Arker Labs

Arker Labs is a new bee in the world of the blockchain technology industry. The labs are based in Spain. The company\’s young, hardworking and seasoned team is ready to take on any challenge in the development of blockchain-based technology. Their aim is to develop new, innovative, and disruptive projects. The lab is working on a whole range of platforms such as App design and development, Smart Contracts, Blockchain technology, and many more. They are ready to introduce new and innovative ideas in the blockchain industry that would revolutionize the future of technology. Blockchain technology is advancing day by day and the people at Arker Labs know how to tackle the technological advancement challenges in their own way.

The team of Arker Labs has created the blockchain game Arker: The Legend of Ohm. It is basically a multiplayer game but both PVE and PVP modes of playability are able in the game.

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