Geopoly – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulator that lets players play the role of a real estate investor from anywhere in the world. If you\’ve ever wanted to make money by investing in properties but don\’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars, Geopoly is the next best thing.

It\’s simple to buy businesses from all around the world, and there are plenty of creative methods to make money while playing.

There are a few ways to earn some cash while you play Geopoly, and the main ones are:

  • Buying & Selling Property
  • NFTs
  • PvP Battles

In Geopoly game, you can buy, sell, and even rent some of the world\’s most renowned landmarks. In simpler words, this is a real estate simulator with some Tower Defense fighting for good measure (once a player finishes PVP).

You buy places and use them to earn additional GEO$ tokens, which you may use to gain more power in the Geopoly world. You\’ll eventually get the confidence to go up against other players and seize their non-tokenized digital assets.

How does one earn in Geopoly?

In Geopoly, there are two types of NFTs: iconic and special destinations. Players may acquire and use to produce extra GEO$. Pre-minted NFTs such as Special and Iconic Locations exist, but there are also unminted NFTs known as \”Ownership Certificates.\”

You have complete control and ownership over the property. It happens when you obtain an Ownership Certificate and mint a fresh NFT; only you can decide how they will be utilized (they also generate a passive income through GEO$ incentives). This means you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own the digital versions of businesses and monuments all across the world, including the Eiffel Tower!

All of your NFT purchases will be made inside the Geopoly game, but when it\’s time to sell, you have the option of selling to other players or using an external marketplace (like OpenSea, for example). You may easily sell a house for a profit when its value has increased!

Through \”contracts,\” off-chain users can rent businesses from on-chain users. Unless it\’s an Ownership Contract, when you buy a property on-chain, you\’re minting an NFT that will be held in the Geopoly Central Bank. Off-chain players will receive in-game benefits such as MC (Management Capacity) and soft cash (in-game cash) which you can use to invest in upgrades that generate XP, more MC, and more soft cash, while on-chain players will receive GEO$ tokens.

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