Cyball – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Cyball is a sports strategy trading card game where players pitch their players against each other in matches to win coins. The game’s character design is very fun and offers a wide range of characters that are collectible NFTs. Cyball introduces the concept of CyBlocks which are certificates that are not replicable cryptographically.  Moreover, they are NFTs having their own unique ID that lasts forever. In addition, the lower-numbered CyBlocks are the most valuable ones. CyBlock NFT lets you participate in Cyball’s gameplay.

Cyball Game Modes

The game is divided into various modes like the friendly mode, championship mode, practice mode, and cup match mode. These different modes give the players many options to choose from based on their moods and playing habits. Friendly mode allows a 3v3 gameplay that is relaxed and players can compete with each other only based on similar stats of the CyBlocks.

Championship Mode

The championship mode available once every season allows more serious gameplay for the players to compete in a 5v5 tournament and make it to the leaderboard. The practice mode of the game allows players to play with machines to increase their ranking without wasting any energy.

Cyball Cup Match Mode

Finally, the cup match mode also comprises of 5v5 battle mode with the highest level of competition where top players will pitch against each other in battles to win the cup. All of these modes enable the players to have fun while earning some cash as an additional feature because of the game’s play to earn economics. The game economics include two cryptocoins – the Cyblock Battery Token (CBT) and the Cyball Token (CYB). CBT is the basic token of the game which is earned by winning the matches while CYB is the staking token of the game. Both coins are based on the BSC and Ethereum blockchain technologies.

Cyball Official Trailer