Blockstars – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Blockstars is a blockchain game for music lovers from veteran gamers and developers Niko Vuori, Cory Johnson, and Sherrie Chen. Blockstars is a unique simulation game concept where you get to finally achieve your dream of becoming a music manager. The players can participate by buying NFT singers, managing their careers,s and earning from it. Sounds fun and interesting doesn’t it?

The game offers true ownership of assets to the players and community. Initially, the collection series has 10,000 Blockstars available, out of which 110 belong to the Origin Series and 9890 belong to the Foundation Series. All of the 110 Origin Series Blockstars and 40 of the Foundation Series Blockstars cannot be purchased. However, they will be given to the veteran members of the games\’ community. Nonetheless, you can buy any Blockstars from the remaining collection through the Magic Eden marketplace.

Blockstars Gameplay

The basic purpose of the game is to raise NFT singing bands and help make their careers with a fair share of the profit. The bands will write their music, record the songs, release them, and try to achieve a place on the Billboard rankings. In order to earn some extra cash, you can take part in gigs and small shows. Eventually, when you have enough required cash, you can upgrade your Record Label which in turn will start a new phase of the game – training and making a new generation of singers. The game follows the passage of time according to the real world with a 24-hour time span, which makes the development of the Blockstar singers more in sync with reality.

You will earn profits in the form of $ROL tokens which is the governance token of the game. The price of the Blockstars will depend on the rarity of the NFT. The rarity in the Block stars is not just on cosmetic experience but also the skills of the NFT that will actually influence the gameplay. The project hopes to create a player-to-player economy that is also fun to play. So come on and join the glitz and glam of the music industry!

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