Evolution Land – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Evolution Land is a blockchain game that uses Darwinia Network\’s cross-chain technology and features two \”continents\” on Ethereum and Tron. You may purchase and sell land, manage your space, harvest crops, and construct structures. Moreover, there are 26 continents in total, each with its own blockchain, and the game has over 5 blockchains involved in its lands and NFTS.

The platform provides users with virtual real estate and a concept of continents. On these continents, users can buy a land, farm, work on various structures, or hire other users to mine resources on their territory. Players can also buy and sell land on continents, harvest resources and construct buildings, engage in PvP, conduct scientific research, and so on.

Fungible and non-fungible coins that are truly owned by the players and safeguarded by blockchain technology where their continent is used significantly in evolution terrain gameplay.

In-Game Lands and Their Value

The game already features certain continents on the blockchain. The fourth continent of Evolution Land, the continent of Dawning, will have a total of 2025 lands based on the Huobi ECO Chain.

  • Evolution Land has set aside a total of 249 Lands as reserves.
  • In addition to the center area\’s resources, there are gold mines, forests, lakes, volcanoes, hills, and other places that will provide for prize distribution.
  • During Crab and Darwinia Network parachain rental offers are for a two-year leasing period.
  • Approximately 1000 acres are in reserve to thank the supporters and the community.
  • The remaining 727 acres of land will go in the auction.

An apostle or mining drill is responsible to extract a planet\’s resources. These resources are tokens that are exchangeable with real money. Furthermore, a user has the liberty to use points to cash out RING rewards in the Happy Lottery. Landowners can get a commission from the apostles and mining drills which can be a significant sum of money!

As a limited, non-renewable resource of Evolution Land; land may also be sold on the open market. This makes each unique piece of land a valuable mine in its own right. Only land owners are allowed to participate in the construction of functional buildings. So, this helps to produce additional revenue!

Lottery Rewards

You earn points for entering the lottery every time you win a land at auction. If you have between 10-100 points, you can activate the lottery, and each time you draw, you can win up to 100 RING with the 10-point lottery & up to 1 million RING with the 100-point lottery.

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