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Yuga Labs: Community Core Web3 Gaming

Yuga Labs’ steaming hot juggernaut continues to play a massive role in Web3 gaming and its future. The studio has a lot under its belt, it is the creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club in 2021 which was a massive success. Since then it on a role creating new IPs, buying some, several successful projects, and a top new gaming project, the Otherside. Another super successful runner web3 game by Yuga Labs is Dookey Dash which made waves on social media. But how did Yuga Labs reach superb heights? What is their gaming strategy? How simplest of games in less time doing well and not breaking? What elements are important in a successful Web3 game? Yuga Labs Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker shared insights on Yuga Labs\’ journey and future while talking in Naavik Gaming Podcast.

Necessary Elements in a Web3 Game According to Yuga Labs

While talking in the podcast, Spencer clearly states that creative storytelling, gameplay experiences, and a vibrant community is surely significant. However, for a web3 game, the concept of scaling which rests outside of these three elements is also important. These two things are distinct and important equal parts. For Yuga Labs, their focus lies on the core, which is their community, specifically its NFT community. The idea is to deliver quality to its core community. But the question here lies in the scaling and growth of the community. How do you scale it? How to make the game durable, and sustainable, and how to make community related to games. The community is the soul of the game and this is where the developers need to keep their focus.

This is something where Yuga Labs is excelling at unprecedented levels. Recent Yuga Labs events involving Dookey Dash and Otherside show how spectacular it is for them. The Dookey Dash community engagement saw 26000 passes and 25000 unique users. The game saw 7.7 million dashes in just 3 weeks which makes it 300 dashes per player. The stats show that the community spent a handsome amount of time playing Dookey Dash. Additionally, the game also saw attracting people outside of the Yuga Labs community of fanbase. Well heck! the winner of the 21 days event was a professional player of Fortnite player.

Yuga Labs Two Distinct Approaches

Yuga Labs is working on two different and distinct ends at once. One, its metaverse project which is a long-term project and might take years to complete. While on the contrary, Yuga Labs rolled out games in just a matter of months that are working fine and are well-received by the community. Spencer talks about the interoperability of Yuga Labs games where the games are related to each other. These games are sequences of games that support each other. For example, the utility of game passes is not confined to one game rather it will come in handy in other games as well. The content and its value are relative to multiple experiences and work in an ecosystem. So, there are multiple verticals running in the Yuga Labs ecosystem at the same time and all of them are interrelated.

Yuga Labs is much more than toilet humor or likewise edgy stuff. Yuga Labs has given a playing field to the creators and there are universes under development on top of Yuga Labs universe. The example here is in Mutant Hounds which is L2 to the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s L1. This provides people to become creative and build audiences away from Yuga Labs\’ reach.

Scaling the Community

The first and foremost thing about scaling the community is not losing sight of the core. The community always creates the culture around them. Additionally, the interaction between the creators and the community sets the right direction for the project. This is achievable by networking externalities and crowd source growth and engagement. The creators can come up with a system that incentivizes the community member for their activity.

Yuga Labs Eyeing the Future of Web3

According to Spencer, Yuga Labs eyes to keep the momentum building over time by rolling out valuable content and projects periodically. We can safely say that Yuga Labs will not allow long cycles of development with nothing for its community. Yuga Labs will leverage its strength to keep the community engaged by letting them give their input on the project. It plans to achieve this by allowing people to see what the developers are doing. This will mean less direct work from the developers and more of a collective nature of work from everybody involved in the Yuga Labs universe.

Yuga Labs- Community Core Web3 Gaming

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Yuga Labs Expands Leadership Team to Drive Web3 Innovation

Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club and Otherside, has hired Mike Seavers as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This makes Yuga Labs even more of a rising unicorn business.

After Daniel Alegre, the former President and COO of Activision, was named Yuga Labs\’ new CEO, this was a smart move. Yuga Labs hopes to make the most of the growing potential of Web3 technology by adding these key people to its leadership team. Yuga Labs also made itself a major player in the metaverse and NFT environment.

