Crabada – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Welcome to the Crabada universe where you will discover the rich past Hermit-Crab Kingdom that Crustaco, King of the Crabada, once oversaw.

Moreover, obtain devoted supporters for your cause. Gather priceless materials from the mines and breed new fighters for your army. Finally, take your fair portion of their wealth by plundering unwitting adversaries or poor miners.

Mining in Crabada

Players can send assets from Crabada into the different mines found beneath the sea. However, players must first put together a Mining Party of three. Players then choose a free mine and send their Mining Party there.

The currency then set to work and start mining for riches without any supervision. Each Mining Expedition normally lasts for four hours and pays out 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS.


Players can also seize mines that are on the loot target or under loot by another mining party.  Players must first put together a looting party of three Crabada. The next step is for players to send their Looting Party to a mine that another player is currently mining.

The Mining Party will subsequently be put to battle. Depending on if the mining party sends backup to defend their mine, each looting mission will last anywhere from one hour to two and a half hours.

Hire or Lend

Crabada that are idle but not mining or looting can still reap rewards by being sent as mercenaries to the Tavern. By doing this, other players who are short-handed can pay a charge to hire reinforcements.

Regardless of the outcome, all Crabada are brought back to the Tavern unharmed after a battle. On the other hand, a player can hire a Crabada at a price in TUS set by the lender if they require reinforcements. There is a 10% service fee at the pub.

It should be noted that Crabs cannot be used as part of a mining or looting party; they may only be used as fight reinforcements.

Carbada’s NFT Market

Players can search Crabada listings to purchase or put theirs for sale.

By making a listing with a defined asking price, players can sell Crabada. Customers can buy by using their wallets of TUS tokens. Notably, TUS tokens are the default currency for marketplace transactions, and sellers are charged a 3.85 percent fee upon transaction completion.

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