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Kongregate, a highly successful game development studio, has announced its foray into the WEB3 mobile gaming industry with the release of its new title \”Blood Vessels.\”

\”Blood Vessels\” is a vampire-themed non-fungible token (NFT) game in which players can collect cool, terrifying, and classic vampire NFTs while participating in community interactions. Kongregate has partnered with Immutable X to enable near-zero gas fee transactions that are processed almost instantly. The game is being developed by Electric Visions, a new play-to-earn NFT game development subsidiary of Kongregate.

Blood Vessels Storyline

\”Blood Vessels\” is set in Chicago, USA during the 1800s and follows a story about vampires. During the Chicago World\’s Fair in 1871, a major fire swept through the city, destroying 18,000 buildings and affecting 325,000 people. From the ashes of the disaster, a new alien virus emerged that gave rise to vampires. The most perfectly infected individuals, known as Apex vampires, have great powers and appear human. Some people who were infected with the virus experienced DNA mutations, becoming Hybrid vampires.

Blood Vessels Gameplay

\”Blood Vessels\” is a role-playing game (RPG) designed for mobile devices and built on Web3 blockchain technology. Players can choose to play the game in one of three ways: hiding from humans in seclusion, coexisting with humans in harmony, or hunting humans. The NFT vampires must roam the streets, searching for answers, their identities, and trying to solve the mystery while also craving blood.


The vampire NFTs in \”Blood Vessels\” are hand-drawn and feature unique artwork with individual characteristics and traits. The differences among the vampires will be based on their personalities, clothing, mutations, and appearances. The rare mutations can take various forms, such as Cell Duplication, Necromantic Transfusion, and Blood Modification. Each of these rare mutations will give the NFTs a distinct quality that makes them unique in combination with their other features.

Game Economy

The economic model of \”Blood Vessels\” will be based on the NFTs and their trading in the NFT marketplace, such as TokenTrove, OpenSea, GameStop, and others, powered by Immutable-X. The game developers believe that the NFTs, like the vampires in the game, will be immortal.


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