Top Blockchain Games in March 2023

Experience the top blockchain and NFT games of March 2023 for the ultimate gaming adventure. Discover the most innovative games in the industry loved by gamers worldwide. Today we have Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, Upland, Sorare and Trickshot Blitz for you!

Stay tuned for even more web3 games in part two of our series. Get ready to play like never before!

Just to be clear! A blockchain game uses a special kind of technology called blockchain, and it can have items called NFTs that players can buy, own, and trade, which are unique and special to that game. Regular games don\’t have these things.


Splinterlands, a thrilling collectible card game that allows players to construct their own decks, engage in exciting head-to-head matches, and receive rewards in the form of in-game cards and assets. With a distinctive turn-based combat system and a range of game modes, including ranked play, tournaments, and quests, Splinterlands offers endless entertainment.

Each Splinterlands card is a unique NFT that can be traded on the open market. Players can build their decks using two card types: Summoners and Monsters. With Summoners calling forth Monsters to do their bidding, players can create their ultimate deck to vanquish their opponents.

Join the fun and experience the excitement of Splinterlands.

Trickshot Blitz

Why play mobile pool games like 8-ball and not earn real word valuable rewards? Instead, we bring you, Trickshot Blitz, at number 9, a fast-paced, skill-based game designed exclusively for mobile devices. Players can engage in classic pool matches with one another, competing in various game modes such as one-versus-one matches, tournaments, and special events. With asynchronous gameplay, Trickshot Blitz also caters to casual players who want to enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience.

In Trickshot Blitz, players are rewarded for executing trick shots with bonus points. As the name suggests, the game encourages players to unleash their creativity and skill by completing challenging shots. Players can earn rewards in the form of in-game items and currency, making it even more exciting to master the game.

Get ready for an exhilarating blockchain gaming experience with Trickshot Blitz.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, the NFT metaverse that takes you on a thrilling adventure through a futuristic blockchain universe. In this exciting world, players can collect and trade unique and valuable assets. Furthermore, they can participate in battles, mine resources, and explore new planets to increase their wealth.

The competition for Trillium (TLM), Alien Worlds native token, is fierce. Players battle it out to earn TLM, which can be used to control planetary DAOs and access new gameplay features. It\’s a wild and wacky universe where anything can happen.

Alien Worlds utilizes a unique DAO system that ensures fair elections for council candidates and the distribution of the planetary treasury. It\’s a democracy in space, with players vying for power and control over the metaverse.

Join the fun and excitement of Alien Worlds today and experience the ultimate adventure in a futuristic universe.


Introducing Sorare, the fantasy sports game that harnesses the power of blockchain technology. In Sorare, users can buy, sell, and trade officially licensed digital collectible player cards. Moreover, each of these is a unique NFT representing a real-life sports player. The performance of each card is based on the performance of the corresponding player on the field.

Players can use their cards to build their own teams, compete in tournaments, and earn rewards. Users can create a team of five players and enter them into a variety of twice-weekly competitions for free. It\’s an exhilarating game that combines the thrill of sports with the excitement of blockchain technology.

Join Sorare and experience the ultimate fantasy sports game where you can own digital collectible cards representing real-life players and compete against others for rewards. It\’s a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, every step of the way.


Upland is a virtual property trading game that allows players to buy, sell, and trade virtual real estate in real-world locations. In this interconnected world, players can own, manage, and develop their properties, interact with one another, participate in events, and explore virtual cities.

The game\’s native currency, UPX, enables players to earn real-world money by minting property NFTs, which are fully tradable on the open marketplace for both USD and UPX. Unlike many in-game tokens, UPX has a fixed price and is not tradable outside the Upland ecosystem.

Join Upland and experience the ultimate virtual property trading game, where you can own a piece of the world and interact with others in a fully connected environment. It\’s a game that will keep you engaged for hours on end, as you trade and develop properties to become the ultimate virtual real estate mogul.

