Axie Infinity – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

In the world of crypto-gaming, Axie Infinity is a beacon as it is one of the most addictive, fun, and active community games. The game is built upon Ethereum and Ronin blockchain technologies and developed by the Vietnamese developer Sky Mavis.

Axie Infinity comprises numerous fictional creatures like the real-life axolotl in different color schemes, designs, personalities, and avatars called the Axie. Axies are non-fungible tokens, meaning each Axie is a digitally unique collectible on its own. So, the goal is to catch and collect as many Axies as possible and upgrade them by breeding them and training them. Axie collection has two ways: Buying the Axies in the game’s marketplace or catching them in the adventure mode.

Moreover, the trained Axies are pitched in a battle against Axies of another owner in a PvP battle mode. Each side has three Axies on their team. Or in the adventure mode, the players fight in a PvE battle mode and earn XPs. Winning these battles will earn ‘Smooth Love Potion’ or SLP tokens. At the end of each season, if the player manages to reach the top 300,000 in the leaderboard, another token can be earned namely AXS. The SLP and AXS tokens are tradeable for real cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the players can sell their Axie to other players in the Axie Infinity marketplace.

This Pokemon-inspired game is ruling the charts as one of the top NFT games on the Ethereum blockchain because the fun is never-ending.

The game developer is Sky Mavis

Axie Infinity Explained & How To Start!