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Roblox\’s Q1 2023 Report, Record User Growth

Roblox, the popular online multiplayer game and platform, recently published its quarterly earnings report for Q1 2023. The exclusive report reveals a mixed bag of results. While the company reported a wider-than-expected loss per share, it exceeded revenue expectations. Moreover, it witnessed significant growth in its user base. This article delves into the key highlights from Roblox\’s financials, explores the surge in its user base and engagement, and analyzes the outlook analysts provide.

Financial Performance and Revenue Growth

Roblox\’s Q1 2023 financial results showcased both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, the company reported revenue, referred to as \”bookings,\” of $774 million. It surpasses the consensus estimates of $766 million. This revenue growth underscores the continued popularity and engagement of the platform. However, Roblox fell short of Wall Street expectations, with a loss per share of 44 cents, previously it was 40. The wider loss was due to factors such as developer exchange fees and infrastructure investments.

Rapid User Base Expansion

Despite the mixed financials, Roblox achieved remarkable growth in its user base. The Q1 2023 report highlights that the company reported a year-over-year increase of 22% in daily active users (DAU). It reached a new record high of 66 million. This surge in user numbers highlights the enduring appeal of the multiplayer game. Its ability to attract a diverse global community of players. Additionally, engagement hours on Roblox reached an all-time high of 14.5 billion, reflecting a 23% increase compared to the previous year. These figures demonstrate the strong connection between Roblox\’s user base and its immersive gameplay experiences.

Analyst Upgrades and Forecasts

Following the positive earnings report, analysts at Roth/MKM upgraded Roblox\’s stock rating from \’neutral\’ to \’buy,\’ with a revised price target of $48.00. This upgrade indicates growing confidence in Roblox\’s future prospects and underscores the potential for the stock to perform well. However, according to a consensus 1-year price forecast based on 23 analyst predictions, Roblox\’s shares are expected to trade around $40.07 in the next 12 months. It indicates relatively stable levels compared to the current stock price. These forecasts provide investors with valuable insights into the market sentiment surrounding Roblox.

Exploring the Metaverse Potential

Roblox refers to a \”proto-metaverse\” – an online game that offers a glimpse into the future of expansive, cross-platform, interactive metaverse experiences. However, it operates within a \”Web2\” ecosystem, meaning digital items and virtual currency are not transferrable to other gaming platforms. This differs from the vision of an \”open metaverse\” advocated by Web3 builders, where players genuinely own their items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and can use them across multiple games and platforms.

Roblox\’s Efforts with Digital Items and NFTs

Recognizing the evolving landscape, Roblox has begun exploring limited-edition digital items that resemble blockchain-based NFTs. These items have a limited quantity and can be resold to other users, with a portion of the resale price going to the original creator. However, these digital items and NFTs remain tied to the Roblox platform and cannot be used outside of it. While these initiatives cater to the demand for ownership and scarcity, there is an ongoing debate within the gaming community about the future of NFTs and their integration into gaming ecosystems.

Continued Stock Performance and Analyst Outlook

Roblox\’s stock has experienced significant performance in 2023, rising nearly 35% since the beginning of the year. Roblox\’s shares have shown resilience and maintained an upward trajectory, despite a dip from its 52-week high. The stock has exhibited an expansive trading range from $27.85 to $46.43, with investors closely monitoring its movements.

The positive earnings report and the subsequent upgrade by Roth/MKM analysts have further bolstered the outlook for Roblox\’s stock. While the consensus 1-year price forecast suggests a relatively stable trading range of around $40.07, it is important to note that analysts\’ opinions vary. Out of the 28 analysts on TradingView, 10 recommend a \”strong buy,\” 3 advise a \”buy,\” and 8 view the stock as a \”hold.\” However, 7 analysts still hold a pessimistic view, labeling Roblox as a \”strong sell.\”

Roblox\’s CEO, David Baszucki, emphasized the company\’s mission to be a technology platform that empowers creators. This highlights the importance of Roblox\’s developer community in driving the platform\’s success. The company\’s success hinges on its ability to foster innovation and provide a robust ecosystem for creators to bring their visions to life. The continued support and engagement of the creator community will be essential for Roblox to maintain its momentum and stay relevant in a highly competitive industry.

