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Bitstar War game is a blockchain NFT simulation life mobile game offering a combo of fun and earn at the same time. The interstellar-themed game offers encrypted elements like BTC mining, OFFICER NFT, and in-game digital assets as rewards. The game utilizes BSC chain and requires an encrypted wallet to get going smoothly. So, if you do not have a wallet then you can head to Metamask\’s official website and get one.

Bitstar War Game Overview

Bitstar War is an upcoming blockchain game eyeing a release window in 2023. The game’s approach is different than many other Gamefi projects as it prioritizes the fun element more than other elements. The game offers encryption for every user and strives to provide a truly fun gaming experience. 

Bitstar War is an interstellar game where you will fight for your own planet. The game offers a unique world of operation and battle. Moreover, players will choose from five planets having different resources in them. Each planet has its own guardian beast. So, once you choose your planet, you will start building, operating, upgrading, unlocking different buildings, and most importantly, mining star coin. The aim is to establish your planet on solid footing. 

The game has mining machines, a power generation system, and Star Coins. The mining machine helps to produce Star Coins. However, the mining process requires power, this is where the power generation system comes in. You can generate power in various ways including wind power, nuclear power, firepower, hydraulic power, and solar power. 

Officer NFT

The protagonist in the game is your Officer NFT which helps you to combat and plunder alien resources, fend off foreign invasions, fight battles, and gather resources. OFFICER NFTs are randomly generated ones with each having unique attributes and powers. Moreover, players will own these NFTs and later trade them on the game’s website platform. 

Bitstar War Game Mode

The game offers PvP mode where players will fight to plunder resources, defend infrastructures, and take revenge by going on to the enemy list and choosing to attack. Additionally, the game will also offer Star League and Alliance War mechanisms in later stages of the game. This means you can form your own alliance or join other players’ alliances and fight enemy alliances. 

Take a look at the game’s demo gameplay below

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