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Web3 Gaming Weekly Wrap-Up

Ultra Games, DappRadar Report, NFTs, and Blockchain Gaming Activities by Eternal Dragons and More!

Interesting week wrapping where a lot happened during the week in the Web3 gaming industry. We got our hands on a significant report on blockchain gaming activity by DappRadar. Additionally, we saw Binance Group coming to the rescue and providing its platform to Gala Games Contract Upgrade. Eternal Dragons came out with a massive update introducing quest mode and NFT integration. Furthermore, Ultra Games rolls out its Chrome extension for Ultra Wallet. More news from the gaming sector where The Nemesis metaverse launched its NEMS token, Champions Ascension moving to Polygon blockchain, The Sandbox May Festival, and Blocklords opening community beta. Finally, big news for NFT enthusiasts, NFT Worlds announces Rebrand to Topia.

  • Blockchain Gaming Experiences Decline in Activity: DappRadar
  • Eternal Dragons Introduce its Biggest Update Yet
  • Ultra Games Launches its Chrome Extension
  • BLOCKLORDS Community Beta
  • Champions Ascension Moving to Polygon Blockchain and Other Upgrades
  • NFT Worlds Rebrands itself to Topia

Blockchain Gaming Experiences Decline in Activity: DappRadar

In the latest DappRadar report, it is indicated that there has been a 10% decrease in overall activity in April. Despite this decline, blockchain games remain significant, making up 38% of on-chain activity. This showcases their ongoing relevance and potential for growth. The rise of new gaming chains like Arbitrum and Immutable X further highlights the continuous expansion of the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Notably, Arbitrum has experienced a remarkable 118.36% increase in users, while Immutable X has seen an 8.88% growth. These developments point towards future innovation and a broader selection of gaming experiences.

Currently, WAX stands as the most favored game chain, witnessing over 320,000 unique active wallets (UAW) in daily usage. Following closely, Polygon secures the second position with more than 140,000 UAW, trailed by Hive with approximately 86,000 UAW and BNB Chain with 82,000 UAW. Both game developers and investors exhibit keen interest in Sui, a novel blockchain network that has shown a staggering price surge of 3,800%, which is quite remarkable. Sui proves to be an attractive choice for Web3 game developers due to its distinctive approach to on-chain assets and technical specifications. Its ability to process deals simultaneously and expand horizontally to maintain low transaction fees garners favor from game designers.

Notably, Sui enables real-time updates of its NFTs and adopts an \”object-based\” model. Despite its lack of compatibility with Ethereum, Sui\’s gaming advantages position it favorably among gamers at large. The increasing popularity of Sui in the market signals promising growth for the network, as more Web3 game makers and players migrate towards it.

Eternal Dragons Introduce its Biggest Update Yet

The auto-battle Web3 game Eternal Dragons has received a major update, offering exciting new content for loyal players. The update includes lite NFT integration, introducing Genesis Eternal Dragons for the first time. Additionally, Quest Mode Challenges and other game improvements have been added. Players can now earn daily rewards through PvE Quest Challenges. The update provides various activities such as checking Genesis Holdings in Magic Eden, engaging in PvE mode, or participating in PvP battles. The integration of lite NFTs grants advantages to players with Genesis Dragons Holdings in leagues and events. This update represents a significant milestone in Eternal Dragons\’ Web3 journey, enhancing gameplay with Classes, Affinities, and Abilities.

Ultra Games Launches its Chrome Extension

Ultra Games has launched its Google Chrome application, marking a significant milestone following the successful debut of the Ultra Games store. Positioned as the Web3 equivalent of Steam, Ultra Games enhances the gaming experience with additional features. The application enables users to access their wallets directly, securely store UOS and Uniqs without holding users\’ funds, and engage in fee-free NFT trading. Furthermore, Ultra Games introduces \’Ultra is Life,\’ a third-party data source and interface that allows users to monitor NFT and ultra wallet trades in the Uniq market. With a strong focus on continuous improvement, Ultra Games has a robust roadmap of planned enhancements and is set to introduce upcoming games in the near future.

BLOCKLORDS Community Beta

Blocklords has launched a new Community Beta for their town-building strategy game, extending the invitation to the general public. The beta is now open until June 10th.

During the Community Beta, Blocklords is offering enticing rewards to top performers. This includes the exclusive Discord role \”Founders Society\” for the top 100 players based on experience earned. The role provides perks such as access to a dedicated Discord channel, developer AMA sessions, and automatic whitelisting for future mints.

Prizes will also be awarded to individuals who excel in resource farming, possess the most gold at the end of the event, and import the highest number of Heroes into the game. Additionally, participants who complete the full experience track (10,000 experience points) will receive a special Militia Hero.

Join the Blocklords Community Beta now for a chance to compete for these rewarding prizes.

Champions Ascension Moving to Polygon Blockchain and Other Upgrades

Champions Ascension plans to migrate to Polygon blockchain, aiming to address rising gas fees associated with the PEPE token. The migration, expected to start at the end of June, will be a seamless process for players. Additionally, all Champions will receive a visual upgrade. On Polygon, a new feature called Chrono Imperium Obelisk will reward daily visitors with experience points, contributing to a leveling system with 11 Tiers. Players reaching certain tiers, known as Maestros, will receive regular Gold token rewards. The player with the highest total experience points will have the privilege of naming the current Era of the game.

NFT Worlds Rebrands itself to Topia in Web3

NFT Worlds, previously impacted by Microsoft\’s ban on blockchain integration with Minecraft, has undergone a rebranding and emerged as Topia. Following their temporary closure, NFT Worlds has been diligently reconstructing their game, making significant progress. With the rebranding, Topia has reintroduced their World NFTs, providing existing NFT Worlds holders with an airdrop of their worlds in the new version. The collection can be explored on OpenSea, with the NFTs\’ value rebounding from a low of less than 1 ETH to nearly 2 ETH.

During the rebuilding process, the Topia team ventured into developing a suite of open-source web3 tools. These tools enable any project, regardless of its ecosystem, to incorporate token transfers, logins, and other functionalities. Leveraging these tools, Topia Worlds aims to deliver a seamless experience for players.

Furthermore, Topia has plans to establish its own sidechain, potentially migrating the WRLD token and NFT Worlds Avatar NFTs in the near future. While there are still additional aspects to be finalized, such as a new staking contract for the Worlds, Topia remains a project worth monitoring in the months ahead.

Web3 gaming industry sees major developments with report by DappRadar, NFT Worlds\’ rebrand to Topia, updates in Eternal Dragons, Ultra Games.

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EA Co-Founder Enters Web3, Gala Games May Mayhem in Full Swing and Many More Web3 Gaming News

Another week full of exciting Web3 gaming news playtests, reviews, and new content has made the weekend all the while. The alpha and beta playtests for several games are already underway and there is plenty to keep the weekend fun. We have Gala Games May Mayhem, ZooRacers Beta testing underway, Mojo Melee beta, revenge zombies open beta, and more. Spider Tanks adds new content and updates to the game with May Mayhem. Finally, we have Champions Arena playtest 2.0, and P2Earn Inc hiring Jeff Burton. Our weekly newsletter bulletin covers all the essential updates happening in Web3. Let’s get straight to it and see how the week is so far in Web3 gaming.

  • ZooRacers Beta 
  • Mojo Meele Open Beta
  • Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn
  • Spider Tanks May Mayhem
  • Gala Games May Mayhem

ZooRacers Beta V4

ZooRacers Beta test is open for players to get their hands on kart racing, shooting, and winning races. The game offers massive tracks and maps that can host up to 16 players. Just imagine the mayhem and sensory overload when the lobby is full of your friends and families eager to race, destroy, collect, and win. The first thing you gotta do is sign up on the Zoo platform and create a Google authentication code for the game. Oh, and don\’t forget to have a wallet like Meta Mask ready too. Once you\’re all set up and connected, it\’s time for the really fun part!

The game has a super user-friendly interface where you can give it a test run for free. You\’ll have four vehicle slots as a player, and you can totally customize your vehicles and adorable little characters. The default character is a tiger, but there\’s so much more you can do!