Roblox\’s Q1 2023 Report Reveals Record User Growth and Resilient Stock Performance

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Mythical Games Launches NFL Rivals 2023

Today marks the launch of NFL Rivals worldwide on both Apple AppStore and Google Play. Mythical Games, the game\’s developer, invites players to immerse themselves in the exciting football gameplay.

They can strategize their plays, gather their preferred players, and establish their ultimate team. Players can also celebrate the off-season in style with special rewards, tournaments, and exclusive content.

Mythical Games acknowledges the critical role by their partners, including the National Football League (NFL), NFL Players Association, and OneTeam Partners, in achieving this milestone. The collaboration was instrumental in delivering a unique gaming experience that captures the spirit and energy of football.

This game provides you with arcade-style football action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The game is set to release worldwide on April 26th, and it\’s time to get excited!

NFL Rivals is a mobile football game that give players the ultimate experience of building their dream NFL roster. As a general manager, you\’ll have access to a wide range of football stars. These include new draft picks that will morph into their corresponding players on May 1. The game is set to be in early access mode for the first few months. The developers will take in feedback and make improvements before the official NFL kickoff later this year.

Gameplay Mechanics and Features of NFL Rivals by Mythical Games

The gameplay of NFL Rivals has been described as arcade-style, with 3D models of NFL players on the field. The game\’s mechanics have been designed to merge free-to-play systems with play-and-own systems. The developers at Mythical Games believe that gameplay should come first and that the play-and-own aspect should complement the game rather than be the main focus.

In addition, the game offers a unique point system that improves the power ratings of the Rookie cards based on their accomplishments during the 2023 season. This provides a unique feature that is exclusive to NFL Rivals. Mythical games focuses on providing players with the ultimate experience of building their dream NFL roster.

Characters and their roles

The game offers a variety of characters in the form of football stars that players can unlock to build roster. As the general manager, players are responsible for setting their lineups and strategizing to win each game.

To generate fan engagement, 32 limited-quantity collections of unique generative 3D NFL NFTs will be released in a series of drops called \”Rarity League.\” These NFT collections will be officiall by Mythical games and will provide owners access to special events, in-game rewards, and other unique features.

The Big Draft is Coming Up

The NFL Rivals app will release its first player cards on April 27th, after the 2023 NFL Draft. The cards will feature 31 new players in the first round. The packs will have the ability to transform into their corresponding players on May 1. Unlike previous sales, this sale will not have a fixed quantity immediately available. Instead, the sale will continue until May 15th, and the collection quantity will be capped at the amount sold during that time.

The Rookie cards will have power ratings that will improve based on the players\’ achievements during the 2023 season. The improvements will be influence by real-life events such as starting the first game of the season, winning multiple games as a starter, and earning rookie of the week honors. The NFL Rivals app is also planning a rewards system for the in-game events and the collection sale, which will include 6 \”Past Draft Greats\” who were stellar surprise draft picks. More information on this reward mechanism and the events will be provided in the near future.


The game offers a variety of features that make it stand out from other football games. These features include:

  • Arcade-style football action
  • Wide range of football stars, including new draft picks
  • Power rating system for Rookie cards
  • Customization options for lineups and strategies
  • In-game events and player packs

Mythical Games and NFL Rivals

Mythical Games, backed by Andreessen Horowitz, had raised $270 million at the time of the announcement of the game and is expected to be much bigger now. The game has a team of 287 people. The founders of Mythical Games have previously helped develop major franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Guitar Hero. The Mythical Platform, on which NFL Rivals will launch, aims to protect gamers who may be new to blockchain technology while still allowing advanced players the freedom to link their own wallets via bridges between the Mythical Chain and public mainnets.

With the release of NFL Rivals on April 26th, football fans and gamers can finally experience the ultimate football game on their mobile devices. With a wide range of football stars, customization options, and unique features, the game offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Join the community and follow the game\’s progress on social media, and get ready to hit the field for some pulse-pounding, electrifying, gut-busting arcade-style football action.

Mythical Games launch NFL Rivals

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