Aimbots – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Aimbots is a new unique project in the world of blockchain gaming and WEB3. It is a super-paced, fast game of nerves and the ability to aim at your opponents in a large arena.

The game is a soft reminder of the classical Counter Strike 1.6 in the gameplay but makes no mistake it is far more fun to look at with its 3D graphics and bright colors. Moreover, Vidya is a platform created for creators, developers, and gamers. So, the decentralized platform provides developers with the opportunity to build their own immersive digital worlds.

Aimbots is the first project live on the Vidya platform.

Aimbots Gameplay and Weaponry

The AimBots project is a pure shooting game experience where you can take part in tournaments or a battle royale-styled all-out arena battle mode. The players get a huge variety of options to modify their shooters with different skins and equipment. The game provides different weapon classes and options to the players according to their needs and requirements. Sometimes you might need to shoot someone far away, for that the Railgun will be perfect.

If you are out of ammo and see yourself in a pickle, then the Plasma Gun is going to save you because it doesn’t need any bullets. If the enemy is roaming with heavy armor only the Heavy Plasma Gun would melt away your foes. The Shotgun is the perfect tool for short-range attacks. If you wish to wreak havoc upon a large number of nemesis then Rocket Launcher is the way to go. Beam Rifle is fit for a minor but consistent attack on your enemies. Finally, the Wristblade is the perfect tool to slay your enemies up and close with a final blow. The game has a variety of maps both big and small according to your own taste.


The game\’s tech and economy use the decentralized Vidya platform. In order to change the skins of your shooter, upgrade the weapons, change equipment, or simply participate in a tournament, you need cash. The in-game economy of AimBots depends upon a single token called $VIDYA. The game is developed by Team3D on the Ethereum ecosystem.