Cometh Battle – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Cometh Battle is a next-generation blockchain game with an emphasis on fair play economics. The game is both free to own and free to play. Players fight in galactic wars using their deck of cards with strategy and timing. Cometh does not sell the cards; instead, the players create them with the resources they earn from winning battles and tokens available in DeFi protocols. Cometh hosts events and championships in order to strengthen the community and promote eSports.

Anyone can play for Free

A free ship (the MULE) and a free deck of 40 cards are available to all gamers. Those sample assets aren\’t NFTs, and the deck will evolve as new mechanics are introduced.

Gaining Rewards in Cometh Battle

The players compete to improve their ELO ratings and gather resources (which are ERC20 tokens). The matchmaking is random, however, those with similar ELO are given priority. The winner gets the resources to create new cards. However, taking away(cashing in) the resources will have a short-term negative impact on the players. Because their decks and strategies will remain the same when they are in the matchmaking with more skilled opponents. To keep the game fair for beginners, access to reward games is limited for each day and per spaceship.


Cometh Battle will begin with monthly championships, then move on to leagues and weekly tournaments. Partnerships and sponsored events, similar to Cometh\’s previous game, will deliver fun and thrilling shows all year long. Cometh is planning a modest collector-friendly event (akin to Magic The Gathering booster draught tournaments) to encourage more people to participate in competitive play and to showcase themed decks.

Game Resources and Liquidity

Depending on their rarity, spaceships grant access to a limited number of rewarded games per day. When you\’ve hit this limit, you can keep playing to enhance your skills and try out new methods. But you will stop receiving further rewards.

Tokenized ERC20 Resources are dropped into your wallet when you win a fight. The more resources you collect, the rarer the spaceship you win. ComethSwap provides resource liquidity. Players don\’t have to own the spaceships they play with; a rental system allows them to try out new ships and improve their resource harvesting.

Check out the official trailer of Cometh Battle