Apex Kings NFT Racing – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Apex Kings NFT Racing is much more than what meets the eye. The game has a finite number of cars and developers say they match the real-world number of productions. So, users can find absolute bargains at times, and when the demand grows they can sell or trade those rare vehicles for crypto if they want. For example, in The Aston Martin One-77, only 77 were made in real life and it will be a similar case in the game.

Moreover, the developers have a background in both games and cars. They have joined hands with real-life companies and try to get car features as accurate as possible. This is a must-play game for any car fan. Race, collect, and sell cars all in one place. Moreover, the graphics and game engines are very advanced for NFT games and this only shows us the future potential for NFT-based games.

Apex Kings NFT Racing Launch Window

The game is still under development but with a potential launch window in the latter half of 2022. Moreover, Apex Kings NFT Racing\’s developers invite automobile lovers, play and earn players, and anybody else interested in crypto gaming to join the game\’s Discord channel to talk about cars, games, and development.

Supremacy is also working on multiple NFTs games, as well as limited-edition token collections tied to worldwide businesses they\’ve worked with, in addition to Apex Kings. “Working with huge global brands is exciting and we can’t wait to announce all the titles we have in the pipeline. We aim to create games where the NFT functionality gives true value to the players and fits perfectly with the brands,” said Supremacy Games CEO Jari Pauna.