Gotchiverse – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

The Gotchiverse is a virtual world where your Aavegotchi NFT can meet up, socialize, play games & farm for tokens! The more you do on this game, the more you earn!

Players can use their Aavegotchis, interest-bearing NFT avatars modeled after the Tamagotchi craze of the early 2000s, to explore, combat, craft exclusive NFTs, and play to earn in the RPG metaverse enabled by Polygon.

The player base of Aavegotchi has increased dramatically since its first NFT introduction a year ago, and it’s all thanks to their initiatives like Rarity Farming, NFT Raffles, the Baazaar NFT marketplace, and GBM Bid-To-Earn Auctions.

Gotchiverse Gameplay


Alchemica is available in three different ways: through subsurface farming, surface searching for spills, and aerial channeling. Each REALM parcel in the Gotchiverse has a distinct but variable amount of Alchemica. Moreover, the precise amount is only knowable after a player buys a parcel and surveys the area. The community can acquire a fifth ERC-20 token called Glitter (GLTR), which is given to participants for supplying liquidity on the GAX, in addition to trading the innovative tokens through the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).

Base Building in Gotchiverse

You can use Gotchus Alchemica to build Installations and Aesthetics on your REALM once you have them. With these, you may also upgrade your installations. Your installation becomes more efficient the higher the level at which it is used. The crafting procedure can be expedited by using the GLTR token.

Lending & Earning

Even if a player doesn\’t have an Aavegotchi, they can still gain Alchemica. Anyone can participate in the game and divide the winnings by borrowing an Aavegotchi from the owner through the Aavegotchi Baazaar using the Gotchi Lending program, a sharing economy that is entirely on-chain. Moreover, people will soon be allowed to play for free as the \”Lickquidators,\” the sworn enemies of the Aavegotchi. These NFTs are one-time uses that let users enter the Gotchiverse, where they can gather Alchemica and battle Aavegotchis.

Gotchiverse Trailer