N3twork Studios is a recent addition to the blockchain game developers\’ world. The developer is based in San Francisco, USA. The newly formed studio aims to create ultimate gaming experiences in the Metaverse. The studio is in its infancy but has managed to raise $46M to build web 3 games. The development team of the studios is a group of passionate and experienced game builders. They are creating and operating free-to-play games.
Their belief is in the future, where open game economies and players are free to own the assets as they play and earn. The studio is keen to take advantage to change the scale of user impact by utilizing its experience in free-to-play games. N3twork is collaborating with another blockchain technology front-runner Forte to empower its gaming economies.
Legendary: Heroes Unchained is a flagship game of the studio. It is a crypto-native title and a play-and-earn RPG based on Legendary: Game of Heroes intellectual property.


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