Fableborne – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Fableborne is an action role-playing game genre promising top experience in strategic base building. The game\’s biggest feature is that it doesn\’t waste players\’ time but instead ensures that they have an engaging experience and return for harder challenges. Moreover, the game will also be added to the list of NFT squad games, which appears to be the foundation for most new blockchain video games. The new gameplay approach is called \”Play to Own,\” and Fableborne follows suit by letting players build their own heroes, islands, and in-game objects using resources they acquire through the Pixion League or through in-game purchases.

Fableborne Features

Island Map

The Shatterlands setting of the game takes raiding to a new level. In addition to fortifying their own islands and planning retaliation against anyone who challenges them, players can asynchronously raid the islands of others. additionally, Lunchtime Esports, a novel form of competitive gaming that can be enjoyed in quick bursts, is another aspect of Fableborne. The Pixion League will offer events, weekly challenges, tournaments, and competitive leagues for everyone to enjoy, allowing gamers to engage in combat whenever it is convenient for them without having to worry about matchmaking.


It is obvious that through winning your battles and getting loot you can obtain some really exciting rewards. While all of that is true, the game also promises to have a leaderboard. Though the game\’s official release may confirm this, ranking higher in leaderboards will help you gain better rewards. Often in play-to-earn games, we see that players also receive multipliers for ranking in different leagues of the same game. It is interesting to see what Fableborne does with its leaderboards.