Addicting Games

Addicting Games is the top online game website in the USA. They are among the pioneers of the casual game segment.  The studio is creating, distributing, and publishing online games since the turn of the century. The studio has more than 10 million users. Addicting Games works with other developers to build and publish online games of almost all genres. They have a unique routine of releasing new games every Thursday. Since they have vast experience in developing and publishing online games, gamers wait anxiously for their release.
The development team of the studio stays in touch with its users via social media and gets their feedback on their products. That\’s how the studio keeps on improving the standard of its games. The developer has produced hit games like Fratboy Girlfriend TD, Pencil Racer, and 50 States.

Addicting Games has developed the instant-play blockchain game Because it is an online game, anyone can play the game by using any browser, and of course without downloading anything.

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