You can even equip your vehicles with explosives, energy, and heavy weapons to let loose and dominate your opponents. And hey, in the final version of the game, there\’ll be loads of other cute little animals to discover too.

Mojo Melee Open Beta

Hey, guess what? Mojo Melee is totally going all out with their open beta, and it\’s free to play! And here\’s the really exciting part: by participating in the beta, you can actually earn a spot on the whitelist for their upcoming Chest mint. How cool is that?

So, here\’s the deal: jump right into the Mojo Melee beta and get ready to battle it out. And the best part? It won\’t cost you a dime. No need for any fancy NFTs or tokens. Plus, they\’ve made it super convenient by making the game playable right in your browser. Just head on over to their website and start having a blast in the Mojo Melee beta!

Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn, Enter Web3 Gaming

Who says Web3 gaming space is dying? It continues to expand and progress as EA co-founder Jeff Burton joins a reputable gaming guild P2Earn Inc. Jeff Burton confirmed this incredible news in a statement: “I am delighted to join the advisory board of P2Earn, as play-to-earn gaming prepares to go mainstream. However, I believe that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay is the future.”

Burton is really excited about these \”guild\” frameworks. They\’re kind of like those gaming and esports organizations you see in the traditional gaming world. He thinks they have a ton of potential. And get this, he also believes that play-to-earn gaming can actually help promote \”social mobility\” and create a whole new economy. How awesome is that?

But that\’s not all. Burton sees a world of possibilities when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In fact, he even got to be on the Board of Advisors for BitDegree, a platform that offers crypto courses. You can check out his LinkedIn profile for all the details.

Oh, and did I mention that he\’s the chairman of the board of advisors for this cool crypto game called Engines of Fury? It\’s based in Lithuania and combines the best of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) and role-playing games (RPGs). You get to raid dungeons and battle all sorts of epic monsters. Talk about an exciting adventure!

Spider Tanks May Mayhem

Spider Tanks is going all out with their tank-based, MOBA, e-sport game. They\’ve been working hard on some awesome updates to improve the game and keep it growing. Spider Tanks is expanding and enhancing its tank-based MOBA esports game through recent updates. As part of the Gala Games May Mayhem event, they are offering enticing bonus rewards to players who achieve ten or more victories per week. This event aims to boost player engagement and raise awareness of the game.

During the event, Spider Tanks will host weekly events from Tuesday to Sunday, with four tiers of rewards available. The first tier requires a minimum of ten wins, while the fourth tier demands at least seventy wins. Each tier grants guaranteed supplies of components and Arachnium, the in-game currency. Additionally, players earn tickets for a weekly raffle, where winners can obtain Tank Parts. May is the opportune month to either return to Spider Tanks or give it a try, given the exciting May Mayhem event and the rewards awaiting participants.

Gala Games May Mayhem in Web3 Gaming

Spider Tanks is just one of the many games participating in the May Mayhem event hosted by Gala Games. This month, virtually every game in the Gala Games portfolio has something special to offer or announce. The best part? Most of these games are accessible to anyone with a Gala Games account!

Let\’s dive into some of the exciting events happening in May across the Gala Games\’ lineup:

  1. Town Star: They are relaunching their game on a new game engine called Godot. In addition to new content, they will host weekly competitions where players can earn rewards. Top performers in these competitions will receive even larger rewards.
  2. Champions Arena: They are currently conducting an ongoing playtest that extends into May. They have also hinted at the first-ever Champions Arena NFT sale this month.
  3. GRIT: This FPS game with a Western theme plans to open up 24/7 for all Gala Games account holders. This is a significant step forward since the game was previously only available for a few hours each week.
  4. Echoes of Empire (EoE): Although their recent five-day playtest has concluded, the EoE team has teased some \”extra special excitement\” in May. Fans can hope for a new playtest or beta announcement, rather than another sale.
  5. Mirandus: They will be conducting another playtest in May, featuring goblin hunting and a substantial bounty for the player who achieves the first kill on the new Boss creature.
  6. Superior: The game is set to become free to play for everyone in May. Additionally, Legends Reborn, which is already in an open playtest, promises to bring special competitions for venue owners in the upcoming weeks.

Gala Games has also mentioned two mobile games, Meow Match, and Dragon Strike, which will soon connect to the web3 world. These games were acquired through Gala Games\’ collaboration with mobile developer Ember Entertainment earlier this year.

Gala Games May Mayhem in full swing, Jeff Burton joins P2Earn, Mojo Melee Open Beta, ZooRacers test, Spider Tanks, and more Web3 gaming news.

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Polygon Dominates Web3 Gaming with New Releases: ArcheWorld, Mighty Action Heroes, LimeWire, and Gala Music

Get ready for new web3 gaming experiences with exciting launches, betas, and platforms from Polygon, ArcheWorld, Mighty Action Heroes, LimeWire, Mojo Melee, Gala Music, and Razer.

Hello, P2E community! It\’s the weekend, and that means it\’s time for our Super Sunday roundup of the week\’s Web3 gaming. There has been a lot going on in the world of blockchain games, from free mint events and land sales to open betas and early access.

The big news is that Polygon has moved up to become the second-best blockchain for video games. Archeworld\’s NA and SA servers are now accepting pre-registrations, and Mighty Action Heroes is in an early access Playtest. Eldarune\’s free mint event went well, Mojo Meele is in open beta, Sinverse sold land, and Wildcard put out its Genesis Wild Pass.

Also, the famous musician David Bowie will be at Gala Music. In other news, Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends has finished its closed beta and is getting ready for its global launch. Unstoppable Games is also getting ready to launch its sci-fi MMO on Starknet. The Web3 projects of Razer and LimeWire are finally moving forward. Happy gaming!

Polygon Becomes Second Biggest Blockchain Gaming Network

The blockchain gaming network Polygon has reached a big milestone by becoming the second-largest gaming blockchain network. This is because the number of people using its chain has gone up, with 138,081 unique wallets being used for gaming. BoomLand\’s Hunters On-Chain game is a big reason why Polygon has grown so quickly. In the last 30 days, the number of unique active wallets on Polygon has grown by more than 17,000%.

Even though on-chain gaming dropped by 3.33 percent in March, it still made up 45.6 percent of the DApp industry in Q1 2023. Polygon\’s strategic partnerships with global giants like Warner Music, Starbucks, and Adobe for NFT projects, and the launch of its open-source Ethereum Virtual Machine equivalent zero-knowledge rollup on March 27, have made it a key player in the NFT, gaming, and metaverse industries. Polygon is now ready to grow and be used by more people.

ArcheWorld NA and SA Servers

ArcheWorld, the much-anticipated MMORPG that uses blockchain technology, is finally getting its start on April 19, 2023, when servers for North and South America go live. On the ArcheWorld website, you can now sign up for these servers before they are even made. Gamers can invite their friends and win fun prizes like Fandom Card NFTs and Land NFTs.

The Land NFT minting for the NA&SA servers sold out in just three days. It included very popular places like Gweonid Forest, Marianople, Dewstone Plains, Solis Headlands, and Solzreed Peninsula. Even though it uses the ArcheAge name, ArcheWorld is a separate game that has nothing to do with ArcheAge 2, which is coming out soon.

ArcheWorld has already been out for six months on servers in Asia, and its unique features and creative use of blockchain technology are sure to make a splash in the Web3 gaming world.

Mighty Action Heroes Early Access Playtest

Get ready for Mighty Action Heroes, an exciting new battle royale game that will run on the Ethereum blockchain and have an early access playtest from April 28 to April 30, 2023. To add to the excitement, interested players will have a chance to try out the game if they go to the Klick game night on April 21.

Mighty Action Heroes is a third-person shooter with different hero classes that each have their own skills. Some cosmetic items and heroes at the novice level will be off-chain, while premium heroes and equipment will be on-chain. Players can get rewards based on how they did at the end of each match, and they can get even better rewards if they buy a Season Pass. The game also plans to add a token called MGHTY that will be used in its ecosystem.

