Bitverse – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

The Bitverse is a universe having several games and genres including PVP, TCG, Battle royale, and more. Here, the gameplay centers around unique characters known as Bitverse Heroes. These Heroes are customizable and players can modify them to their own taste. Moreover, players can improve and use these heroes in a myriad of ways. The gaming universe is a project of Kongregate, an American web gaming portal and video game publisher.

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Upcoming Games in Bitverse

The game universe will start with three games: an RPG, a battle royale, and an endless runner. However, this universe will grow with additional games across genres in the future.
Most of these games will have individualized gameplay systems but will share traditional RPG loops based on fighting, leveling up, collecting equipment, and upgrading those to increase their power.

Bitverse will encourage healthy competition and it will remain at the core of the player experience. The competition will happen via live events and prizes where player-owned items will be distributed, rewarding the most engaged and skilled players in our community.

Bit Heroes Quest

Bitverse will initially launch with Bit Heroes Quest (already live), followed by Bit Heroes Arena (Battle Royale), and Bit Heroes Runner in 2022. The Bitverse will continue to expand over time, incorporating more first-party games as well as community-funded and driven games.

There are more upcoming games: Bit Heroes Arena, Bit Heroes Runner, CCG, and Battlefield are coming soon.

The game also has NFTs for players which players can earn and own. This will have several benefits for the players like owning their own brand, progress, and to top it all off, exclusive content. So, get your hands on the limited NFTs and own what is rightly yours in the universe of Bitverse. The pre-sale is starting soon.

Take a look at the launch video

A look at Bit Heroes Quest