Cantina Royale – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Cantina Royale is a play-and-earn gaming experience on the WEB3. Cantina is where bounty hunters, space pirates, mercenaries, and smugglers meet up for sharing drinks, exchange loots, find raid missions, or just partake in the fighting ring to win some extra cash. The crowd is rowdy yet friendly, be careful who you deal with because anyone can betray, after all these are all space criminals like you! The game offers Cantina Royale Token or $CRT.

Cantina Royale Storyline

Cantina is a meeting place for delinquents and criminals around space, headquartered on the Atruna planet. The Atruna planet was not always this lively and full of people, it was once desolate, dark, and destroyed the place where none ever went until Catrina was founded. The planet’s terrain is arid, empty, and ruinously rugged with many mountains, deserts, and underground caves. Raid Dungeons is one of these underground caves which perilous but filled with great opportunities. Raid Dungeons are filled with bots, a remnant of the former residing civilization still working to protect Atruna from foreign threats and invasions.


The game offers various modes of gaming, suitable for all kinds of players. You can participate in PvE and PvP gaming modes according to your taste. In the PvE modes, players can raid and loot rewards and treasure from epic drops. In the PvP mode players can fight it off with other players but you must form a team with other players. Players can also participate in a battle royale in the arena to show their might as the greatest in Cartina. The rewards are in the shape of XP which can be exchanged for equipment, weapon upgrades, and even real money.

Assets and Tokenomics

Cantina Royale Token or $CRT is the governance and utility token of the game. $CRT is represented by ‘Crowns’ which can be used to perform various upgrades, transactions, and tasks. The game offers a variety of NFTs like Space Apes with more to come soon.

Cantina Royale Trailer