Don\’t miss this chance to try out a brand-new blockchain game with its own features and way of playing. Mark your calendars and sign up for the early access playtest of Mighty Action Heroes to be one of the first people to try out this exciting new game.

LimeWire Brings Web3 Game

Pay attention, LimeWire, a popular service for downloading music in the early 2000s, is back as a browser game in the Web3 world. Players can relive the good old days by simulating LimeWire software and searching for music and movies to \”download\” to earn points. The top 1,000 players can win prizes like the new ERC-20 token from LimeWire and \”merch packages.\” You can play the game until May 15, so be sure to do so before it\’s gone.

LimeWire has also changed into a creator membership platform and NFT marketplace where artists can paywall their exclusive content for fans and sell every piece of content they upload as an NFT, earning royalties on secondary sales. Since the marketplace opened last year, $1 million worth of goods have been bought and sold. There are 3 million users and 20,000 creators on the waiting list. LimeWire wants to change the music business by giving creators a more fair and open way to make money from their work.

Web3 Game Mojo Meele Open Beta

Mojo Melee has given more details about its upcoming open beta, but it hasn\’t said when it will be available. During the beta, players can earn spots on the whitelist for the beta chest sale. There will also be a new way to move forward, and all player stats will be reset. The Battle Pass system will let players earn Gems, which can be used to buy new in-game items, as well as Experience and Ore, which can be used to level up Mojos and Champions. When a player gets a character to level 20, they can even make an NFT version of that card. Keep an eye out for more news about when Mojo Melee\’s open beta will start.

David Bowie Coming to Gala Music

Hey, gamers! Gala Music is a great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of David Bowie\’s hit song \”Let\’s Dance.\” For a limited time, the music streaming service is giving away a version of the famous song that has never been released before. This version was made by Larry Dvoskin. To make things even more exciting, the release will be \”pay what you want,\” with all the money going to Music Cares, a non-profit that helps musicians.

To join the sale, you only need a Gala Music account and some ETH in your Gala Wallet to pay for transaction fees. The sale started on April 14 and will go on for 40 hours. Don\’t miss out on this great chance to get a rare song and help a good cause at the same time. Plus, Gala Music is sure to get a lot of new users with this exciting addition to their already impressive music library. So, why don\’t you just do it? Let\’s dance!

Razer Web3 Plan

Razer, a well-known maker of gaming hardware, is starting a new program called zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I) to help developers make high-quality blockchain games and projects. The goal of this program is to improve web3 games, which are often not very good in terms of how they play and how they make the user feel. ZW3I will give priority to developers who have already shown that they can make great web2 games. Participants in the program will be able to use Razer\’s marketing and partnership programs as well as its ecosystem of hardware and software services. The ZW3I selection process will look at the game\’s overall quality, safety and security, roadmap, team experience, and, most importantly, how much fun it is to play.

Polygon Dominates Web3 Gaming with New Releases: ArcheWorld, Mighty Action Heroes, LimeWire, and Gala Music

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Discover the Latest: RON Staking, FIFA AI, Genopets NFTs, and Web3 Games

Hop on over to these egg-citing news items, even if you\’re as busy as a bunny this Easter! Read them first, then egg-spect a basket of fun.

Welcome to the latest edition of Super Sunday News, your go-to source for all the hottest updates and developments in the world of blockchain gaming! This week, the industry is buzzing with exciting news, including the launch of the revolutionary FIFA AI League Web3 games, the soaring value of Trump NFTs after an indictment, and the expansion of Genopets to Bitcoin Ordinals with a brand new NFT mint.

Plus, we have some thrilling upcoming games to look forward to, such as the Ember Sword Open Alpha playtest and the Echoes of Empire playtest.

But that\’s not all! We also have some major developments in the works, such as EV.io partnering up with Fractal for upcoming tournaments and a free mint for Tollan Worlds Avatar. And let\’s not forget about the cutting-edge RON Staking Program from Ronin, which is already gaining traction among gaming enthusiasts.

Whether you\’re a die-hard gamer or just dipping your toes in the world of blockchain gaming, Super Sunday News has something for everyone. So, join us as we delve into the latest trends, tips, and insights that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Don\’t miss out on this thrilling ride – read on to discover what\’s in store for the future of gaming!

FIFA AI League

Get ready to experience football like never before with FIFA\’s latest game release – AI League! This new mobile football manager game developed in partnership with Web3 AI incorporates the latest AI technology for an innovative gameplay experience.

Unlike traditional football games, AI League features colorful and cute cartoon characters that resemble the popular game Fall Guys. As a coach, you\’ll be in charge of a team controlled by AI, making tactical decisions to secure victories. The AI technology powers the game\’s characters, skins, and various game elements, providing a unique and engaging gaming experience for football fans and casual gamers alike.

One of the standout features of AI League is its global setting, featuring street football fields located in exciting locations around the world, including Paris, Rio, Yaoundé, and Seoul. As you progress through the game, you\’ll face new challenges and opportunities to showcase your skills, making every game a thrilling experience.

AI League is now available for Android devices in an open beta version, with an iOS version set to follow soon. Although you won\’t see your favorite football stars in the game, you\’ll get to enjoy the cute, colorful avatars as you score goals and work your way up the ranks.

Don\’t miss out on the latest innovation in football gaming – download FIFA\’s AI League today and experience the future of football management!

Trump NFTs Value Sky Rockets

Well, well, well, it looks like Trump has found a way to make some big bucks post-presidency! Reports are coming in that his NFT trading cards have shot up in value following his recent indictment. Looks like he\’s still finding a way to make headlines, even if it\’s in the digital world. Word on the street is that the highest sale price reached almost $1,700 – that\’s a lot of virtual cash! Who knew that an indictment could be so profitable? The surge in value is a testament to the power of current events on the digital collectibles market. So, whether you\’re a Trump supporter or not, you can\’t deny the fact that his NFTs are a hot commodity right now. Who knows, maybe one day they\’ll be worth more than a real Trump Tower?

Ember Sword Open Alpha Playtest Call

Ember Sword, the upcoming MMORPG, is inviting players to a limited playtest on April 18th and 19th, 2023, providing a sneak peek into the game\’s world and elements. During the playtest, participants will get a taste of the game\’s diverse features and gameplay mechanics, including PvE combat, resource collection, crafting, puzzle solving, and PvP arenas. Exploring the open game world will be a highlight, with players discovering hidden secrets and areas while fighting enemies.

The Ember Sword team is excited to hear players\’ feedback on the game and encourages participants to fill out a feedback form after the playtest. Additionally, all players who complete the feedback form will be entered into a draw to win an exclusive Ember Sword merchandise pack. With each player receiving a 30-minute playtime, the limited playtest offers a chance for players to shape the future of the game with their valuable feedback. Don\’t miss this opportunity to explore the exciting world of Ember Sword and be a part of its development journey.

Genopets New NFT Mint on Bitcoin Ordinals

Exciting news for PlayToEarnGames.com as they are going live next week with their own event calendar, which will feature events like the upcoming NFT mint by Genopets on Bitcoin Ordinals. Genopets has been making waves in the NFT space with their latest collection, the Bitcoin Babies, which introduces game utility to Bitcoin NFTs.

With the launch of their Gold Baby Genopet Bitcoin NFTs, Genopets is set to take cross-chain functionality to the next level. This collection not only adds value to Bitcoin Ordinals but also opens up new opportunities for blockchain gaming. The Gold Baby Genopets will be playable in their move to earn app, providing a new way for players to earn cryptocurrency while enjoying the game.

Genopets\’ foray into game NFTs is a significant milestone and a sign of things to come in the world of blockchain gaming. With the upcoming NFT mint, Genopets is set to make a splash and showcase their commitment to innovation and cross-chain applications. Be sure to check out PlayToEarnGames.com\’s event calendar for updates on this and other exciting events in the world of blockchain gaming.