Mike Seavers has worked at Riot Games and Epic Games in the past, so he has a lot of knowledge. Seavers helped support hit games like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant when he was the CTO at Riot Games.

Later, as the EVP of Development at Epic Games, he was in charge of product development across all of Epic\’s platforms and the Fortnite tech team. Seavers is a useful asset to Yuga Labs because of his knowledge and track record of taking organizations to the next level.

Embracing the Web3 Revolution

Seavers is excited to join Yuga Labs and be a part of the Web3 change, he says in his statement. He knows that Web3 technology has the power to change things. Also, it has the power to start a new era of the Internet that will be good for the whole world. Seavers\’ interest in digital identity and community goes hand in hand with what Yuga Labs wants to do. It wants to become a Web3 platform that is at the forefront of community and social interaction.

Seavers said in a statement, \”There have been few times in my career when I felt like a new technology was really changing the way the world works.\” \”Web3 is one of those times,\” she said. Also, I couldn\’t be happier to join Yuga Labs and help bring in a new age of the internet that will make the world a better place.

Yuga Labs\’ Gaming Ambitions

Seavers\’s new job as CTO shows that Yuga Labs is paying more attention to games and the upcoming Otherside metaverse game. Otherside is a social MMORPG that offers players a 3D world where they can go on quests and interact with a lively community. Yuga Labs wants to prove the skepticism about the metaverse hype wrong by making a game that is really compelling.

\”Mike has a track record of taking groups to the next level. \”He agrees with us that digital identity is an important part of the internet,\” Alegre said in a statement. \”We have a chance to be the Web3 platform that puts community first. Also, use media and entertainment to connect with other people. Also, Mike\’s skills will help us scale to reach that goal.\”

Yuga Labs Dominating the NFT Ecosystem

Even though Yuga Labs is making more games, it\’s important to note that its NFT sets still have a big impact on the market. A new DappRadar report says that Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Otherdeeds are all part of Yuga\’s NFT ecosystem. Also, from October 2022 to March 2023, they were responsible for almost 35% of all NFT sales. The popularity of Yuga Labs\’s Otherside game makes it even more likely that it will be the most successful \”metaverse\” NFT collection to date. ApeCoin, a popular cryptocurrency linked to gaming, has a market cap of $1.48 billion and a large number of trades.

The Otherside

Otherside is a metaverse platform made by Yuga Labs. It uses blockchain technology to make realistic virtual worlds. Users can use their own avatars to freely explore and communicate with a non-linear structure. Otherside is all about digital communities and ownership. Users can own and create virtual plots of land, which makes it easier for people to work together and do business. ApeCoin is the platform\’s native currency, which lets people buy and sell things and take part in the business of the metaverse. Otherside makes a strong economy where users can get value from their virtual works by using blockchain, digital ownership, and ApeCoin. Otherside is a potential platform in the landscape of the metaverse. It offers immersive, decentralized experiences that focus on community, ownership, and interactive connections.

By hiring Mike Seavers as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Yuga Labs shows that it is committed to technological progress and making great games. The company\’s strategic leadership hires and the fact that it is the biggest player in the NFT ecosystem put it in a good situation to keep doing well and grow in the Web3 landscape. As Yuga Labs pushes the limits of what\’s possible in the metaverse and gaming worlds, the future looks bright for this visionary company and its plan to change the internet for the better.

Yuga Labs Expands Leadership Team to Drive Web3 Innovation

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Yuga Labs’ Otherside Second Trip Playtest and What to Expect?

