide and run to stay alive.

Host to Earn

You can charge users at the point of entry after creating your private arena.


Team & Partners

The main team has a highly experienced team of developers that are collaborating to provide users with a dynamic gaming experience. Moreover, their recent partnership announcement with Genblock Capital, Only1allies, Anti Fund, CyberFi Samurai, Dutch Crypto Investors, and DuckDAO with further improve the quality.


VOIDcoin is used as the universal currency. Moreover, you can use the VOIDcoin in both the game and on public trading platforms. You can use the token to buy items within the game or exchange it for other forms of crypto or fiat money. Each item be it a gun, armor, treasure, or arena NFTs can be exchanged on the open market.

Voids Marketplace

The game\’s very own marketplace consists of players, weapons, armor, and arenas. Each category consists of different classes of items and if that is not enough they have also introduced a black market. You can buy rare and uncommon items from the black market. Moreover, you can also buy VOIDcoin directly from the website.

Final Word

The game is promising, unique, and has a captivating storyline. VOID lets you evolve, enhance, and upgrade as a game character with a lot of personalization. The game is the one to look forward to next year. It will surely add a lot of value to play and earn games.

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