Ev.io Partners with Fractal for Upcoming Tournaments

Ev.io, the widely popular first-person shooter game in the web3 community, is joining forces with Fractal to launch a series of month-long tournaments that will commence this April. The collaboration is geared towards creating a new set of leaderboards to the play-to-earn and free-to-play game. This partnership means that players who link their Fractal wallets and rank high in the monthly leaderboards stand a chance to earn exclusive Platinum Badges. These badges offer access to monthly events with higher earning potential. In addition, top players from the tournament will receive the badges, and they will be eligible to participate in special events with even more prizes. The partnership between Ev.io and Fractal is expected to create a more competitive gaming environment that will keep players engaged and rewarded for their skills.

RON Staking Program

Sky Mavis, the visionary team behind the immensely popular Axie Infinity, has recently announced the launch of a staking program for their native token, RON. The staking program will be hosted on Ronin, their side-chain, which has seen significant growth beyond the Axies ecosystem with collaborations with various studios to develop new games on their network. With the new staking program, users can earn rewards by staking their RON tokens. Although the program is live now, rewards will not start until April 12th, as validators and stakers are still setting up.

In addition to the staking program, Sky Mavis announced a series of exciting partnerships, including one with Civitas to launch The Machines Arena, a multiplayer, top-down FPS built by the Civitas team, which will be one of the first non-Axie projects to launch on the Ronin network. The Machines Arena aims to bring a fresh perspective to the FPS genre and showcase the potential of blockchain gaming. Sky Mavis\’ announcement has sent shockwaves through the blockchain gaming community, and we can\’t wait to see what other projects they have in store.


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Discover the Latest: RON Staking, FIFA AI, Genopets NFTs, and Web3 Games

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Daily Video Gaming News

Looking to stay up-to date on the world of video gaming? This guide provides daily updates on the latest news, releases, and events from the gaming industry. Whether you’re a fan of PC, console, or mobile gaming, you can keep informed about what’s new and upcoming in the field.

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Looking to stay up-to date on the world of video gaming? This guide provides daily updates on the latest news, releases, and events from the gaming industry. Whether you’re a fan of PC, console, or mobile gaming, you can keep informed about what’s new and upcoming in the field of games.

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Ubisoft’s Rabbids NFTs and Wallet-Free Gaming

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Play To Earn Games Coming To A Console Near You!

VOID – Humans Have Lost The War Against Machines

Cyball – Football NFT Game

GRIT – A NFT Game, Wild West Battle Royale

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Earn Money, Digital Cards – Splinterlands, Future of Card Games

How to Play Pegaxy?

You Did Not Play The Sandbox? You Should!

Animoca Brands – The Full Story

What is the meaning of NFT Games, how do you play an NFT game?

How Does NFT Games Work?

GTA6 will Use Cryptocurrency as in-Game Rewards, Reports

The New Web3 Games Console to Launch in 2023

Blankos Block Party Review, Analysis, Hints, and More.

Is it Possible to Earn From Play to Earn Games? Can Play to Earn Games Deliver?

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Crypto Gaming Count For 59% Of All Investments In Video Gaming Sector

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The Best Play to Earn Games 2022

Web3 and Blockchain Gaming will Eventually Win Gamers’ Hearts

Will GTA 6 leverage Web3 gaming tech?

How to Begin Axie Infinity? A Step-by-Step Easy Guide for all the New Axie Infinity Players

How to Begin Axie Infinity? An Easy Guide

All you need to know about the different classes in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity; The Breeding Guide, All Things to Consider

The different classes in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity; The Breeding Guide

Blockchain Games In Apple App Store And Google Play Store

WPP And Epic Games Metaverse Partnership

Activision Blizzard And NFTs

Sports Wagering & NFT’s

Square Enix President In Favor Blockchain Technology

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games, On Web3 And Metaverse

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DragonFly Capital Third Fund Of $650M For Crypto

Minecraft Against NFT’s And Blockchain Gaming

Coachella And Epic Games Bring Festival To Fortnite

NFT Games Hold Promise, NFT’s Suffer Decline

Crypto Gaming UP, Metaverse Cooling OFF

It Is Play AND Earn, NOT Play To Earn

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT’s Goes Hollywood

Just When You Thought Gameplay Did Not Matter For Blockchain Games

The Trendy Phenomenon Of NFT’s And The Severe Backlash From Gamers

Gaming Studio Red Door Digital Raises $5 M For Blockchain Games

Blockchain Gaming Firm Cross the Ages Raises $12 Million Seed Funding

Metaverse And Video Game Industry Become One!

Gumi Cryptos Capital Supports Early Stage Crypto Startups

Axie Infinity Loses $600 Million – Hack Attack

Storybook Brawl Bombarded By Negative Reviews

AWS Cloud Quest, Amazon’s Metaverse Game

Play To Earn Games Or Regular Day Jobs

Krafton Joins Hands With Solana

Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Acquires Good Luck Games

Blockchain Game Eternal Dragons Raises $8.2M

P2E Games And Metaverse Economy

Avid Gamers Not Excited About GameFi?

Bored Ape Founder To Launch Virtual Land

The Metaverse and Beyond: the past, the present, and the future!

Youtuber Dr. Disrespect Enters Domain Of NFT’s

Axie Infinity NFT Collection Reached $4 billion Sales

Take-Two On Play to Earn Future

GameFi: All you Need to Know

Turnt Gaming Raises $4.3 million

Sustainable Economies In NFT Games

Bitcoin And NFT Gabe Newell Talks; Why he Banned!

Warner Music Group Enters Web 3.0

Gabe Newell On Metaverse And NFT’s

Gucci Enters Metaverse

A New Guild Accelerator Program By Animoca Brands And Brinc

GALA Games And The P2E Gaming Sector

Crypto Exchange FTX Enters Gaming

Axie Infinity changes its economic system amid falling popularity

Are NFT Video Games Worthy of your Investment and Time?

Krafton Launch PUBG NFT Metaverse

NFT Games The Year 2022

NFTs Different Outlook In Gaming And Music

Itch.io Blasts NFTs, Calls It NFT Scam

No NFT’s For Team 17

Reddit Founder On Crypto Games and More

EA Less Interested In NFT Video Games

Crypto And The Future Of Video Games

NFT Strategy Of Sega

Is The Renting Mechanism In NFT Games the Future?

GDC Survey: Game Developers Not Into NFT’s Or Crypto

Game studio Animoca Brands raises $360 million

NFT and Crypto Community Face Super Angry Video Gamers

Xbox Executive Phil Spencer on Metaverse

Video Games and Metaverse

Blockchain Technology, Video Games and Play To Earn Opportunities

India Plans To Ban Crypto

NFT Games 2022 That Must Be Checked…By You!

Square Enix Thinks Blockchain Gaming Is The Future

Jam City in NFT Games With P2E Game Called Champions Ascension

Ubisoft Partners With Aleph.im For Blockchain Storage

South Korea’s Request Removal Play-to-Earn Games From App Stores

The Future Of The Internet Takes Inspiration From Video Games

Zynga And Forte Develop Blockchain-based Games

Animoca Brands Joins Hands With The Bored Ape Yacht Club

Gaming Guilds & Crypto Games, A Simple Guide

Video Game Industry NFT’s; Cash Grab Or Not?

Fractal NFT Platform Becomes Victim Of Scam Before Launch

Video Games Catalyst To NFT Mass Adoption

Fractal Of Twitch Founder Justin Kan Launches Gaming NFTs Marketplace

Nexon America makes Big Move Towards Crypto

Chinese E-Commerce Giant Ali Baba Goes Metaverse

Voodoo Blockchain Games Is A GO

Hackers Focus More On Crypto Gaming Companies

China Warns Citizens Against Playing Blockchain-Based P2E Games

Play-to-Earn Games Accelerate Growth NFTs and Crypto’s

Gala Games & C2 Ventures Launch $100m Blockchain Fund

Funding Rainmaker Games For Play To Earn

What’s Up With Blockchain Tech & Video Games?

Play to Earn Crypto Games, GameFi, Surpasses DeFi in Popularity

Ubisoft Delists NFT Announcement Video

Ubisoft NFT In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Core Metaverse Hosts The Game Awards Show 2021

In-game Land Sale Feature Bright Star Leads To Funding

Crypto Gaming Startups Investment Program By Animoca Brands

Play Ventures Commits $75 Million For blockchain gaming

NFL Virtual Store On Roblox

Metaverse Projects Ahead Of The Big Tech Companies

Video Gaming Industry Newest Trend; Play to Earn Games

South Korea Bans NFT Games

Chinese Metaverse Not For Foreign Gaming Companies?