Top 5 Blockchain Games in March 2023

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Splinterlands - NFT card game - Hive Blockchain

Earn Money, Digital Cards – Splinterlands, Future of Card Games

Experience the mythical folklore around magical monsters, gorgeous creatures, and fiery beasts in this play to earn an NFT card game. The collectible card game is built on the Hive Blockchain with a lot of precious cards and several earning opportunities. It is an online multiplayer competitive card battling game that will have you as a summoner. If you are into card games and also have a knack to earn and make a side hustle, then this next-generation play-to-earn card game is the right fit for you. Join us today in reviewing one of the leading blockchains NFT games out there, Splinterlands.

But before getting into the detailed review, if you are in a hurry, do check out our brief overview of the game here.


Splinterlands takes massive inspiration from Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. Both these games are astronomically popular traditional digital card video games with die-hard solid fan bases and communities. Splinterlands take the idea from both these games and takes gaming to the next level where players can actually own digital cards that have a monetary value attached to them. A lot of promise resides with the game in terms of growth as well as earning potential.

Splinterlands Game Review

The game gives opportunity to the players to buy, sell, trade, rent, and collect NFT cards. The cards as well as the Splinterlands token hold great value in them. The game also gives rewards to skilled players, moreover, regular tournaments also provide skilled players to make real money. So, how do you start playing it?

Splinterlands is essentially a free-to-play game but you will need to buy the spell book early on to get access to essential features. These features are important for a player to progress in the game. So, the idea is simple, get your hands on a summoner, build your deck of cards, and battle against other opponents in the arena to win rewards, and enjoy the glory.

Meanwhile, check this beginner guide on the game if you are more interested in understanding classes, elements, summoners, and more.

Splinterlands Twitter – Hive Blockchain

Splinterlands Gameplay

The game is online, where you are pitted against another online player live. The game will require you to design your deck in an ideal way to stay atop your opponent. Once you set your deck, the battles take place automatically depending on the stats of the cards. The cards will play themselves based on several attributes like speed, health, superpower, attack power, and more. Meanwhile, what you can do is just wait with your fingers crossed. Your main aim is to reach higher classes, expand your deck, refine your strategy and lock horns in big battles to reap massive rewards.

The cards work just like other collectible card games. Each summoner has elements, and there are seven elements in Splinterlands. These elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon, and Neutral. A monster hailing from these elements will have a unique set of abilities including attack range, and even damage stats. And to top it all off, some cards are pretty rare and super precious. So all you need to do is to get your brain going to keep your strategy sharp.

Renting Cards in the Game

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) is what you will keep an eye on and try to grab as much as you can. You will need to reach Bronze II to even begin accumulating DEC, needing at least 1000 CP (Collection Power). So to reach there, you will have to grind a lot. An easy way to save hundreds of hours is to get hold of renting cards. You can obtain 1000CP by paying rent in pennies. The rent is payable via Paypal or DEC. So rentals is what is keeping Splinterlands affordable and playable at higher levels.

Hive Blockchain

So in the end, if you want to test this collectible card game, you just need to spare $10. You will have the luxury to enjoy the game. However, if you are coming in to make good hundreds of bucks, then you need to level up your skill, and strategy, and even pour in some more money. The best thing about the game is that it is addictive and holds the opinion of the community dear. The game\’s Discord is a busy place where town hall meetings let gamers voice their opinion.

Splinterlands Twitter – Hive Blockchain

Splinterlands will go a long way, it will improve and make necessary amendments as it progresses. It has a marketplace having more than 100,000 sales per day. It is a must-play NFT play to earn games for card game lovers. The opportunity to earn has made the game ultra-competitive at higher levels, so you need to gear up if you are eyeing a handsome income from the game. Or you can just casually play the game and have some fun whilst making lunch money.

Stay with us for more on Splinterlands as we will discuss in upcoming blogs what is coming up for Splinterlands. Meanwhile, check out our blog on Pegaxy if you are more interested in horse racing.

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