AFAR – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Afar is a blockchain game where you shoot, evade, and navigate your way in an intergalactic realm with an aim to win. A Far Away Realm is set in a distant galaxy, where a group of brave heroes battle in a galactic tournament. The tournament awards the winning \”AFARian\” with a valuable prize, which includes EGGs that hold cosmetic goods and other important resources when hatched.

Afar Gameplay

Through numerous rounds with rising stakes, contestants sprint to the finish line, shooting, evading traps, and navigating past obstacles. So, what is the battleground? The TORUS, a massive starship, is the battleground where players fight for glory and rewards. As the TORUS travels between different community-owned planets, you and your hero board the ship and compete in tournaments.

As you compete in more races and establish a reputation for yourself, your reputation level will rise. Consequently, allowing you to unlock new benefits for your hero. Overall, AFAR provides a wealth of opportunities to construct your own universe and appealing ways to possess it. The best thing, all while adhering to extremely fair, non-pay-to-win basic gameplay principles.

Different AFARians

In AFAR, players can compete as one of six different AFARians. TORO, DIDI, and RAFA have already been introduced to their community, and the rest of the lineup will be introduced later this year.

AFAR will come with a fun and easy play to earn mining minigame when it launches. This minigame is the main source of EGGs, which include cosmetic game items and other resources. These resources allow players to participate in other aspects of the game\’s economy.

Players and their chosen heroes must go to other worlds to create their own mining camps, choose the land to mine on, and retrieve EGGs and other materials with their pets. These resources can be converted into fuel or construction crystals at the Central HUB before being transported off-world or utilized to upgrade or expand the mining operation.

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