BovineVerse – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

BovineVerse is a new gaming platform on the blockchain network. The platform will provide the community with three awesome games, prediction systems, and third-party services in the form of API interfaces. Besides, the developers plan on making the project an independent decentralized metaverse gaming platform where everyone can invest for long-term returns. In the BovineVerse metaverse, players can own NFTs which will be necessary for some parts of the game and optional for others.

Boniverse Premises:

BovineVerse is set in a futuristic space world, where people roam around from galaxy to galaxy in search of resources, socialize, go on adventures, create and build structures, develop assets, and many more. Moreover, the players will be accompanied by NFT pets who will participate in gameplay and guide the users.

The Innovation:

The Fi+ concept is new, in fact, BovineVerse is the one who actually introduced it in the WEB3 gaming community. The majority of people have not heard of it, and it is understandable because it is a purely new idea. The people at BovineVerse claim that Fi+ is an integration of DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi concepts into a single one. Additionally, the data management will be decentralized. So, the gameplay will be more realistic in the virtual world of the metaverse, and social interactions in the game smoother. Moreover, the combination of all three is the future of gaming on WEB3.

Boniverse Gameplay:

Three games will be provided on the platform initially which will be low-latency. This will make it a seamless fun experience. BovineVerse players will be the citizens of the metaverse and they will enjoy more features in the near future. The developers of BovineVerse are innovative and pioneering in bringing a new world of metaverse to the people.


The metaverse will use $BVG token for utility and $BVT for governance on the platform. BovineVerse plans on increasing the NFT content of the world, making it a completely user-owned world with the independence of monetizing its social status and social networks. Social networks can only be built by spending more time on the BovineVerse, making you a strong citizen of the metaverse.

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