Loop Games

Loop Games, began its journey as a game development company in 2019. It is a Turkish company with its head office in Ankara. The company aims high to produce top-notch and market-competitive games. They believe in quality, not quantity. Their games, Match 3D and Match Tile 3D are the pioneer tiles of the pair-match genre. The games were a huge success with a whopping 100 million downloads within a few days of their release. The games fetched more than $50 million of revenue. The secret to their success is that they employ the latest technologies and intelligently integrate them into games. The talented team is working extensively to improve the user experience of the games. Moreover, their plan is to develop games for all age groups.

Loop Games\’ Pethereum is a pet-farming-styled blockchain game. It is a play-to-earn, simulation, card trading game. The game uses Ethereum blockchain technology for buying and selling NFTs.

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