Dracoo World

Dracoo World is a blockchain Web3-based video games builder on Dracoo IP. It offers different types of games and communities to its users. The game builder allows players to build their own exclusive games and earn money. Its exclusive ecosystem allows players to bring external NFTs into its metaverse.

The company aims to build its own universe based on Dracoo IP. It will have multiple Dracoo-IP-based games, a blockchain-based system that enables the players to sell and purchase lands and construct buildings on these lands. Moreover, players would freely edit and publish their games on its platform.
Dracoo World offers its users to record their events and achievements in Dracoo World. The community can see and learn from their achievements. These achievements will be awarded in the form of NFTs to the users.
Dracoo Master is a card-collecting NFT game on Web3.

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