Bullieverse – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Become a Bulliver Island citizen by grabbing a Bull NFT in this fun blockchain game called Bullieverse.

So, the game is simple: by possessing a Bull NFT, users become Bulliever Island citizens. Moreover, the NFTs let members of the community play games using a 3D representation of their Bull. Earlier in 2021, 10,000 Bull NFTs were created, and more than 2300 wallets currently hold them. 160 different bull attributes were used in the programming design of the NFTs.

Bullieverse Gameplay


An essential feature accessible to owners of Bull NFT is Play and Earn. The player\’s avatar in the game will be a bull. In order to win the game, the Bulls must battle the Bears. As prizes, winners will receive a Bear NFT and Bull tokens. They have gamified the entire process and have a winners\’ board as well.

You also get rewards for holding your COBI NFTs, and they are dependent upon a few factors. Which are the rarity of the bull NFT and the number of these Bull NFTs owned by a player.

For instance, just 2.5% of the island\’s residents have bulls with claws, making them uncommon. Other uncommon characteristics include Crown, Laser eyes, Dagger horns, etc.


As the game develops the team is set to introduce a cow NFT. These cow NFTs will make breeding possible and players will be able to earn from them through the marketplace. However, to prevent devaluation and inflation in their market. You will be able to breed these NFTs only a limited number of times, there may also be a cost to breeding them after a certain number of breeds. Moreover, the NFTs become sterile after the limit for breeds has been reached.


As the game rolls out, players will be able to purchase lands, which they can use to host events and games. In addition, people may also rent out their lands for partial earnings as well. Various lands and assets can be bought and sold on the game\’s very own marketplace called ‘The Bull Market’ as ERC 721 NFTs.

Check out the Game\’s Trailer Below