Amihan Entertainment

Amihan Entertainment builds and publishes next-generation video games based on blockchain technology. The company is based in Los Angeles, USA. An ex-founding team of a famed game builder founded this gaming studio. The company has aim to redefine the relationship between the developer and players. Amihan Entertainment\’s vision is to provide equal opportunities to players through games. It believes in diversity because all the team members work remotely from around the world. The core values of the developer are to uphold empathy open-minded, adapt to the changing environment, player oriented, positive response to feedback, and learn from mistakes. The studio\’s development team is building exciting and entertaining games based on blockchain in the Metaverse.

Everseed is an upcoming project by Amihan Entertainment. It is a Solana blockchain technology-based play-to-earn, MMOG (massively multiplayer online game).

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