Yuga Labs has had a blast with its Otherside Second Trip playtest. The Web3 gaming juggernaut knows how to stay in the limelight, whether it’s the endless mocking of its brazen toilet humor or its exorbitant ludicrous NFT access pass prices. Irrespective of the good side or the bad side, Yuga Labs stays in the conversation in the crypto and gaming world in equal parts. After the massive success of Dookey Dash, Yuga Labs eyes further scaling up its gaming venture by launching Otherside. Otherside Second Trip is a metaverse game and its latest playtest last month makes it a super promising game. The playtest had thousands of players in the lobby talking, interacting, and ready to leap into the other side. This is something you don’t see in other Metaverse games out there.

Yuga Labs\’ Chief Creative Officer Michael Figge has claimed that the \”metaverse\” experience offered by many platforms falls short in terms of density and user engagement. Figge expressed his views while speaking to Decrypt after a recent event. He argued that such platforms lack the immersive quality and number of users that can be found in Otherside, a metaverse platform developed by Yuga Labs. The real challenge lies in scaling the gaming community and bringing more and more people into the fold.

Otherside Second Trip Playtest

The lobby outlook was simple and minimalistic but it packed a whopping 7200 unique players per Yuga Labs. The playtest event had players divided into four teams, each led by a prominent personality in the Web3 space. Notable figures like content creator Bryce \”Brycent\” Johnson and Cordell \”Champ Medici\” Broadus, Snoop Dogg\’s son, served as team leaders. They motivated their players via voice chat to collect as many orbs as possible and feed them to the toads. Thousands of players frantically jumped and sprinted in a bid to collect the orbs. The winning team promised an exclusive NFT wearable called the \”winged helmet.\”

However, it went boring pretty quickly for some gamers as the orbs collecting grinding proved monotonous. Spencer Tucker, Yuga Labs\’ Chief Gaming Officer, emphasized the importance of collaboration between the community, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Yuga Labs in building and testing Otherside. \”This is a co-development with the players and the Otherside community more broadly,\” he said.

According to Tucker, Yuga Labs is not only collecting technical feedback and data points through these tests but also surveying the sentiment and reactions of players. He emphasized that the development process is iterative, meaning that feedback will be used to refine and improve Otherside.

Open Sourcing and User-generated content in Yuga Labs Otherside

Yuga Labs aims to adopt a more open development approach by periodically releasing new features. It gathers feedback on what people need from the platform, according to Michael Figge, Yuga Labs\’ Chief Creative Officer. \”That\’s what you\’re going to see us rotating towards,\” he said.

If the plan succeeds, by the end of this year, Yuga Labs may open up the Otherside platform. This will enable the creation of user-generated content that will complement Yuga\’s work on the platform. Figge stated that the goal for success is that by December, users can build on Otherside without Yuga\’s involvement. He hopes that users will have all the necessary tools to build their own community, activations, and experiences.

Yuga Labs is currently facing a major challenge in their attempt to scale Otherside – their metaverse platform – from last year\’s highly successful NFT land drop to a fully-realized virtual world filled with engaging Bored Ape-themed narratives, social gameplay challenges, and a diverse collection of NFT avatars. According to data from CryptoSlam, Otherside has generated an impressive $1.25 billion in trading volume to date.

Unlike traditional AAA games that follow a more conventional approach to development, Yuga Labs is choosing to build in public and involve NFT holders in the developmental process, even though Otherside is still a work in progress. While many games are launched in an \”early access\” mode or undergo beta testing before release, Yuga Labs\’ demo appears to be at a very early stage. The technology behind Otherside seems to be more developed than the content at this point. Nonetheless, Yuga Labs is committed to creating a unique gaming experience that stands out in the market.

How will Yuga Lab Scale Up and Bring New Gamers Whilst Massive Entry Barriers?

Yuga Labs has prioritized its NFT holders who have invested in the startup\’s Web3 vision. Rather than limiting access, Yuga wants to empower its NFT holders to invite their friends or even lend out their access credentials to attract more users. For instance, Otherdeed landowners were given plus-one tickets to Second Trip, allowing NFT holders to act as gateways into the ecosystem. Additionally, Yuga recently launched a standalone web game, Dookey Dash, which allowed players to use the Delegate Cash service to enable another wallet to play the game without holding the access pass NFT.

