Pixelmatic is a video game development studio based in Shanghai, China. The game developers from game-producing big guns like Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Relic veterans established the studio.

Pixelmatic is a AAA game development studio. Pixelmatic has been developing and publishing video games since its inception in 2011.

Its game-developing team has experience in creating top-rated, multimillion-dollar AAA games. They have experience in crafting high-rated games like StarCraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, World of Warcraft, and EVE Online. The studio has now diverted all its energies to building blockchain games in the Metaverse. They are working on a project MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) game that leverages blockchain technology to build a new token-based game economy. The studio is using cutting-edge technology to build its Web 3.0-based video game.


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