Tiny Digital Factory

Tiny Digital Factory is an independent mobile game developer and publisher. Their offices are located in Lyon, France, and Montreal Canada. The company started its operations in 2015. The founders of the company Stéphane & Pierre have 60 years of video game development experience between them.  The company consists of 30 employees. They believe that the mobile phone gaming platform has not achieved its point of climax. The goal of the company is to build free-to-play mobile games for the international market. The studio focuses on developing motorsport racing games. They have successfully launched or co-developed more than 5  motor racing games. They have collaborated with Animoca Brand to develop games based on blockchain on Web3. The Tiny Digital Factory is the developer of the famous game Revv Racing.

The Tiny Digital Factory game has developed its game Infinite Drive. It is based on the Solana blockchain network.

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