BovineVerse is a new Fi+ metaverse gaming platform based on Web3. The company is based in Singapore. The Fi+ concept is new, BovineVerse has introduced it to the WEB3 gaming community. Most people are not familiar with this term because it is a totally new concept. Fi+ is a fusion of DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi concepts. Moreover, the combination of these three blockchain concepts will create a more realistic virtual world of the metaverse.

The objective of the company is to create an advanced-level virtual multiverse on the blockchain which has a decentralized economy, social system, and an excellent gaming ecosystem. BovineVerse offers its users a futuristic virtual multiverse, where they can go from one metaverse to another in search of resources, socialize, go on adventures, and build structures. In their journey in the virtual multiverse, they can have NFT pets who will accompany them in the gameplay.

BovineVerse is a new beginning in the gaming world on the blockchain. The platform will provide the gaming community with three interesting games.

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