Microsoft veteran Rahul Sood Raises $5mio For NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain

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Video Game Industry Welcomes Metaverse

Roblox Plans Bringing Video Games To Classrooms

Tencent Metaverse Plan

Animoca Brands Brings K-POP Into The World Of NFT

Tim Sweeney, CEO Epic Games, Opinion On Metaverse, Google and Apple

What To Expect From The Metaverse If You Are A Gamer?

Blockchain-based video gaming platform Forte Raises Funding $725M

Video Games Driving Factor Behind Mass Adoption Blockchain Technology

No NFT In Upcoming Game Awards, Soon NFT Game Awards?

Square Enix Starts With NFT And Blockchain

Jesse Powell, CEO Kraken On Metaverse, Crypto, NFT and gaming

Blockchain Technology Trending Among Video Game Developers

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick Thoughts On Metaverse And NFT

Zynga Blockchain Gaming, Hires Matt Wolf

AudioMob Raises $14million In Series A

Epic Games Hires Facebook Metaverse Expert

Electronic Arts And NFT Games

Solana, Lightspeed and FTX Announce $100M Blockchain Gaming Fund

Microsoft Announces Plans 3D Metaverse For Its Games

Epic Games Store Support Cryptocurrency

The Potential Of Crypto, NFT, Blockchain-based games

John Carmack Talks About Oculus Metaverse

Mythical Games Announces Partners Blockchain

Admix Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding

Facebook Meta, Nothing New! Games Industry Is Already On It

Valve Criticized On NFT Games Ban

Hasbro: Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain

FaZe Clan Files IPO For $1 Billion

Blockchain Game Report Q3 2021

NFT Gaming Start Ups & Investors

Mark Zuckerberg & The MetaUniVerse of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Oculus

Tencent Games & The MetaVerse

Tim Sweeney Of Epic Games Says YES To NFT’s And Blockchain

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Steam Removes NFT Games

MantiCore Meta-Panels About Metaverse Inside Its Metaverse

The Metaverse And The future Of Gaming

Top 5 NFT Games Coming Up Soon

PlayDough Play To Earn Games Receives Funding

NFT and Blockchain-based Axie Infinity Raises $152 Million

Epic Games Store Introduces New Features

Marketing Analysts Newzoo And Adjust: Mobile Gaming $116bn by 2024

NFT & Video Games, Play to Earn

How Does NFT Games Work?

What is Play to Earn or Play-to-Earn?

China Gaming Addiction: The Ongoing Battle – An Overview

The Best Play to Earn Games 2022

Best Games News Sites 2022

Blockchain Gaming News Roundup: Epic Games vs Web3 Games, Playtests, and New Features

Stay up-to-date with the latest in blockchain gaming! Read our roundup of exciting developments, including new features in popular games like Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, Epic Games\’ stance on Web3 gaming, and The Pokemon Company\’s interest in the industry. Get the scoop on Gala Games\’ playtests and regular updates, as well as the public playtest for Walking Dead Empires. Don\’t miss out on the fun – check out our news roundup today!

A lot of blockchain gaming activity happened this past week where Gala Games announces playtests, Epic Games announcement, Alien Worlds, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and more.

Another week full of blockchain gaming activities, updates, tests, and more. We saw Alien Worlds rolling out its massive update improving gameplay, fixing bugs, and adding new features to the game. Furthermore, Gala Games continues to progress in its blockchain gaming projects releasing regular updates and scheduling playtests. Get ready to enter the playtest for Walking Dead Empires, Eternal Paradox, Grit, Last Expedition, and Legends Reborn. We also saw Epic Games\’ announcement against Web3 games that are engaging in malpractices or scams. Moreover, the Pokemon company is also searching for Web3 experts showing its intention to enter the industry. Gods Unchained launching new set of trading cards, Splinterlands\’ new land gameplay, and Walking Dead Empires public playtest.

Let’s hop into the details of how the week went for the blockchain gaming industry.

  • Alien Worlds Blockchain Game Update 1.3.0 Part 1
  • Gala Games Announces Playtests
  • Legends Reborn
  • Last Expedition
  • Grit
  • Epic Games New Announcement on Web3 Games
  • Gods Unchained New Deck of Cards
  • Splinterlands New Land Gameplay

Alien Worlds Blockchain Game Update 1.3.0 Part 1

First we have Alien Worlds newest update 1.3.0 which introduces gameplay enhancements and metaverse features. This update will improve players\’ experience across Syndicates, Missions, and Miscellaneous. The update includes bug fixes for Syndicates, Missions, Mining, Teleport, and Landowner\’s Allocation, which aim to enhance the game\’s stability and performance. Syndicate members can now collaborate more effectively through various enhancements, including an updated Planet Selector button and a more transparent selection process for Candidates/Custodian members. Additionally, new challenges and rewards have been added to the mission system, along with a feature that prevents login UI from showing on unsupported browsers for a smoother and more secure gaming experience.

Gala Games Announces Playtests

In gaming news, Gala Games is keeping up the pace with regular updates for released games and open playtests for games in development. This month, players can participate in playtests for Walking Dead Empires, Eternal Paradox, Legends Reborn, Grit, and Last Expedition. The Eternal Paradox playtest started on March 14th and runs for two weeks, with rewards for players who participate in four different challenges. Unfortunately, the playtest is only available on mobile, but both Android and iPhone users can access it with their Gala Games account. Players who link their Gala Wallet in-game have a chance to win up to $500 worth of Gems, the game currency.

Legends Reborn

Another new playtest for Legends Reborn starts today, March 16th, although it may be delayed. The previous playtests have run for two weeks, and the end date for this test has not been announced yet. Legends Reborn is a TCG-style game that allows players to add effect and spell cards to their deck by playing limited creatures to the board. The game is building two versions: a standard non-web3 release on Steam and a web3 version that may include NFTs and the option for players to monetize their playtime. Stay tuned for updates on the playtest through their Discord announcements channel.

Last Expedition

In another playtest, Last Expedition is launching into early access on Monday, March 20th, with Node Licenses distributed to everyone who owns a Node Bundle. Bundle owners will also receive an early access code for the latest dev build on Steam. Last Expedition is a team-based extraction game where players race to be the first to extract three fragments while battling hostile monsters and other players. The game relies on Node Operators running and hosting games, so it\’s logical for them to have a first look and try out the hosting features. For a glimpse of the gameplay, check out their recent YouTube video.


Finally, we have Grit, a western-themed FPS battle-royale game that requires a key to participate in their playtest. Signing up on their website https://grit.game/ is all it takes to get one. Grit holds playtests every Thursday, with different time slots to cater to players from all over the world. To stay updated on the latest info, check out their Discord server, which is also a great place to connect with other players.

Epic Games New Announcement on Blockchain Games

In recent news, Epic Games has issued a warning to blockchain and NFT games engaging in fraudulent activities and scams on its platform, stating that they will be removed from the Epic Games Store immediately. Despite this, Epic Games acknowledges the success of some blockchain-based games. These announcements highlight both the potential and challenges of blockchain gaming as it becomes more popular.

Gods Unchained New Deck of Cards

Gods Unchained is set to release its latest Band of the Wolf card set at the end of March. The set introduces a new crafting system and an Ally card ability, along with 38 new cards. The packs will be available for four weeks and will be limited in quantity. Band of the Wolf packs will go on sale starting March 30th, with prices ranging from $2 to $210. Early shoppers will receive discounts on packs, with the discount scaling down until $600k worth of packs have been sold. The total number of packs available is 223,500, with an additional 125,100 reserved for promotions and giveaways.

