Aurory is primarily gaming development studio. The company also deals in crypto technology. The studio has an industrious team of game developers. The team is creating AAA quality gaming experience for its users. The team consists of dozens of experienced individuals from the gaming world and cryptocurrency industry. These guys have work experiences with studios like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and other big guns of the industry. The studio is taking full advantage of inducting Web3 technology into its games. Its games allow asset ownership to the players. The company uses the Solana platform for its digital transitions.

The company believes that Web3 offers the technology that allows the players to show their potential outside the ecosystem of games. In conventional games, players play games for hours and gain nothing tangible. While blockchain-based games people not only enjoy the game but also earn money at the same time. The studio aims to become the next-generation blockchain game developer.

Based on the Solana blockchain and developed by Aurory Studios, Aurory is a tactical and free-to-play game.




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