Trailblazer Games

Trailblazer Games is a video game development studio. It has a small number of employees. A team constituting of three entrepreneurs and work experience from the technology giants such as Like of King, EA, and Microsoft started this studio. They have loads of experience in building sustainable free-to-play economies. The team has a vision of revolutionizing the way video games are developed and played in a Web3 environment. They are incorporating AI and 3D technologies into their games. Trailblazer Games aims to create new and unique intellectual properties for the blockchain competitive market. They are developing games based on Solana Blockchain Technology. Ethereum is their digital transaction platform. The team is focusing on creating NFT games for the players that not only entertain them but also bring earnings for them.

Trailblazer Games has developed their pilot blockchain game Eternal Dragons. This interesting game is based on NFT technology.

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