22Cans is an incorporated British company. It began its journey in the gaming world in 2012. The legendary builder of the God Game genre, Peter Molyneux created this company. The number 22 represented in the company\’s name is the number of team members of Peter\’s dream team of developers. These individuals are creative, game passionate, talented, and most of all experienced persons. The team believes in creativity and innovation that ultimately lead to a successful story. The company has produced an award-winning game The Trail. It was released in 2016. 22Cans journey in developing the Web3 games has just begun. The blockchain developing game arena is wide open for them. The company is collaborating with a blockchain game developer giant Gala Games. They are working on strategies to capture the blockchain Metaverse gaming market.

Legacy a 22Cans project is an NFT game in the Metaverse. The game is about a virtual real estate world where players can own tracts of land. The game uses Ethereum blockchain technology for transactions.



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