In Dogami, your objective is to raise your dog NFT successfully from a puppy through adulthood, to parenthood, and ultimately to the afterlife. I enjoy how the gameplay is varied by each of these phases of the game.

Dogami Petaverse and Puppy Phase

The first Puppy Phase is highly reminiscent of other pet simulator television shows, such Nintendogs, Petz, and Little Friends. Your pet has to be fed, cared for, trained, groomed, entertained, and taught. You have missions and challenges to perform every day. By accomplishing those objectives, you will boost your bonding and boosting levels while also assisting your puppy\’s development.

The amount of DOGA token you receive at the end of any given day is determined by your bonding and boosting levels, which is connected to the P2E dynamics, It should be noted that because the Bonding Level doesn\’t reset every day, your maximum daily DOGA reward grows over time rather than by a single day.

Bonding levels also open up additional gameplay elements like features, activities, and consumables. This should, ideally, guarantee a steady stream of fresh experiences.

Walking your dog a predetermined distance every day, which necessitates using your actual legs to go across the real world, will be one of the more exciting tasks. Dogami differs from other games of a similar nature because of its fitness and health focus.

Because this is an AR game, keep that in mind. So it\’s beneficial to venture outside. You can complete all of these missions and engage in these exchanges while seeing your pet as if it were actually present.

Adult phase

Some significant changes occur throughout the adult phase. While you still need to develop a close relationship with your dog, you can start advancing their career. These occupations include police, firefighters, farmers, astronauts, yoga instructors, and skateboarders.

To level up in player versus player (PVP) and player versus environment (PVE) minigames, train your dog. These minigames will also be connected to the yearly Dogami Olympics.

The more skillfully you raise your Dogami and the further they move up the career ladder, the more DOGA tokens you receive each day. A specific badge is awarded to an NFT that has successfully completed a vocational pathway, which should increase its worth.

Breeding takes place throughout the Adult Phase as well.

Spirit Phase

Little is known about the gameplay in this stage at the time of writing. All we know is that until your Dogami NFTs have bred to their maximum, they cannot enter this phase. It will be extremely fascinating to see how the developer manages to have \”spent\” NFTs retain some worth at this point in the game, both as a collectible and in terms of utility.

Dogami Official Trailer

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