Blockchain Game Splinterlands New Land Gameplay

Splinterlands has released documentation detailing their plans for the first phase of their Land gameplay, including land surveying, card staking, and resource production. In this phase, land plots will produce Grain, SPS tokens, and research points towards the Secrets of Praetoria. Players will stake Splinterlands cards (up to 5 per plot) to work their land, generating Production Points based on the card\’s rarity, level, and set. There are also additional bonuses or penalties based on the terrain type and card affinity. Totems and Titles can also be staked to plots for further bonuses.

Play to Earn Gaming News

Looking for the best games where you play to earn money (P2E)? Check out our site for reviews of video games. Our huge collection of P2E games has been carefully put together to give you all the information you need. Include the type of game, the platform, the tokens, the white papers, and links to social media. Our site also has game trailers and in-depth reviews, so you\’ll always know what\’s new in gaming. We are proud to give you daily news updates about the latest Play-to-Earn, P2E, blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto, Web3, and metaverse games.

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Ubisoft\’s Rabbids NFTs and Wallet-Free Gaming

February continues to see plenty of blockchain gaming activity. We have new in-game content, NFT airdrops, beta testing, new partnerships, ease of access, and many more. The biggest news is that Ubisoft is still making progress in Web3, having launched its Rabbids NFTs on the Sandbox. Moreover, we have super news for gamers that do not want to indulge in any digital wallets, Champions Ascension goes wallet free. Top blockchain game Gods Unchained launches its pre-alpha mobile test, Genopets adds minigames, and Planet IX brings new in-game drops. Let’s check out these blockchain gaming developments in detail.

  • Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs
  • Planet IX Making Further Progress
  • Audius and Mini Royale Nations Enters Music Partnership
  • Genopets Hosts Mini-games
  • Gods Unchained Going Mobile
  • No Wallet Required to Play Champions Ascension
  • Another Migration to ImmutableX

Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

Ubisoft is looking into Web3 technology. This is the company that made the popular Assassin\’s Creed series. The Sandbox blockchain game now has Rabbids NFT avatars, which is one of its recent moves into the space. Ubisoft is one of the most well-known traditional video game companies that is trying out Web3 and has already made a few steps in that direction. In December 2021, Ubisoft became the first major video game publisher to release in-game NFTs with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which received mixed feedback from fans. But the company is still committed to Web3 and has just released Rabbids NFT avatars for The Sandbox, a metaverse game built on Ethereum.

Ubisoft is offering 2,066 Rabbid avatars on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. The NFTs are priced at 100 SAND, equivalent to approximately $78 at current rates. This release is timed to coincide with the Lunar New Year, specifically the year of the rabbit in 2023. The Rabbids are in various styles, and buyers can view them in four different tiers on the Sandbox game website.

Planet IX Making Further Progress

Planet IX is one of the most successful blockchain games in Web3 and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The game where players strive to revitalize a desolate planet, is expanding its range of options. The latest release, Cargo Drop 3, offers players even more possibilities for expanding their Mission Controls, as well as the addition of Rovers – autonomous vehicles that help players harvest tiles.

Cargo Drop 3 from Planet IX features a variety of NFTs and packs. Each Cargo Drop 3 pack includes a Rover, an Avatar Pack, and a Large Pack, providing players with plenty of new options to explore.

There are three types of Rovers in Planet IX, and they aid players in gathering resources, while also being capable of discovering M3ta-M0ds that help improve facilities. Avatars, on the other hand, are non-playable characters that provide in-game benefits and access to future airdrops and bonuses.

Furthermore, Cargo Drop 3 introduces the C-Tile contract, which offers players a third layer of hexes that are stakable around their Mission Control. Each Cargo pack is priced at $199, with a maximum of 100,000 Cargo Drop 3 mints available. Players can buy these packs on the official Cargo Drop 3 page.

Audius and Mini Royale Nations Enters Music Partnership

Mini Royal is combining Web3 games and music by teaming up with Audius, a decentralized music streaming platform. With this collaboration, Mini-Royale players can now listen to Audius\’ music streams while playing the game.

The partnership between Mini Royale and Audius is a cross-app, cross-chain collaboration that combines the worlds of streaming music and Web3 gaming. Through a built-in player on the Mini-Royale site, players can now stream tracks from the Audius platform while they play the game.

Genopets Hosts Mini-games

Two new minigames have been added to the pet-owning game Genopets, where players walk to earn rewards. These mini-games, called \”Feed and Fetch,\” are designed to help players keep their Genopets fed and happy. By doing so, players can achieve better Step to Energy conversion rates. In addition to these mini-games, Genopets has also added Food and Toy items to the game earlier this year. Players can receive a random selection of 3-6 items once a day when they convert their steps into energy. However, there are some changes expected on these mini-games in the upcoming Genopets update. Player feedback on losing inventory has ultimately made the developers rethink it.

Gods Unchained Going Mobile

This week, Gods Unchained opened its pre-alpha testing for the game’s mobile version. The gaming community is testing the game’s Android version and giving feedback to the developers on bugs and experiences.

The initial Gods Unchained mobile alpha test is available first to those on the elected Council of Mortals and those with Mount Olympus access, which is granted to players with large collections of GU cards. Access to the mobile pre-alpha for these players begins on February 24th, while others can join on February 28th. Anyone who played during February has a chance to receive an invitation.

No Wallet Required to Play Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension recently made a major accessibility improvement by eliminating the need for players to own a Web3 wallet in order to play the game. This comes after they made the pre-alpha free to play and got rid of the need for an invite code. Developers are continually striving to reduce the barriers to entry for web3 games, and many are finding ways to allow players to enjoy the game without the need for blockchain tokens or NFTs, while still providing access to these features for those who are interested. Champions Ascension is the latest game to join this movement.

Another Migration to ImmutableX

Chainmonsters has announced that they will be transitioning from the Flow blockchain to Immutable X just before their official launch. The move was made to ensure that the game is set up in the most suitable space for its requirements, with players soon being able to mint NFTs from the game.

In a statement, the Chainmonsters team said that they were interested in Immutable X because it was always making and using new developer tools, like the Immutable Passport that was just released. These tools enable the team to focus more on developing the game and implementing updates than on technical aspects.

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SandBox, Illuvium and More Gaming News!

Another week has passed, and it\’s time for another episode of Super Sunday Gaming News. This week also saw the release of additional alphas, which brings us right back up to where we left off.

We also have a lot of gaming NFTs going up for sale, Square Enix releasing some more information on Symbiogenesis, and some seed funding. So, a lot of new in-game content is making its way to the gamers in addition to the alphas.

Nekoverse has initiated the process of adding players to their play and earn alpha playtest, while Parallel is gearing up to launch their inaugural alpha later this month. Phantom Galaxies is currently providing airdrops of rewards to players who successfully completed all the missions during their alpha phase, and Chronos: Dawn of Time has transitioned into open beta (which is technically not alpha, but quite similar!).

As for the sales events, we\’ve got some major sales events on the horizon as well. Seedify is holding its inaugural NFT sale, featuring Mounts that can be utilized both within and outside of their upcoming Seedworld metaverse.

Meanwhile, The Sandbox has announced its first land sale of 2023. Moreover, we shared about Illuvitars in last week’s edition, and this week we bring you some more on it. The Illuvitar sale is scheduled to take place shortly, and Illuvium has recently unveiled information about the collection and its associated collecting game, Illuvium Beyond.

So let\’s get started:

  • Nekoverse Alpha
  • Parallel Closed Alpha
  • The Sandbox Land Sale 2023
  • Illuvium Beyond and Illuvitars
  • Square Enix Shares More on Symbiogenesis

Nekoverse Alpha

Even though it has been accessible for a few weeks, you can still participate in the testnet alpha for Nekoverse and receive rewards prior to its launch on the mainnet. This game, featuring cats and a turn-based strategy, provides multiple options for playing and earning.

Nekoverse\’s most recent playtest was released on February 1, 2023, marking the last testnet iteration before the game transitions to the mainnet. You can download this ]version of the game easily which is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. However, access to this test is limited to groups of 250 players, and the first few batches have already got access.

Parallel Closed Alpha

Get ready for another alpha launch! This time it\’s Parallel, a sci-fi themed TCG. Although only those who receive invites can participate, early access applications for Parallel are open to all.