Yuga Labs believes that these types of behaviors will drive engagement and contribute to scaling the platform. Dookey Dash, in particular, was a significant learning experience for Yuga Labs. The endless runner-style game generated a lot of buzz on Crypto Twitter for several weeks, with the Sewer Pass NFTs raking in $110 million worth of trading volume. The winner even flipped his NFT prize for $1.63 million worth of ETH.

Yuga Labs’ Otherside Second Trip Playtest and What to Expect

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Dookey Dash: Gamers Invest Millions

Gamers Spending Millions Playing Yuga Labs\’ Web3 Game Dookey Dash!

Yuga Labs\’ latest crypto NFT game Dookey Dash is having a promising run so far. According to the Delphi Digital report, Dookey Dash has seen spending of a whopping $2 million+ USD since its launch on January 17th. Professional blockchain gamers are in a fierce race to top the game’s leaderboard. The motivations behind playing this new Web3 game are several. However, one important element is its fun endless runner gameplay in a sewer. The longer a player survives this endless runner game, the higher the score is. Players traverse this monkey sewer system in search of a treasure box and its key. But how did it get in the sewer? Let’s not go that way, shall we?

Dookey Dash Sewer Pass

Well, first things first, the game is not free to play and requires you to jump through the entry barrier. Only those players who have access to the BAYC NFT shall have access to the Sewer Pass. If you are interested in playing the game, then you need to buy the Sewer Pass from someone willing to sell it. So, the entry barrier is high at the moment. However, if you are a BAYC or MAYC NFT owner then you can have a free claim on Sewer Pass NFT. Besides, the Sewer Pass has 4 tiers, the higher tier pass you have, the more bonus points you will get. 

Moreover, if you own a Sewer Pass, you can delegate rights to other players to play. Delegate cash enables this service for players via a separate wallet with the right to sign transactions. This feature also guarantees superior security whilst unlocking utility for holders. This feature opens up the door for passive income as you can pay professional gamers to secure high scores for you on the Dookey Dash leaderboard.


How will it Help Web3 Gaming?

This new feature will attract professional gamers to the Web3 gaming domain. More and more professional gamers will get on board thanks to Dookey Dash and Delegate Cash. There are two ways in which Web3 will receive benefits as a whole. 

  1. Web3 incentives will attract professional gamers and help them get on board in Web3 gaming
  2. Professional gamers will get incentives to promote Web3 games. 

The delegation will enable incentives to align between holers and gamers. Holders will pay professional gamers to compete for them to score high just like in esports. This will create a Web3 onboarding system. 

Moreover, professional gamers showing off their high scores to their followers will expose Web2 gamers to Dookey Dash. There are famous professional gamers having millions of followers on their social media channels. 

Currently, a total of 25k Sewer Pass NFTs have been minted with the majority of them being tier 1. As for the total number of wallets, a total of 9.5k wallets are connected to the game. The game will end today with scores freezing in the Sewer Pass. “Users who hold their Pass until Feb 15th can participate in the Summoning where players with a score > 0 can burn their Sewer Pass for an NFT used in future games.”

The infinite runner genre got super famous back in 2014 when Temple Run hit a billion downloads across the IP. Dookey Dash is first of its kind endless runner game that uses blockchain technology under the banner of BAYC. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a big name in Web3 and this game is the first one in its $450 million metaverse project.

Dookey Dash Sewer Pass Background

Dookey has an intriguing background that makes diving through sewage for a key seem rational. A monkey caused a rift in reality while taking a shit, enabling Dookey to acquire a treasure box and a key. Unfortunately, the key was swallowed during a celebratory moment and Dookey is now trying to retrieve it by excreting it in the toilet. It\’s unclear why he wouldn\’t attempt to retrieve the key through means other than using the toilet, but players must don a scuba suit and search the sewers to find the coveted key, which is now covered in waste.

Dookey Dash

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