Carnage Carnival – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Carnage Carnival\’s main goal is to create a fun and challenging game. You will be able to mix and match skillsets based on your hero and equipment in a number of game modes. With that much variety, this should be able to accommodate all playstyles. Moreover, the Heroes in the game are severely scarce owing to initial sales. Those lucky players who got their hand on the Heroes in the initial sale will have all the goodies. There will be no other way to obtain them besides through the Barrack building.

The community will own these buildings and a cap on the number of heroes will make it a lot more challenging. Heroes will have fight caps after which they will run out of token rewards, and the building cap will prevent market saturation and promote stability. Armory buildings will be the other class of buildings. They will create NFTs for equipment in a similar way.

Earning Mechanism in Carnage Carnival

There are potentially two different categories of gamers when the game is officially out. Free to play and NFT holders for heroes. Players that use the free-to-play option will be able to accumulate in-game TIX tokens that they may spend on NFT equipment boxes that can be exchanged for other items on the market. Additionally, regardless of whether you have an NFT hero or a non-NFT hero, you will be able to earn CAC tokens by placing higher on the leaderboard. Players that have NFT heroes at their disposal will be able to obtain CAC tokens straight from battle.

Carnage Carnival is providing giveaways before the official launch

The game is set to be released at the end of this year. You guys should consider following their calendars to get an idea of when these prizes will be given away.

They are set to organize free activities like quizzes, treasure hunts, and game evenings where they award their community with Mystery Tickets. These tickets provide you the opportunity to win a free NFT when the market launches and are genuinely freely tradeable.

Only 1000 of them will be distributed, and possessing more of them increases your chances of getting an NFT as well as giving you access to amazing privileges like the presale whitelist, OG role (Mogul), and building a sale whitelist. To earn those tickets before they run out, join their discord server (see below).

Carnage Carnival Trailer