For several months now, Parallel has been regularly releasing new card packs. And finally, collectors will be able to witness these cards in action during the closed alpha of the early access period!

Players can apply for early access here. According to the Parallel team, email invites will begin to be sent out on February 22nd, with the alpha scheduled to launch on February 28th.

The Sandbox Land Sale 2023

It feels like quite some time since the last land sale by The Sandbox. However, they\’re now back with the first set of new lands in 2023! Despite the fact that the ecosystem for The Sandbox is still in its nascent stages, land plots are gradually increasing in value as the space expands. It won\’t be long before all the land plots are entirely sold out!

This \’Voxel Madness\’ land sale follows the Sandbox\’s new raffle system. To enter the raffle, players must have an account with verified identity (KYC) and hold 1,011 SAND tokens in their connected wallet (4,683 if they want to apply for a Premium land), the cost of a plot. Players with sufficient tokens can enter both raffles.

Raffle registrations open on February 14th, 3 p.m. UTC and continue until February 20 at 3 a.m. UTC. The results will be disclosed on February 21st at 11 a.m. UTC, and the sale will begin an hour later. Interested participants can register here.

Illuvium Beyond and Illuvitars

Illuvium recently released an announcement about Illuvium Beyond. A new game which is a combination PFP collection and NFT gathering game. They have now revealed more information about their plans for this fourth edition of the constantly growing Illuvium universe!

Illuvium continues to broaden its range of offerings, introducing Illuvitars and a new game, Illuvium Beyond, to a website near you!

Illuvium is planning to hold a sale for D1sk packs, which will be available in both Standard and Mega versions. Each pack includes a random Illuvitar and three accessories, while the Standard D1sk pack also contains an additional Tier 0 Illuvitar, and the Megapack includes an extra rare Illuvitar. Mega packs have higher odds of discovering items with a higher rarity.

While some D1sk packs are labeled as \’alpha\’ packs, they appear to be similar to regular packs. The Standard pack costs 0.0005 ETH, and the Megapack costs 0.025 ETH. Alpha packs are priced five times higher than regular packs.

The first wave of Illuvitars will roll out in batches, with a total of 25 Illuvials available for purchase. Interested buyers can preview the potential contents of this initial pack sale by going here.

Square Enix Shares More on Symbiogenesis

Square Enix, a major player in the gaming industry, has released information about their first web3 game called Symbiogenesis. This interactive project will be hosted on the Polygon network, promising a seamless user experience. The game is described as an upcoming \”interactive Web3 digital collectible art experience,\” which blends collectible artworks with real game functionality.

This week, Polygon Labs announced that they would be working with Square Enix, which is one of the biggest game companies. Their first collaboration, the web3 game called Symbiogenesis, is set to be launched in the spring of 2023. This game aims to offer a distinctive experience for digital collectibles with a captivating storyline attached to them. As players explore a world that stands on its own, they can find new information and change the story with each strategic move. Symbiogenesis takes place on a mysterious floating continent, and the digital collectibles or collections players have can lead them to different storylines.

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Super Bowl Sunday Gaming News

It is almost Super Bowl Time. Ready for the commercials? It did hit the news this week: Super Bowl LVII will Not Feature Crypto Ads: Deals Fell Apart and Limit Break Invests Millions in Live NFT Minting during Super Bowl 2023.

For our USA friends; Happy Sunday. Go Eagles, Go Chiefs.

Welcome to another edition of Super Sunday news with all the important news on blockchain gaming from this last week.

The momentum from last week continues this week, with several new alpha gameplays being released, new partnerships and fundings, new NFT launching and Mint, and much more. The past week we also saw FTX fallout in Super Bowl advertisement deal cancellation for the crypto industry. So, this year people will see only beer ads instead of crypto or blockchain. As for the gamefi, we have Project Red inviting players to play and test gameplay for free. A couple of other games like Faraway Lands, BattleFly have alpha and early access respectively. There are also plenty of alpha gameplays already live and running so a lot is happening in Web3 games. In another update, we have Illuvium eyeing to introduce yet another game to its already pumping IP.

Let’s check in detail what’s new in blockchain this week:

●     Illuvium Announces Illuvitars

●     Planet IX Launches New Missions and Updates

●     Project Red Announces Free to Play Weekend

●     Shrapnel Announces Free Mint

●     Bullieverse New Soulbound Reward Badges

●     The Sandbox and ZepetoLabs Enter into a Partnership

●     BattleFly Early Access is Open

●     Faraway Land’s First Public Alpha is Out

Illuvium Announces Illuvitars

Illuvium is on a roll and continues to impress its fanbase with new, unique, and exciting features. This week Illuvium came up with Illuvium: Beyond where players will enjoy customizable NFT avatars based on in-game characters. These customizable NFTs are Illuvitars that will work everywhere in the Illuvium DAO. These Illluvitars will work as your profile picture which of course is customizable with plenty of cosmetic items. You can check the news in detail here.

Planet IX Launches New Missions and Updates

Planet IX has just released a new Tile Contract that offers players the chance to expand their Mission Control by 12 extra hexes. This exciting development provides ample space for growth, and for the time being, accessing these tiles is offered at no cost.

Planet IX has gained a massive following in recent months, becoming one of the most sought-after web3 games. This PIX-collecting, click-mining, and building game continues to thrive, with the latest update featuring an improved Mission Control and the ability to construct n additional twelve hexes.

Project Red Announces Free to Play Weekend

Project Red, which recently launched its public alpha, now presents free-to-play weekends for everyone. Starting this weekend (Feb 10th-12th), Project Red becomes part of the growing list of high-quality FPS games in the web3 arena.

Every other weekend, the public alpha of Project Red will be accessible to all, allowing anyone to download the game and participate in playtests. This Mafia-themed FPS is still in its early stages, with the current alpha limited to the Blood Arena, an FPS competition within the game world.

While Project Red is currently in alpha testing and hosting contests with prizes, free-to-play players will not receive rewards at this time. However, this is an excellent opportunity to try out the game, offer feedback, and get a glimpse of one of the latest FPS games in the web3 space.

Shrapnel Announces Free Mint

Shrapnel, a super promising FPS extraction NFT game announces its free mint for Sigma Containment Units or SCU. You need to get a hold of the whitelist spot if you are eyeing these limited NFTs. These NFTs will will provide additional benefits like:

●     Membership to a holders-only community

●     Early access to the Creator Tools

●     Exclusive content for the Creator Tools

●     Limited Edition content from Partner Collabs

●     Rare in-game SCU skins

Making it to the Shrapnel Whitelist has multiple ways. The quickest and most straightforward way is to possess an Operator NFT and verify your wallet on Discord. Additionally, keep an eye on contests, giveaways, and community collaborations on Shrapnel\’s social media channels. They also plan to launch an application form in the near future.

Surprisingly, this mint will take place simultaneously on three different blockchains – Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. The NFTs will be divided evenly among each chain, with a total of 3,333 SCU units available on each. One lucky minter on Avalanche will even receive a rare 1/1 SCU airdropped directly to them!

Bullieverse New Soulbound Reward Badges

Bullieverse never forgets its early supporters and loyal fanbase as they dedicate new Soulbound badges to them as BLISS tokens. BLISS, or Bullieverse Soulbound Badges, serve as a perpetual community recognition system through soulbound (account bound) rewards.

These badges keep a record of an owner\’s involvement in various activities across the Bullieverse. The first badge is awarded to those who participated in Beary\’s Bootcamp, a staking event for holders of hibernated BarBearian NFTs. In addition to the Badge, the Bootcamp event also granted hibernating Bear owners with CuraBull tokens, which vest into BULL tokens over a 12-month period.

The Sandbox and ZepetoLabs Enter into a Partnership

This week we also saw the Sandbox entering into a partnership with ZepetoLabs. For those of you who don’t know, ZepetoLabs is a world-renowned gaming company responsible for hugely popular games. Some of the games are Cut the Rope, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, and Bullet Echo.

As per The Sandbox\’s statement, the partnership will expand the metaverse, bringing new offerings and Web3 engagement opportunities to the ZeptoLab community through engaging experiences and true digital ownership-based collectibles. This collaboration will help drive the growth of The Sandbox and further establish its presence in the Web3 gaming world.

