Dark Country – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Dark Country is an all-American gothic game that allows you to create, manage and own NFT cards with complete transparency. You can build your deck of creatures, spells, and skills for each game mode. You are the sole owner of every card in your deck. Any player\’s items can be changed, upgraded, traded, or destroyed.

The game consists of different modes that keep adding value to your NFT cards. To put your gaming skills to the test, you can play with friends, AI, or random players. You get to earn the in-game SDM token for each match that you play. You should be aware that every game you play uses up resources in the game.

Dark Country Gameplay and the Lore:

The game is set in the fictional world of \”Dark Country.\” The Chief summons the ancestral guard at the beginning of the tale, but he instead awakens a deep evil. Cowboys, criminals, Indians, and zombie demons are the four factions that are currently scouring the land. Players can choose to pick one of these factions as their heroes and later build their decks by adding more inventory.

Players are actively participating in PVP and PVE battles, while also playing tournaments with classic card-trading battle mechanics. You can also own lands, and the game also rewards you handsomely for developing your ‘hometown’. The rewards consist of the ability to craft new cards, join different groups and open up new adventures, all of which help you earn more prizes.

The elements of ownership and earning are finally connected. Users can complete expeditions and other in-game activities to earn an income. Additionally, players can also make money passively by renting out their land and borrowing cards, and by completing in-game activities in Dark Country. Due to players\’ ability to stake and farm their NFTs, DeFi products are also available.

Tip to earn fast:

Remember, in Dark Country, you need to upgrade the land you buy by making it as attractive as you possibly can for other users, the goal is to attract other users. Always engage in the weekend expeditions, which you can earn big on by completing more levels, there are 25 levels in total each more difficult than the last. In general, players create decks centered around their heroes, send them on quick missions, and in return receive game resources and Shadow Dimes as rewards.

Dark Country NFT TCG Trailer