BattleFly Early Access is Open

The web3 gaming space has welcomed a new auto-battler game with the launch of BattleFly\’s early access. This play-to-earn game, which features butterfly-themed ship customization, is open to anyone with a BattleFly NFT and a few MAGIC tokens. To participate in the early access, you must need at least one BattleFly NFT available at https://trove.treasure.lol/collection/battlefly. Moreover, you will also need at least 5 MAGIC tokens to stake with your Battlefly. So, there is a little investment early on. Furthermore, you will need to join BattleFly Discord channel and complete the onboarding formalities.

Faraway Land’s First Public Alpha is Out

Faraway Land, a town-building game under Mini-Royale, opens up its first public alpha. The game offers players to craft NFTs for Mini-Royale. Please note that Faraway Land is not the official land gameplay for Mini-Royale but rather a separate, cross-project game.

Play to Earn Games News

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Super Sunday Gaming News

Welcome to another edition of our Super Sunday News Roundup! As we continue to navigate the exciting world of Web3 gaming, we\’re thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest developments from the past week.

This week saw major news from the corporate sector, with the Premier League joining the Web3 space through its agreement with Sorare. Meanwhile, Amazon is also jumping on the Web3 bandwagon, exploring new opportunities in this growing market.

On the gaming front, there was a lot of excitement as well. Axie Infinity wrapped up its first season of Homeland, and Big Time continues to dominate the Web3 gaming world by taking home the biggest prize at the Gam3ers\’ Choice Awards.

In addition, we\’ll be taking a look at the latest alpha and beta tests, as well as the upcoming Mojo Meele competition.

So, let\’s dive into this week\’s news highlights:

  1. W3 Play Update
  2. Premier League Teams Up with Sorare for Exciting New Web3 Gaming Experience
  3. Immutable Launches Its Passport for Gamers
  4. Introducing Amazon\’s Web3 Exploration: A Game Changer?
  5. Axie Infinity Homeland Season Zero: A Successful Conclusion
  6. Gam3r\’s Choice Awards 2023: Player-Voted Winners Announced
  7. Exploring the World of Mist: A Preview of the Pre-Alpha Stage
  8. Gala Games Unveils 2023 Roadmap: Focus on Mobile Gaming and Blockchain Growth

W3 Play Update:

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Premier League Teams Up with Sorare for Exciting New Web3 Gaming Experience

Are you ready for the next level of fantasy soccer? Sorare, the global leader in fantasy soccer games, has teamed up with the Premier League for a multi-year agreement worth $4.3 billion! With this landmark deal, you now have access to official player cards from the world\’s top soccer league and can purchase and use official NFTs licensed by the Premier League.

Step into the future of gaming with Sorare. With over 3 million global users, this Paris-based startup is changing the game with its innovative features. Play with the best of the best and experience real-time player performance. And with the new \”financial fair play\” option, you can prevent yourself from building unbeatable teams, making the game even more exciting and fair.

Don\’t miss this opportunity to be part of the Web3 market revolution and join Sorare in bringing the Premier League to the world of fantasy soccer. Be one of the hundreds of thousands of new gamers who are taking their gaming experience to the next level. Get started today!

Immutable Launches Its Passport for Gamers

The Immutable Passport offers a non-custodial wallet, gamer profile, and authentication solution for Web3 gamers, making it easier for gaming studios to onboard their players into the Web3 ecosystem.

The Passport operates like Xbox Gamertag or Apple ID, without the need for passwords, making it secure and user-friendly. Players will have access to a range of integrated features, including a secure digital wallet, anti-fraud protection, and seamless authentication for Web3 games and marketplaces.

Game studios and developers will also benefit from access to valuable customer information such as behavior insights and player preferences. By integrating with the Passport, studios will have access to a large pool of active players within the ImmutableX ecosystem and will have immediate access to a robust web3 ecosystem of tools, APIs, and infrastructure solutions to support their global expansion.

Explore the many benefits of the Immutable Passport and how it can help you grow your gaming business.

Introducing Amazon\’s Web3 Exploration: A Game Changer?

It\’s official, Amazon, the world\’s largest retailer, is reportedly exploring the Web3 space. According to a report by Blockworks, while the details of the project are not yet clear, there are rumors it could involve blockchain gaming, NFTs, an NFT marketplace, or a combination of these.

The entry of a tech giant like Amazon into the Web3 space is big news for the industry and could bring the technology to mainstream attention. This could lead to new opportunities for the sector and accelerate its growth. However, the regulatory landscape and uncertainties surrounding Web3 may present challenges for Amazon.

The potential impact of Amazon\’s Web3 project is yet to be determined, and only time will tell how the company navigates the regulatory environment and what the future holds for the technology. Nevertheless, this is an exciting time for the Web3 space, and we\’ll be keeping a close eye on Amazon\’s developments in the coming months.

Axie Infinity Homeland Season Zero: A Successful Conclusion

The team at Axie Infinity is thrilled to announce that Season 0 of the Homeland feature has come to a successful close. The first season saw a strong player retention rate and longer gaming sessions, demonstrating the high level of engagement and enjoyment among players. Despite some feedback, the overall response from players was positive and has given the team confidence in their work and direction.

As the team gears up for Season 1, they have announced that all player progress will be reset to ensure the smoothest and most enjoyable experience for all players. This reset may occur once more as the game transitions to beta and ultimately its full release. The Axie Infinity team is committed to providing the best possible gaming experience and is looking forward to taking the next steps in the development of their game.

Join the growing community of Axie Infinity players and be a part of shaping the future of blockchain gaming. Get ready for an exciting new season filled with new challenges, experiences, and rewards.

Gam3r\’s Choice Awards 2023: Player-Voted Winners Announced

The highly-anticipated Gam3r\’s Choice Awards have finally come to a close, and the results are in! Players from around the world came together to cast their votes in 18 different categories, recognizing the best and most popular games in the web3 gaming community.

The awards ceremony took place in Miami, where physical trophies were presented to the winners. The event was also live-streamed, allowing gaming communities to join in on the celebration from anywhere in the world. The night was a huge success, and Web Gam3r set a new standard for web3 gaming awards.

The big winner of the night was \”Big Time,\” which took home three awards, including Game of the Year. Although these awards are based solely on player voting, it\’s still exciting to see the top games and studios recognized for their hard work and innovation in the industry.

It\’s important to note that with player voting, fan votes can sometimes dominate, meaning the technical aspects of the games may be overshadowed. However, the Gam3r\’s Choice Awards is still a great way for players to show their support for their favorite games and for the gaming industry as a whole.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and thank you to all the players who participated in the voting process. We can\’t wait to see what the next season of web3 gaming has in store!

Exploring the World of Mist: A Preview of the Pre-Alpha Stage

Get ready for an exciting adventure with Mist, the Web3 MMORPG on the BNB Smart Chain. The Mist Pre-Alpha access is now open for everyone and it\’s time to jump into the world of Mist. The pre-alpha gameplay showcases outstanding graphics and an immersive soundtrack that will keep you hooked for hours.

Create your character, take on challenging monsters, complete quests, and equip gear to level up. Although the content is currently limited, the pre-alpha stage offers a glimpse into the future of Mist. Keep in mind that as it is still in its pre-alpha stage, there may be some bugs and limitations present, but rest assured that these will be addressed before the final release. Don\’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to experience the world of Mist!

Gala Games Unveils 2023 Roadmap: Focus on Mobile Gaming and Blockchain Growth

Gala Games is gearing up for a big 2023 with an exciting roadmap full of new developments. With a focus on mobile gaming and the growth of the Gala blockchain, the company is poised to continue its rise as a leading player in the gaming industry.

In addition, the integration of web3 and the acquisition of a mobile gaming company has positioned Gala Games for even greater success. And with the announcement of the replacement of TOWN token with GALA as the primary currency in the Town Star ecosystem, the company is poised for even more growth in the coming year.

Stay tuned to see what the future holds for Gala Games as they continue to make waves in the gaming industry.